Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Eleven pls bring me to Taiwan!

Helloooo!:) I'm back faster than my usual posting ever since I started working because...I wanna join the 7eleven blogger's contest, so they can bring me to Taiwan! Hahaha...

So shamelessly I'm going to say...Pls let me win!!:D
Before I carry on with my entry don't say I don't share the good stuff...if you own a blog like me (not popular also neh mind Xp *i hope?* it's the heart that counts right) hehe.. You can join the 7 Eleven blogger's contest. Here! Contest ENDING SOON HOR! on 9th Oct. JOIN NOW! :P

All you have to do is go to 7-Eleven and spend $3, snap a pic and tell them where you would like to go to if you win.

*ahem* the 'you' in this case would be ME!! Because I have bought my $3 worth from 7-eleven!
 Actually I must say i have this love hate relationship with 7 Eleven because it's so awesome it always makes me spend more than i even need. 

I want to go in to buy some last minute snacks for my cousies (to bribe them when i go to Kuching. i think it did work! hehe) I came out with Tao Kae Noi and Kit Kat peanut butter the latter for myself!! -___-''

See?! Always got something to buy one! haha...

But one thing i realised that of this two items i took i think they are only sold in 7-Eleven because I do not see them anywhere else! Yesh ah! Limited edition stuff...lols..
I love peanut butter and chocolate combi...haven't tried them yet but i'm sure it's gonna be mmmmmm! :D

 This few months I have always been busy...:((
so much so that by the time i get more shops are open to get dinner...*imagine the horror!!*

so i'm pretty much grateful there's a 7-Eleven on the way home for me to grab cup noodles! i'm pretty scared of cup noodles if i keep having it...Xp
so albeit it being small in cwp...i'm still grateful it's 24/7-11 :)

But still!
Ps! I hope you all can bring in cutesy stuff collectables like the ones taiwan does...
that would be awesome upon awesome! hehe.

So that is why...if i do win this competition, i would like to go to Taiwan! :))
 As they say..
Welcome 2 Taiwan!

I love that country, and also there's many familiar 7-Elevens there too! hehe...
Always round the corner :)


So one more time again..

PICK ME Pick me to win the 7-Eleven Blogger's Contest!

Ding - Dong!
Always open!

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