Monday, June 30, 2008

Were you there?

Were you? Were you?! Were you there?!
Did you go to the first Singapore Toy and Comic Convention at Suntec over the weekend...?
I did i did i did i did!!!! :D *squeals in glee like a little kid!:P* I did! Yay~! for once i don't miss things i like to see and really got to go down and catch it....=D and yesh, fishy went with me! we had tons of excited squeals at many different things...more of mine then hers...

i gushed at everything which i had only the chance to oggle at in front of my comp....heh. ;P happy happy~ though i wish i had money to buy all the tofus i want...all the tokidoki's i wanted..and all the other many designers work...for now i'm contented enough just to go down and check it out....heh. :)

I did take (quite) a few pictures!:D might pick a few to put them up soon...=)

jy gave this to me...cux i didn't take it...cux didn't have time or patience to queue. how nice is sweet right?
thank you! :D xiexie.

butbut...if you can't wait to have a can go to ***This*** blogger's site...he took many photos (good ones too) of the you can a great look and maybe like me...oggle at all the nice designs or interesting stuff...haha...:P

take care peeps. loves. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

sometimes when you mean well, and do something in all good intentions, it doesn't always exactly turn out right does it..? o well. i won't say its anyone's fault. but maybe it was just a happen to be. hmphx. :(

Friday, June 27, 2008

amazing animals.

Amazing animals and inspirational stories about them....(3 stories/articles for today)

1. The cat and the mouse.

What do you think of when you link a cat and a mouse together. Deadpan. Prey and predator, for sure. But this amazing picture shows us that animals also have very perplexed emotions or feelings inside them which humans have not uncovered or understood....

A pet cat in China has adopted a rat which she is nursing alongside her four kittens.

"The rat not only drinks cat's milk, but also plays with its kitten 'brothers and sisters', according to the Qilu Evening Post.

The cat reportedly treats the rat exactly the same as her natural kittens and it has become part of her family."

Wow, that's motherly love, not only for one's own kind. :)
Read more about it here***

2. Chase, the cat without a face.

Literally. When locals here think of 'no face' we think, being ashamed or things under that line...but this is the first time i've really seen a cat with no face. Literally. And she has lived to be an inspiration to help people come to terms with their own disabilities.
This is Chase.
Who was in an accident when she was 4 weeks old...and became disfigured.
But with the will to live ( and maybe it is true that cats have 9 lifes?) she has fully recovered and is 3 yrs old now. :)

She might look ugly to some of you, but that is just superficially, she is really an inspiration and its a good thing what the owner did to actually use the same incident to help other people come to terms with their disabilities.

Chase with her sisters sun busking.

Check out Chase's blog **Here***

3. Hope. the puppy born without front legs.
This is (was) Hope as he was born without her front legs, instead with small wriggling nubs where her front legs were intended to be.

At first Hope moved around by hopping but experts said her her natural mode of moving eventually would damage her bones and spine.

Thus some guy ( orthotist David Turnbill) out of his own good will made hope this: :)
makeshift shoulder joints connected to model airplane wheels.
And he he did it free of charge, what a nice man. :)
The spring-loaded prosthetic arms hook to a custom-fitted chest plate to allow Hope to lay down or sit up without removing the prosthetic.

Thus Hope + the new airplane did she cope?

It took her a little while, but with practise she coped just fine...what a darling Maltese princess she is. :)

The full article **here***

Now wouldn't you say those are some inspirational stories...:)
take care peeps.
be a nice human.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

don't belittle that little train ticket.

Remember how we used to have those craze back in the 1990s where we usually still use the old ticketing systems on the buses? The little slip of paper could be folded into swans and what other stuff those little nimble fingers could make out of....

the trend died off with ez link longer where there pieces of train receipts which were actually quite useless apart from the little leisures we could make out from it....

thus today, when i saw people in japan making use of their train tickets to make some great pictures it triggered my memory about those good old simpler times.....haha...sounds like im soo old...:P

anyhow...let me show you what they did with their black and white train can check out the actual site **here**
ingenious innovative people....:) they made art! Have a looky~:

See they made astro boy and gang just using those tickets! my god, their good!:)
close up
extreme close up.
they can even make out mona lisa!

all just by using simple train tickets. :)

see..? every thing has it's worth even when you least expect it....:)

Monday, June 23, 2008


Kbox time!:D
i'm happy!
haha...i haven't been (K)boxing around in some time...the last time i went with the girls was last year..?
It has been such a long time that the chain we previously went to closed down already....
woops~! >.< yea...went with my two lovelies....*pardon the pictures, my hp...-_-''

Singing with them is fun! :D
we never run out of songs...haha...
and and!!
jy's and fishy's voice is nice esp. jy's! very nice! honestly....sweet and clear...i really love to hear her sing....yuppie. nice. maybe one day some producer might hear her voice and agree with me too. ;) hee.
Look at all the food...!*pic from jy's bloggie. I was too full from all the drinks...drink too much...
o! i think ling drank more...or maybe her bladder was under working that day...:P the number of times we went to the toilet! haha...the guys at the gamestations with all the pc (where the toilet was located) must have thought the toilet was esp. nice or something....haha..=P
jy and fishy. when they sing together sound nice!:) and i'll be at the side doing some monkey stunts ( which is good for taking unglam shots.:P)
o..when we first started...we were 'unhigh' so we sat and we continued we stood and sing..jump fun mahhhh......:P enjoy. that's what life is for. :D

We got quite 'high', high from singing that is. At some point we were singing at the top of our lungs...i did one with ling...Mayday's 离开地球表面..super high. shiok. :))

i think the opposite room heard us enjoying the song and decided to copycat and pick it too...wahaha...:P

"satu satu! saya saya!"Xp
ms jam fan.

ms nice vocals. :))
*sorry. hp takes bad pictures.:P
o...she's trying to 'leh long' me out...anyone interested..? lol.

but jy and ling were more high at Xing Yue Tuan's song 'si le dou yao ai', the band's song is known for their super high pitch and it got them so tired...and that wasn't enough! fishy went for a second wrong, screaming and singing for maximum shiokness~ lol..:P
the whole room was booming with sound, even our seats! haha

Singing is fun...but guess what i like to do when their busy singing...apart from taking their picture...
i'll be busy looking through their song list and selecting songs...or choosing nice songs for everyone to sing...yea. i'm a good song selector-_-'' won't run out of songs to sing when i'm around....

After that was dinner, walked up, down, here there, and settled for mos burger's little quiet corner, because it was not crowded unlike the former. Yay! i hate squeezing and queuing. i admit, i'm a impatient fella at times...:P

*in case you wonder where is another of my kaki? orangeyyy was in tioman~ so we shall go with her next time. :)
see orange...we never forget you oooo...hee. :P

had a good chat. and had a good time today. thanks gals. :)

take care peeps. :)
be a nice human.

xiao zhu~~:D
mayday~~ ah shin~~:D

look what i found

saw eeshaun's work in a shop in J.B's city square....
i was thinking..that style looked so familiar..upon closer inspection i saw his! haha...what a interesting find in a shop...i forgotten what the shop name was, but its the one next to popular...

haha. a surprise find..:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what a dream..

Usually i do not have dreams when i fall asleep, which i prefer, and i recall reading from some magazine saying that if you do not have dreams at night,it means that you are in deep rested sleep.
Either i usually do not have dreams or i totally have no recollections of them when i wake up. Once in a blue moon i get some weird dreams...or repeated or continued you story form..? I get that...haha..

Anyway, last night dream was kinda bizarre...and i think its all fishy's fault-_-'' on and you'll understand why...haa.:P

So the bits and pieces which i can recall from the dream are as follows....
Dream starts...

I was shooting (camera) something when i fell off the stage as i was backing to get a better wider angle. It was a preparation for a band's concert...but i have no idea whose is it (how i wish it was maydays!lol:P)...and as i was doing event coverage i fell offstage, and as usual i started laughing in embarrassment.

And as i stood up i turned around and banged into Jam. (ya. jam hsiao!-_-'' of all people. my dream why have fishy's idol...why not my idol?! haha...) I didn't see his face at first, then i just laughed and said very loudy "i'm fine, its ok, no problem, not hurt!" you know, like how i like to cover up for my own embarrassment.

Then he turned around then i saw his face, but i didn't recognise him at all. All he said was "mei shi jiu hao. bye." And went off with another girl and two more guys. In my dream, i recall thinking, who is this guy...? that mole and that hair very familiar

*then i can't remember anything in between*

then the next part is that...

I answered a call from someone asking me for the event photos and rush down in a cab to meet him the negatives (read negatives! who uses negatives nowadays for events? expensive! :P well, anything can happen in dreams)

I can remember what the person said clearly:

Unknown person (UP): may. you got the event pics all shot up?
me: done. and fell off the stage gracefully too.
UP: o ya. i heard about that, very happening ah you, the event organiser called me, the band got a shock from your fall.
me: haha...don't remind me can. 'dui lian leh' where you want me to meet you to pass you the negatives? I didn't bring any case.
UP: just get into any cab, they will know where to bring you.
me: really ah. sure or not? I don't want to end up in africa...

With that i ended the phone conversation, i think there were somemore rubbish in between which i can't recall....haha...but it gets even weirder from there. I told you it was a weird dream!:P

I remember hailing the cab ( it was a yellow taxi, like the one in the big yellow taxi mv), but had to share it with jam (him again!-_-') because his assistant or lady beside him in black * i presume is his assistant* said, they had been waiting for half an hour with no luck.

i remember the rough details where she asked me, so do you know him...? I said ya he's been to Singapore before. * nt totally answering the question at all i realised.*
Anyway the assistant lady blabed on alot of more things (which i can't recall) and was thanking
me for sharing cab if not they'll be late for something.

And she was asking for my name, when miraculously, kaya man *jam* open his mouth and said in chinese " die dao de nu hai" which translate to the girl which fell down. -_-'''

Thanks ah...i said.

*then parts which i can't remember*
last part of dream which i can remember! continued...

The assistant asked me what i wanted in return for sharing the cab, to show their gratitude (to think of it, share cab nia

At first i said nothing, no need, then she wanted to pass me his album and posters with signature or something like that.
Then i said something which is quite funny coming to think of it now, i faced jam and said ( in chinese of course):

Can you help me sign two big big autographs for my friends, if they know i met you and not get a autograph for them, they might kill me. He happily obliged, the first one i got was for ting, my sis, easy easy, cause i remember how to write her name in chinese.

Then the second autograph he asked me who should i sign it for, was it for me...I said no, its for your big fan so must sign big big. (to think i said that!)
Then i said, her name is Huiling.He asked me which 'hui' and which 'ling'
I was thinking, die! Never see her name in chinese before, or seldom. Then i answered:
"zhi hui de hui" then the 'ling' just anyone can do. hahahah....:P i'm so sui bian...then i say at the side you add xiao yu can..? (chinese for small fish)

He was amused and asked me why, then i explain cause later if the name wrong, the chinese one still got link cause its fishy in english.

End of dream.

That's all i can recall from my dream...i know the dream was much longer, but i don't remember the rest of it...:P didn't get his response anyway...haha...yea..this is a weird dreams...but then again, aren't all dreams weird?

You probably didn't get what the whole dream is about right..? Its quite jumbled up in my memory too, just bits and pieces here and there...I would be more happy to recall if it were my idols in the dream instead....:P

I wonder if this dream would have a continued episode in another dream next time..? hmmx...nah...dream of things i like instead pls!:P


Dreams are very queer things, there is a tinge of mystical factor to it. I don't know if this is by sheer coincidence, but there are things in which i have dreamt of and it turning into reality...coincidence? I'm not too sure myself....

The one etched inside my memory is the one when i was still in primary school, living in my old house.

I was having a dream about a fire happening in school(my primary school), and there were many many people. All students were ushered out to the field and basketball court.

Then my mum woke me up, and i changed and got ready for school. My mum sent me to school, midday the school alarm ring. ( you wouldn't so coincidentally think it is a fire right? after all, school fire alarm do go off from time to time due to faulty systems or pranksters....)

Anyway, it rang for awhile and my teacher in charge went to check ( or was it another class teacher coming to inform us? i've forgotten the details:P ) and we quickly grabbed our stuff(valuables; what valuble stuff did we have then? :P) and ran down the stairs.

In the basketball court, standing there, the scene looked exactly like it was in my dream. Exactly.
creepy huh...?

But my school was fine, it was just a very small fire. luckily no one was hurt or anything.

yea...but see...dreams are very special in a way...mysterious...@-@
What weird dreams have you had recently..? :)
be a nice human.
take care peeps.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

SHE coke adverd.:)

A coke ad that was never shown on local teles...thought its kinda cute!Its 3short stories interlinked together.:) haha...Includes SHE, Wilber pan, Shawn Yue, and one more guy which im not too sure of...:P opps. =X haha....
enjoy the ad!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bento Galoure 2!:)

I felt like surfing up a little jap sites and found this very cute food websites...called fashionablycute check it out **here** which led me to this cute flickr bento site of its proud owner; Luckysundae. Her bentos are absolutely gorgeous and really make you want to eat it. Check them out **here.**

I shall put up some which are really cute...:) do go visit her site to see her bentos...they're all so adorable!

I've seen a number of flickr members with their amazing bento collections which not only look yummy and nice...sometimes its good to even be a piece of art! haha...but sometimes it just ends there, nice to look but doesn't make me feel mesmerized enough to want to devour it...haha...

They use loads of colouring to make thier artistic bento...which after all might land me in the hospital...i'm allergic to large amount of food colourings...happen to always end up in asthma attacks and being sent all the way to the hospital as a kid for being greedy for snacks during the chinese new year...haha....

But as I look in amazement through Lucky Sundae's flickr site( onigiri's (rice ball aka. the picture above) and her bentos look so good and yummy..! :D heh...the stuff she use are recognisable in the sense like we know it is made out of cheese, seaweed, carrots or sausages...and she doesn't put much colouring in her food to make them look good at all!

Is she cool or what?!;) just get me to do up food, i already make up a storm...but it seems she is able to do all this rather effortlessly....damn shes real good!;D
ooo...i love snowmans!:) somebody anybody make me a bento like this?

Her pikachu looks kinda like the real deal...that's real cool man!:)
takes skill~
Piggy hamburger!

With such cute food, i think wouldn't bear to eat it....i would stare and oogle and gush at its cuteness before i put it into my mouth...and not to mention many pictures of!:P

More cute bentos next time~ in the time being lets enjoy normal looking food for their taste!
take care people.
be a nice human.
enjoy your food!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

a sick sad man.

lilaLienations: i saw this on tv today..and i somehow like this phrase...:
"When you learn to accept and embrace yourself (who you are), people will learn to accept you naturally too."

it has been hogging the headlines for the past few days...and you would be lying if you say you haven't the slightest idea what im going to talk case you really have no idea as you read on, you can read the article **here**.

So who am I talking about..? Well many has labeled this case as the Tokyo knifeman killing rampage case. Really, i got very fired up when i first read about the news and heard of it. In my head i was thinking
" WTH you, idiotic pig. You want to die, go ahead already! no one's stopping you, you know. But don't drag other people along. You want to die, that's your problem not anyone else's. Selfish. Every single person injured and passed on had nothing to do with you whatsoever, no wrong so there can't even be the talk of revenge."

I was being Mean? Maybe Sadistic? Maybe. Angry? Very. Sympathetic? Only for the innocent people.

I didn't really care, I was fuming...thinking of all the innocent people who were minding their own business or spending time with their family, and before they knew it tragedy befall on them. Feeling sorry for them...

More and more reports come to light this few days after the was said of what he think and felt and reportedly actually posted his intentions on killing online from his handphone( ok, i don't know how this works, but its very popular in japan) Here were what he wrote:

Sunday June 8: texts for a killing

05.21 Sleepy. Will drive into [the crowd] and, if the car becomes useless, I will use a knife.

Goodbye everyone

05.34 I can’t get over this headache

05.35 Rain is forecast. Bad

06.02 I’m used to playing the role of good man. Everybody is so easily deceived

06.03 Am I incapable of having friends?

06.10 It seems the road I planned to take is blocked. After all, everything is against me

06.31 The time has come. Let’s go

06.39 It seems I’ll be battling against my headache

06.49 . . . against rain

06.50 . . . against time

07.30 What a dreadful rain . . . even though I prepared everything perfectly

07.47 Even though the scale is small, I’ll do what I decided to in the rain

09.48 Into Kanagawa and having a rest. Things are going well at the moment

10.53 Awful jam. Will I be in time?

11.07 Shibuya. It’s awful

11.45 Reached Akihabara. It’s the day of “pedestrians’ paradise”, isn’t it? Just minutes left now

taken from TIMESONLINE

The messages ended there, so i guessed after that he went on the killing spree at Akihabara. In the articles i read i summed up that this guy was somewhat of a geek and he was tired of being one. He had no friends, lack luck in girls had to live up to society or family expectations since young. And when he couldn't he would hit his mother. From an online article


He complained that his parents had sometimes done his homework for him as they wanted him to "look perfect," Japanese media reported.

"As they wanted to boast about me to other people, they would finish everything to make me look perfect," he wrote>>

In short Kato said he had "gotten sick of the world"

I read on with disgust, disbelieve and somehow sympathy. Maybe all his life he was living inside a pressure cooker of needing to conform to be a certain way. And maybe he just couldn't do it, he was a volcano waiting to erupt, and erupt he did, snap!causing a big tragedy.

I am in no way condoning this mans actions and say it is by any chance at all forgivable. It is just that, it just seems so sad, because of circumstances he lost hope in this world.

And i believe you can lose everything, but not hope, once you lose hope, the whole world switches off its light. *ahh. maybe thats why they say a glimmer of hope?*
That's why as much as im still angry i am with a tinge of sympathy, just so little teeny weeny bit. Really, anyone can just snap...but still, its not a good reason or for that matter not a reason at all to kill anyone.

If your big on Jap stuff, you would have heard of The train man *read here** whose story is a true story of this geeky guy who finally had a story of his own with a happy ending. :) i like this show. Well, see, not all stories have the same ending...not all geeks come with a bad ending. So who cares your an otaku fan, be true to yourself and be a good human. And what's even wrong with being a otaku fan..? who cares what they think.

So at the end of it...i guess in the mordern society we're all living in huge pressure cookers, being forced to conform to something else at times and sometimes we feel like we want to snap. Take a break, take a deep breathe,take a step back, enjoy life's little moments. :)
Yesh, if that's not enough, you can call me, i will listen to your rants..haha...:P

light at the end of the tunnel.
there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.
Don't lose hope just yet. Hang in there.

sunrise or sunset?
For who knows, what this sunset and the next sunrise will bring us. :)

Hello Panda!

Coincidentally this is another post on another panda...i'm sure most people would know this panda...most of us practically grew up with it...:)

Hello Panda is a childhood snack!:)

The flavours we had when we were young were original Chocolate and Strawberry! Yumm. But today i tried another different flavour and im crazy over it...

Hello Panda creamy cheese flavour!!
i love it!:)

to taste doesn't really taste like cheese actually.
i can't really describe how it taste like...
but i know
it taste nice!
It's not widely sold in Singapore mum bought this from Sheng Shiong, those big super save packets where you have many different flavours in one big pack..? those type.

Childhood treats always taste sweet!:)
go have yourself a hello panda!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love Kung Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

~Panda! ~

Panda! I love Kung fu Panda!:D

Went to watch KungFu panda today!to get a ticket is just like going to war this few days i think, due to the school holidays...but that aside, i did online booking, smart eh?;P haha...:D yay yay yay yaaaaaaaay!XD KungFu Po! Love it love it love it! :)

I haven't read any reviews on this movie i don't know how they rate this movie...but if it were up to me..i would give it two thumbs up! apart from some little stuff which annoys me a little (very minor stuff which gives it a little giveaway to let us know it was done by an english production company) but other than that, i absolutely recommend this!

Its the comedic actions and sound effects which gives it the feel good dose of tons of roaring laughter!:))

If you have been lacking laughs recently, need a dose of laughter; then, this! is THE show for you to catch! I didn't find any part which made me wanting to turn away for a second to check out my popcorn or stuff like that ( you know, when some movies lose momentum, you would just want to fidget around and look around or gorge on popcorn and stuff like that.) this one, had non of those dull moments.(well to me at least;))

I went in with very high expectations, and disappoint me this show did not. I do not enjoy the new kind of animations as much as i did with those good old days 2D animations, sometimes due to the story, sometimes maybe its just the animation, but i got to admit, the visual done in KungFu panda was a good blend ( i don't really have an idea how to explain it, but visually, it was nice on the eyes and soul? :P ) O yes! and thumbs up to the crew doing the audio, the effects were very detailed and suitable. Two thumbs up for you too!

Cast in Kungfu panda which you would find fairly familiar to...:)

Jack Black stars as the voice of Po! THE big fat, clumsy panda. :D
Another good show (in my opinion) which he has done is "The School of Rock" (you should catch this too if you haven't!:P)
Read more on an interview with jack black on his role as po for the show. **here**
And the other famous stars voicing the rest of the cast which i can recognise; 'hear out' *direct translation from chinese:P*
they are:
Lucy Liu as master Viper Snake
Angelina Jolie as master tigress
Jackie Chan as master monkey
Dustin Hoffman as Shifu
What interesting voice casts...:)

I like the master Oogui in the show...:) not very nice looking nor cute...but i just happen to like this secondary character too! hehe...
i like the old saying which he said:
"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
And today?
Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present"
you just need to believe....

O yes. the official website is uber cool! i had fun clicking around...and the downloads of emoticons and all are nice! a swaaa
yea..if you wanna be a swaa koo like me and have some fun too..check out the official site **here.**

this is the wallpaper of po. they have one for all main characters.:)

Okie...have i got you excited yet? huh?huh? hahaha...
what you waiting for..?
go catch kungfu panda soon!
hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do!

lastly a teaser...Xp
hahaha...i could'nt help it...i know its not cute..i act cute can...:P but its so rare to see a panda with its toungue out. so cheeky! :P
cute!don't you just wanna hug it?!
Panda panda panda~

Saturday, June 7, 2008

dinner is fun.

had dinner dates with on three consecutive nights with two different group of gals..:) it was fun!went out with jin,fang and huan for two nights and went out with my gals jy,fishy and orange last night to novena to eat ajisen!:)) yummi! but i realised i forgotten to take pictures of any....o no pictures to post...:P

and and and! i ate yami yogurtttttttt! *blissful XD* Yay! Thanks all you girls! it was fun!:D and yummi! Hope you all enjoyed dinner as much as i did!;)

its linked to the official site.
this was not what we eat. i just thought it looks sooo good. :)

If you haven't tried yami yogurts you should really really i mean reallly go try it.
its absolutely heavenly! or so i think. i just really really like it. :)))
*nods very hard*
Have a try of it!:D

uprobably never realised.

sometimes as much as you want to hold on to something you feel its slipping away. further and further away. maybe against your wishes, but can you help it?
i hate it. but time does make stuff change doesn't it?
i can be very stubborn but sometimes i guess you just have to say silent goodbyes to old memories because. just because.

Friday, June 6, 2008

stupid bosses. >:(

lilalienations: the more you want to avoid, run away or escape from something, the more it will try to jam right back at you in you face. like a pain in the ass.
you gotta learn how to face it. i'm starting im starting. one foot at a time.

a very irritating stupid boss and one very lovable lappy.
little ultraman lappy belonging to lilaLien! :D

my lappy!:) and my paps very inconsiderate boss. hello. do you still call people in the middle of the night like you know. 12 am?! and ask for more work to be done.
can't you wait till the morning? no one will die you know.

I don't care if im not standing in the shoes of his boss and being a whiny kid, because why the hell should I? That's my pap im talking about, and he needs rest because tomorrow you are giving all of them more and more stuff to do. grrr. its officially waaaay pass office time mister. >:( *takes off my shoe and open my whole cupboard of shoes and throw at him. irritating.hmphx*

anyway, apart from such a very idiotic person. my lappy which has been not semi officially retired to sidelines, has been very guai today. :)) i managed to use it to good use and be of good help. a liltte, but nonetheless .:) good lappy! haha...though very sloooow to start up, but not too bad once its warmed up....heh. i'm speaking of it as if its a real!:P

a rather old random photo with my lappy in it...back in tanglin days...:)
with the ever cuteness pie mekmek and pretttty jojo!:D