Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hugs and Kisses. Spread them.

Spread Hugs and Kisses.
Love in Pieces.

the world would be a lovelier place to be in.

there you look so beautiful.

Pardon my lack of post!

Heh heh. I'm SORRRYYY...Sorrrwiiii!! :ppp i've been meaning to post, lotsa stuff happening actually but just lost the mood, have been meeting with less that pleasant moods recently and trying to get them corrected myself. (wtf am i thinking. contact lens for eyes? can correct? hahaah...) i just mean i'm trying to fine tune my moods a lil, so i don't depress you all with any of those stuff. i share happy stuff so the people who read can be happy too...(well most of the post at least) so....bear with me abit. Happy stuffs in life to come soon. :D

On twitter alot recently because there are some stuff that i want to share but not with everyone aka fb...the whole world. haha....and i saw this on my tweets list today written by a friend:

"When you feel like the world's against you, remember.. I'm Here.."

i know the tweet wasn't aiming at me.
let me pretend it is ok.
how i wish it was said for me. how special i would feel.
secretly thank you, i'll pretend it was for me.
*warm fuzzy feeling anyone?*


cues picture of

(if you don't read cheesie's or fourfeetnine's blog (my two faves!) much you prob don't get this part. skip!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i found a new happy site!:D

I found a new happy tumblr site like the one i shared ealier back pursuit of happyness, this one is happything's. I leave the link so you guys can go get some much needed daily dose of happyness. I like happy people and stuff...!:D

I'll share some pictures from this happy page...do go visit them!;))

i believe this is sososo true.
sometimes its that glimmer of hope that we cling on to when finding our way out.
even if it is a just a little beam, we get what we can and through that we find way to motivate ourself, to not wallow in our own tears but stand up. dust down and move ahead.

there are many walls in life, but there is alot more reasons to fight on.
a hope for a future is one.
i remember mama saying this (well, not to me. luckily, i can imagine the tone this would be in):
if you don't have anything nice to say. don't.
Don't open your mouth just to let flies out....be nice, you never know what the opposite party might be facing in life right now.

not everyone writes all their emotions on their face, even so, you might not get the full picture, and besides, it never hurt to be nice. :)

Go have a rainbow coloured fill weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't worry be Happy.

Hakuna Matata

Hope your weekend turns out well.
its fridaay!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

rejected, but still thank you.

Remember this post?

The bosses or people in charge finally replied me, with a rejection no less. :( i was expecting it anyway, but still you know you still hold on to that glimmer of hope when your opening the mail....
alas. its not meant to be.

but still i'm grateful they bothered to reply me, even if it means im not what they want....i gotta try harder than!

its kinda depressing. it kinda gets my already very low morale down.

and i got myself into more trouble by agreeing to go do something i would totally suck at. o my. what am i doing. * this is the not so happy me talking. i'll get over it when i wake up.

tomorrow's another day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

she chose you.

ahh. right to the main point.
btw. i saw this on fb. it's not my msg...haha;D

What is your biggest acheivement in life?

That was one of my questions during an interview. and i feel kinda cheated, not because of the question though, but because the interviewer seem to like me but then o well, i guess not. You know you get the vibes when you are being liked, disliked or stuff like that? Ok, maybe its just me who can feel such stuff. sensitive soul yo. hahaa...

So anyway, my reply was pretty simple. (actually i thought about this question a gazillion times before because i wondered if i met buddha, like when i'm gone and all, and buddha ask me this question at least i know what to ans....so yea, tts why i could easily ans.lol) she said life, not work.

So this was my answer:

" My biggest achievement in life would be that i build great relationships. *well, i wasn't thinking so much on the romantic sector of course. no i didn't say this* I have good friends and family, I think this is as much a bigger achievement than winning a prize or work wise because there are ups and downs in things like those but if i have good people behind and around me to support me, i can make it through and do better things in life."

They prompted...so you mean you make good friends for life? *Firmly* Good Friends And Family *Smile*

I guess, maybe they didn't like my answer after all, despite the profuse nodding on their side...

but o well. i stick to my guns. That it is.

who can tell me it isn't?
who can make me.


i met up with ting, jh and bie the other time..jo was supposed to come but couldn't make it in the end....haven't seen the whole gang in awhile.

listening to the chats we had that day all the more made me believe as blur and sometimes silly as i am at times i am pretty sharp at making friends for life.....*or maybe really lucky, 老天爱笨小孩 <3 * hahaha...

friends are not people who stay around to make your life miserable...
i always remember mom telling me this quote..
with friends like that, who needs enemies?

i hope my dear daughter finds more true friends and repel those 'evil' ones away.
god of suay friendship making, stop looking for her.
the buggers are around, we're watching you
we're watching her back, stop letting bad friends into her life.
*well apart from us. the buggers will be glued to each other for life*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pardon the growing cobwebs

Sorry! Haven't been blogging in abit....i will resume blogging back soon!:DD
in the meantime, be a nice human!
and be happy!

now, go skip around the daisies!
that is if you can find any.

sends love

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a trip to the mint museum to relive my childhood days!:)

look @ my siao cha bor smile. I realise next time cannot take photo from this kind of side, i look so round. hahaha. but still happy smile:D

With the compliments of Jinjin who treated me to the mint museum my inner child is very happy. Lucky me and lucky her, we were both free to check it out just before the coupon she bought expired. So yayness for me!:))) thank you jinjin! muacks! i've always wanted to visit the place but just hadn't find anyone who wanted to go, so it was godsent! yeehaaa!:) This post will be one full of pictures and very little words *i try*:P just so you can bask in the memories of your childhood, come bring out your inner child!:D
from jin's fb...i wanted to take, but my camera batt died on me already...

ok. Lets a trip back to memory lane...
let your inner child run free~
first we'll go on a trip to outerspace...

ok, so this aren't really from outerspace, they were on the staircase exhibiting.
i love tincans with cartoons/graphics/beautiful words on them...its a pity they aren't used much now because they rust easily....
very cute little toy robot dog?
you will see
3 kinds of shot for this toys,because i was still getting used to learning how to shoot them properly
ahh. cute eh?:)
my hand was pretty shaky, luckily jin thought me #secret skill. Keep your lens as close to the glass as possible to cut down on reflection....
*ahh...soka sokah.*
this one is pretty fun, it will rotate if you turn the knob.
unfortunately for us or me, i could only visually play it in my head...haha
so many kind of robots...
how the robots of the past differ from the ones now...
think AI. We've come a long way in imagination...

i bet if you told the kid who once had this that it would cost $5000 someday he would probably laugh...

reminds me of the toy soldiers in Toy Story!
say Hello! to Jinjin's err back view. :p
what an expensive water pistol!!
i like this poster.
damn those reflections!
you could see i was excited to get there i didn't even really bothered to take a second one
its aweome they made use of their staircase space instead of just letting it go empty. Smart.
from star wars.
he needs to brush his teeth! look at all that decay! mann. his momma is gonna be so mad.
Astro Boy and Professor!
The early version of Astro boy looked fatter, and that doll behind professor just look like pure evil...*or maybe it's just me
jin say you can easily mistaken the wheels to be something else extra...well, i shan't say it, you decipher it yourself:P

i'm wondering...was this from the post war era?
i remember owning a bugs bunny mask like this kind when i was very young.
whoever you are. Here i come!

we both felt this fred flinstone looked kinda fake.
i wonder how much is he worth now?
why is there no yabadabado cartoons now?
more astro boy!
i had a band senior who loves astro.
yogi bear!!!
if you're like me you're probably wondering what is that?
its a string container, you can pull string out of the character's mouth, apparently there are so many of them...maybe it was popular to use string in the past...
i would have wanted tt bracelet if i were younger...
yogi bear's girlfriend once asked him to tell her sweet nothings...
and yogi went..
"Nothing nothing nothinggg. nothing nothing nothing...."
so cute right!
but maybe if a real guy said that he would have gotten a slap from the girl?:p
snoopy and woodstock puppets!and then tintin and gang!

i really love this piece of snowy and tintin, really sweet. I cropped this out from a bigger photo i took because it was a back display...
the cat and mouse which never grow old.
still love their cartoons!
tom & jerry!
Popeye the sailor man!
Olive Oyl, she reminds me of a friend...

i thought this version was very cute, but i believe their also pretty recent...

Yea! finally a picture of real humans!
i realised i overexposed jin's face...could have been easily solved..
see like this? it's slightly overexposed in the face...
ask the person to shift a little in position and voila! the lighting is correct.
*ahh. learnt another thing.*
the trend in fashion follows in toys too...
toys from the past were much fatter...
see what i mean?this was the bat mobile?!
how did it turn out so slick later on...
rolly polly.
they were alot stockier and beefier.
oo. the green hornet.
jay chou meet your pre successor.
ultraman too has lost weight over the years!
ultraman grew short....o no.
like a fangirl, but i usually only like the cartoon version of ultraman..not the real version:P
o wow! i'm just as tall as captain!
staring competition go!
ultraman on bike!
i dunno why it looked pretty funny to me...
can you find the imposter?

bear collection.
good to see, not good to hug.
7 Dwarfs! not exactly 7 in the pic...

is that felix and mickey?

jin says her brother has this bear!
o wow! antique!
*Omg. i relised i haven't sent you this pic. Sorry:p you can take it off here or i'll send you it soon:)*
lotsa mickey cause i like!

felix the cat!
i remember liking to play the game and watch the cartoon, too bad they didn't have many of it...

look at the toothpaste at the back, its almost like our darlie now, it was called darkie then, and it looked pretty scary. i think i like the one now better...
I love these movie posters!!
i want them in my room!
consolation prize: i have this imprinted on a t-shirt i bought from Penang sometime back. Fyeah!
Can you guess what this is?

it's a seat for a theme park ride! cool eh!can you guess which of the 7 is my fave?
its dopey!:DD
can you name all 7 of them?

Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc!
betty boop! looks as if they were going to awaken and walk out of the display soon...
mom insists that i used to like her as a kid...
hahaha...i want a lunchbox like this!
so cheery!
at this point of time we were running late to meet the girls so you can see when i'm distracted my photos don't turn out that good....
plus i was running out of battery. *Stupid.
my grandma used this!

hi mr porky pig!
yabaadiabidiabidi...he always stutters but is very cute:)
and there was more mickey!

fan girl pic.
i realised, why no chip and dale?
maybe their not that old...

you know i used to own a mickey watch something like that in primary one.
mickey's hand could move too, to tell time.
i'm very sad i've misplaced it.
not because it can be valuable now, but because that was one of my first watches. :(

and finally last pic of the day!

Jin took the photo below by timer so both of us could be in the shot!
Thank you for bringing me to the museum!
next time my treat!
How was running through memory lane?
Hope your inner child is happy too!

Go take a trip down memory lane too!
You'll be laughing and reminiscing!:)
The Mint Museum is not that big but definitely a worthwhile trip!

ps. all photos are taken by the author, if you wish to duplicate anywhere else pls give credits when due. thank you.