Sunday, May 1, 2011

if bunnies are your thing...

If bunnies are your thing and you feel a whole load of joy just looking at them then boy! do i have a website to make you go hippity hoppity all the way home!:)

This is a cute bunny website that i found, i shared it with jy because i know she like bunnies too and she found them omg so cute!

Here are just some of the o-so-cute-goodness you can find there!;D

4 times the cutesey-ness.
aww. look at those puppy bunny eyes. they look so innocent.
i like this one because of the clever use of depth of field, making the picture all the more special. Kudos to the owner/photographer who took this.;D
tell me you didn't just smiled.

Tempted by the cuteness to check it out.
Here's the site*

A little cuteness in your life is always good i suppose

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