Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

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The past week or month has been pretty choppy.. 

My beloved partner said she was going to say Byebye to me. 

I fell sick a first time in a long time. 
I gotten sore throat, fever and ear infection. 

When the first news hit me it was really bad cause its just hard for me to say goodbye to people especially people I really have come to learn like a cherish 

Lucky no one reads my blog so I can be as sentimental as I wanna be. Hahah 

Writing this at close to 5am I must be crazy. I had a minor asthma attack at around 2pm had medicines and waited quite awhile for it to settle. 

Only thing good about this month was Mayday's concert. 

Life has been a roller coaster. Though I'm very sure I'm not looking forward o the beginning of next month I guess come what may. Shall take it as it comes. Give me a smooth sailing journey instead of a roller coaster ride next month pls. 

For now ill tell myself smile and the whole world smiles with you. :)

sometimes the words that was never meant to, poke the hardest.

The people in the outside world say there is alot of things right and alot of things flawed about our education system. I agree with some and disagree with some. Most of it I don't really remember.

Mostly what I don't really agree with is what one of my most beloved primary school teacher used to say. "You must study hard and be successful in life. You don't want to be the road side sweeper or the person selling macdonald"
*NOTE: I Do NOT look down nor despise any of these professions, i dare say they are essential to our livelihood as much as anyone else might disagree with me on this. If you do, then fine, imagine a world where you clean your own neighbourhoods, office, corridors etc. Not really liking it eh, then yes, they deserve more respect then you know. And by the way, some Macdonald's managers do earn a very decent amount i'm sure.

I'm sure her bottom line was just to make us work harder for our PSLE, in my time since a young age we were inculcated to know that failure was not an option. That was not my personal motto of course cause i always believed in as long as you do your best, you are able to face yourself. Till date i can tell myself that i can't look back and say if only i've tried harder because i know i try harder than anyone else  (no i don't dare to claim that) and even if i didn't do as well as i hope i did put in my best, and sometimes with luck or without luck, your best is not enough. But at least in your conscience, i didn't not try hard enough.

That being said I still take failure or rather big mistakes lah, not every mistake is a failure ( like that, life too bitter already. haha) as a personal downfall? injury? I don't know how to put it, but it's a jab to my pride because i do everything to my best and letting that happen is only like a slap in the face.

They taught me everything but in what I feel forgot to teach us that failure and mistakes are part and parcel of life. Big of small, accept them with graciousness. I am learning. 

Of course i do know that when you do something wrong you have to learn to admit it and say sorry and make amendments. But i guess in Asian culture (or maybe every culture but Asian more strongly) even if you have done everything right, no one might notice appreciate or praise you (suck it up, it's pretty normal in an asian context. lol) but once you create a black spot in the clean sheet of paper everyone will remember you for it. Even i myself don't let myself forget mistakes i make easily, it haunts me from time to time. Well, in all bad there must be something positive right?

And an innocent enough yet potent message strike right to the heart.
"Don't take it personally"
I'm actually a pretty slow witted person sometimes, and what i don't know won't kill me...i got the hint but wasnt bright enough to figure it out fully. 
but if people put it out this way to me to actually be very nice about it, it will back fire on me...I am weird like that. I mean the other party is being very objective and nice but like telling a crying person dont cry the person might just sob a bucket more. Haa. But I am thankful because it was a good thought from you:) 

sometimes the words that was never meant to, poke the hardest. 

Of course, if i turn around to look at it from a different angle, it has in fact taught me a lesson as to how i can better manage myself in that situation or what i can do if i meet the same situation or even how i can minimise avoid that situation. Yes, the pride is sore, but when you make a mistake be prepared for a lesson. I did and i was sorry. But i bash myself up alot sometimes. ( i wonder if its an asian thing or just me. ill never really say or show it but inside i slap myself..haha...o the visuals) Sometimes i think i have too much pride for my own good or take too much pride for the things i do, but then again I don't think it's a bad thing. I think? Double edged sword.

Papa once said "I believe that everyone who goes to work wants to do a good job, nobody goes in wanting to do a bad job."

I wasn't 100% sure of what he was saying, but he was relating this to his new staff/interns about their lack of skills and proficiency or something in that sense, but they tried, and even when they give him rubbish (maybe not, maybe just not as up to standard) he didn't scold them cause that was what he believed in. *beams at papa who say that sentence*

It's true i guess so that's where the pride comes from, not the over achiever 'hao lian' act yi ge very smart too good for other people kinda pride, i'm pretty sure i'm not such a person.

Appreciation to me is what the other party needs to feel, it should never be left to a situation where it is cold, unfeeling, hard and rigid. Tell me what i should like you for.

Then wouldn't it defeat the whole purpose...?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mayday's new song just in time for Concert! 五月天[傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)]

Wheeeee! :) Mayday has a new song...

This new song is done up for Coca cola (with them being the new ambassadors in the line with Taiwan's two big soft drink brands fighting for top talents to endorse their brands) and also to be a theme song for the Nowhere concert. Which will be landing in Singapore this Friday and Saturday. I'm going for the Saturday's one. Could have easily gone for the Friday's one and have a once in a lifetime meet and greet session, but I shall not harp on that because i ain't going and discussing makes me feel pretty bummed out.

This week has been nothing but horrible, so I really hope it starts to pick up, please? I need it. For now i'll let it be known that 傷心的人別聽慢歌, so i'll share you you their new upbeat song instead. Here you go, your welcome. lol.


作词:五月天 阿信
作曲:五月天 阿信

你哭的太累了 你伤的太深了
你爱的 太傻了
你哭的就像 是末日要来了 OH~ OH~

所以你听慢歌 很慢很慢的歌
听得 心如刀割
是不是应该 换一种节奏了 OH~ OH~

不要再问 谁是对的 谁是错的
谁是谁非 谁又亏欠谁了
反正错了 反正输了
反正自己 陪自己快乐

我不管 你是谁的 谁是你的 我是我的
让心跳 动次 动次 动次 动次 感觉活着

我不管 站着坐着 躺着趴着 都要快乐
让音乐 动次 动次 动次 动次 快要聋了

不管了 不想了 不等了 不要不快乐
伤心的人 别听慢歌

人生分分合合 爱情拉拉扯扯
一路 曲曲折折
我还是期待 明日的新景色 OH~ OH~

愤青都释怀了 光棍都恋爱了
悲剧 都圆满了
转载来自 魔镜歌词网 
每一段争执 都飞出和平鸽 OH~ OH~

不要再问 谁是对的 谁是错的
谁是谁非 谁又亏欠谁了
反正错了 反正输了
反正自己 陪自己快乐

我不管 你是谁的 谁是你的 我是我的
让心跳 动次 动次 动次 动次 感觉活着
我不管 站着坐着 躺着趴着 都要快乐
让音乐 动次 动次 动次 动次 快要聋了

不管了 不想了 不等了 不要不快乐
伤心的人 别听慢歌

我不管 你是谁的 谁是你的 我是我的
让心跳 动次 动次 动次 动次 感觉活着
我不管 站着坐着 躺着趴着 都要快乐
让音乐 动次 动次 动次 动次 快要聋了

不管了 不想了 不等了 此时和此刻
不得不去 贯彻快乐

不管了 不想了 不等了 不要不快乐
伤心的人 别听慢歌

Now go be happy. 
It's Thursday!
One day to the weekend!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wongfu Productions 10 years of inspiration - Thank you. #Wongfu10yrs

lilalienations: re-edited in (after i finished writing): i wanted this to be a more sentimental post, but realised my writing skills have detiorated badly. and it's just me being excited and nostalgic but not really putting it down beautifully just plainly and raw-ly (if that is even a word! :P) Skip to the end for a better written dedication, o-how-i-cheat. LOL Xp :P

In other news. I splurged a lil over $150 on because they are having a 15% off promo (now you know. go. your welcome) haha. To be fair. Not all of the purchase were mine, some were friends', some were gifts. hehe. whose issit? :D

this was the root of all evil...
It ends 9th June midnight PST. did a quick check and it's probably our local time of Monday morning?
So you still got some time to snag some goods! though i'm sure non of us are graduates. heh. :P

And so, i've been wanting to write this post since i saw that tweet. 
this tweet led up to it. but it didn't spark me to write this post. 
 this tweet did it. 
i realised 10 years. wait. what. no. 
10 years?!
How could it have been that long already. 

Then thinking of it...yea. it is right. the math does sum up correctly. 
This was the post when i first got to know of them and were checking out their vids in that year. it's been 6-7 years of support?:)
 I first caught the now widely crazily popular Wongfu productions when i was studying in RP. It was introduced to me by Rachel whom i seldom keep in contact with now. But i am always grateful she shared those one video with me. 

because, that one video pretty much inspired my whole life afterwards. (ok it sounds very "ahh magical" right now. lol)

You must be thinking 3 guys and a camera shooting a video, inspire? 'pffft. you are just fangirling cause they are cute.'
*glares at you*

yes in my previous post i did sound like a fangirl of sorts. sometimes *shifty eye*lol 
but I sincerely admire their works. 
Even when they were still students, yes. I totally watched all their pre-"we are capable and famous now"Wongfupro days. 
You can catch the old vids here - it was on phil's own youtube channel then. That is how old it is. 

It was for your first final year project. To gain some inspiration and techniques we were just watching what other students could do. The 'other's so happened to be Wong Fu productions, they were students like us too. Without a clue and with RP's teaching methods, we were left to our own aces to find out how things were done. Why couldn't i learn from Steven Speilberg's film you say? Let's just put it, we should always compare apples with apples and even then we weren't really apples to begin with. 

And we made our feature film "June" it was not too bad, we got a B. hahaha. but that's not the point.  Yes, so before you label me as a fangirl, i proudly dismiss that label and say I only admire people with standards and as with Mayday (my ever so beloved band) Wong Fu productions is the only other group that i dare say I am a "Fan" of. 
in case you were interested, this was the first of the many Wongfu videos to come. 
Rewatching now to realise, hey that's Wes! With a whole different kind of attitude. lol. 

And if you all know me, one of my go to happy songs is Sunday Morning. I loved that song because Phil did it as a school project and i used to watch it alot because it cheered me up. (Honestly it was a cheesy happy kinda old vid. but hey. it was not too bad for a student vid!) Wanted to share but....I can't find the video! Has it been taken down? I couldn't find it all over youtube, for a moment i thought i was honestly hallucinating....

Til I remember that I do post stuff i like to share and Wongfu productions has 19 labels in my blogposts history...heh heh. 
so this was the post which featured that video, which unfortunately now has been taken down and changed to private thus not being able to find it. 

10 Years is a long time, I remember writing an post about Mayday's 10 years too. :) Each person has probably an average of 8 Ten Years in their life and to make awesomeness out of nothing to share with the world - growing up and older in this period of time there is a certain kind of unseen bond. People come and go, idol groups come and go too, only the substantial will stay, and especially without the 'power of mainstream media' as some might say, it is one huge feat. 

While I was still sourcing for jobs I remember filling in an application and it wrote:
Name an inspiration / a person that inspires you most. Or something along those lines....
I truthfully wrote Wong Fu productions, I realised that maybe they wanted people to pretend to be very knowledgeable and write something like Bill Gates or Stever Jobs because it sounds better and really important and most importantly everyone knows them. ( I honestly don't remember which job that was, i wasn't employed btw. lol)  Sticking true to my guns (plus i wasn't thinking and being naive and honest) i thought carefully and cited "WONG FU PRODUTIONS" in that category because  I really loved photography, images, videos and storytelling and because of them i learn to always hold these true and close to me. They taught me that, we can start out from ground zero, but still get somewhere because substance (yes with a little luck) does get you there. Even if "there" isn't fame, it is a satisfaction that no one else will ever understand. #truestory. :)

So if that question were to appear again. yes. I will still write that. and if the interviewee or hr person doesn't like that. you just lost and honest hardworking person to be yo. hahaha. (now where did all that confidence come from? if only i always have this much confidence!)

I like to grow up with people in my life, family of course. Friends and "Idols" growing up with people like this means you see them change with time, some for better some for worse, some just fade out of your life altogether. So for those who are still bright and clear it's always very heart warming to learn that we have just 'grew up' together. (even though technically speaking, i'm just watching the vids) But as mention earlier, it's an awesome bond. And even though I like someone online on tv, I am very afraid to meet these people I like in real life, because i always have this fear that what if after so many years of liking them, it turns out that i really dislike their real life personality when i meet them in flesh. 

The first time I went to mayday's concert, I was so afraid i would go home disappointed. No siree! I was hungry for more! So that was good. Then it was the meet and greet with WFP (Phil and Wes, no ted:( ) I was again worried, what if they are snobbish in real life or really haughty? *gasp the horror*
i overuse this shot alot. but it's my only one! haha. 

I totally enjoyed that night with Ann nee :) Granted, i do not know their 'real personality' if you are digging deep into my words and finding loopholes with it. T-T why you do that? I meant, the meet and greet session went really well, and after leaving as with a Mayday concert it's just like I know i gotta support them all the way man!

And that to me is a confirmation with stamp chop and approval from my inner 'brain? self? heart?' that this people are officially in my list of "in the many years to come, let's grow up and old" together.  (this works with friends too, it's like letting a person into your inner circle to see you 'you'.AM I SOUNDING CREEPY? or senseless?T-T i hope not. but if you understand me. I hope that just made sense, my best buds would know, I tell them this all the time. :)

So. and before i end of my post for tonight at 3.38am ( i blog at way too crazy timings) let me start in proper with my #WongFu10yrs thank yous. 

Though they will never see it but appreciation and encouragement is a unseen force which gives alot of positive energy unknowingly, so i would still like to say. 


Happy 10 Years Anniversary! 
Wong Fu Productions ROCKs SOX!

Your story inspire(d)(s) alot of us. 

Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you for keeping the friendship bond strong and working together. 

Thank you for giving me the laughs and entertainment. 

Thank you for letting me find other amazing youtubers through your collaborations. (but don't worry, you will always be my number 1. numero uno)

Thank you for reminding me that it's ok to not be , do  'mainstream' stuff

Thank you for the art - the videos, the photography, the storytelling.

Thank you for picking me up and pushing me on at times where i wonder if i should even hang in there.

Looking forward to #Wongfu20yrs ftw. ;)

Wongfu 4 lyfe.