Wednesday, October 10, 2012

StayReal when are you coming to SG?

Stayreal when are you coming to SG so I can buy your o-so-cute bags? Especially love the checkered series and blue bagpacks! Haha...cause sometimes I carry my laptop home and still using the old one (which is my trusty bag) but I want a cutesy one too! Act cute. I know lah. Haha

Like a candle fizzling out.

Been working late daily for months end and recently to add on to the burden some idiot had to sabotage the work server causing me to lose 3months plus worth of sweat and tears.

Imagine the distraught one faces in this cases. Knowing the amount of stuff I had to face just when I finally took leave did no help.

Imagine finally taking a break to chill off but you get the news such bad news, damn. It's nothing to look forward to coming back to and the stress combined with it. Dude who did the sabotage, if I had a stick I would probably really beat you into a pulp. I won't kill you but I would definitely want to beat you up. *yes. I am no angel as I often say. *

The stress has been wearing thin on both me and my partner working out the same crisis.

People say girls are really hard to understand...but I think in this the end of the day we would really want some support and recognition. My two other ops are trying in their own ways to chip in and help out which makes me grateful and thankful:)

But really...still at the end of the day it would be heartwarming to know someone knows that it's just two of us..and we are trying our best and appreciate us for that.

We are threading on thin ice with tendencies of feeling overwhelm time to time.....

as how a candle would fizzle out if burnt from both ends we are feeling the heat...
Give us some moral support.
You do realise words sometimes can make or break a person's day...?

Why choose the latter when it doesn't cost to do the former.

but I believe we can tide through this. Yesh we can:)

There's nothing which can't be solved with a bucket of tears, a good hot long shower and a good sleep. And maybe throw in some mayday songs;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Eleven pls bring me to Taiwan!

Helloooo!:) I'm back faster than my usual posting ever since I started working because...I wanna join the 7eleven blogger's contest, so they can bring me to Taiwan! Hahaha...

So shamelessly I'm going to say...Pls let me win!!:D
Before I carry on with my entry don't say I don't share the good stuff...if you own a blog like me (not popular also neh mind Xp *i hope?* it's the heart that counts right) hehe.. You can join the 7 Eleven blogger's contest. Here! Contest ENDING SOON HOR! on 9th Oct. JOIN NOW! :P

All you have to do is go to 7-Eleven and spend $3, snap a pic and tell them where you would like to go to if you win.

*ahem* the 'you' in this case would be ME!! Because I have bought my $3 worth from 7-eleven!
 Actually I must say i have this love hate relationship with 7 Eleven because it's so awesome it always makes me spend more than i even need. 

I want to go in to buy some last minute snacks for my cousies (to bribe them when i go to Kuching. i think it did work! hehe) I came out with Tao Kae Noi and Kit Kat peanut butter the latter for myself!! -___-''

See?! Always got something to buy one! haha...

But one thing i realised that of this two items i took i think they are only sold in 7-Eleven because I do not see them anywhere else! Yesh ah! Limited edition stuff...lols..
I love peanut butter and chocolate combi...haven't tried them yet but i'm sure it's gonna be mmmmmm! :D

 This few months I have always been busy...:((
so much so that by the time i get more shops are open to get dinner...*imagine the horror!!*

so i'm pretty much grateful there's a 7-Eleven on the way home for me to grab cup noodles! i'm pretty scared of cup noodles if i keep having it...Xp
so albeit it being small in cwp...i'm still grateful it's 24/7-11 :)

But still!
Ps! I hope you all can bring in cutesy stuff collectables like the ones taiwan does...
that would be awesome upon awesome! hehe.

So that is why...if i do win this competition, i would like to go to Taiwan! :))
 As they say..
Welcome 2 Taiwan!

I love that country, and also there's many familiar 7-Elevens there too! hehe...
Always round the corner :)


So one more time again..

PICK ME Pick me to win the 7-Eleven Blogger's Contest!

Ding - Dong!
Always open!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little encouragement keeps me going:)

For some reasons people close to me always think I'm the little bubbly one who jumps around happily...

I don't mind's good to be the crazy bouncy one..lols.

As much as i am crazy and happy most of the time, I am also pretty much a big 大哭包 was so as a kid but got better when I was bigger...I still cry a lot but just not in front of anybody now if I can help's a good form of release actually. Rekkha used to say the one good thing about me is my fast ability for positivity. I do admit, it's not always there..but 70% of the time it is! :)

I need courage too, and I find it by releasing all the unhappiness and them coming back alive again. I fall and cry easily, but after that I jump back up alive again! Like a 不倒翁!

During periods like these I love to eaee encouraging stuff or funny pics...these were the stuff shared with me...

(Ok I'm using my iPhone to blog. I have no idea if my photos will turn up where I want them to be)-_-;;

Let me share them with you..hope your days brightens up a lil!:D