Thursday, September 29, 2011

to all my beloved pals for life.

yes, i mean it. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kimuchi Chahan

 Also known as Kimchi Fried Rice!:))) (that's the japanese version of it) I'm not a big fan of kimchi unless it's cooked, in soups or fried rice...because I think i don't really like the fermented smell of garlic if they do have it in the kimchi. (Do you know? different families each have their own version of Kimchi making recipes. No two recipes are the same, so even though its just kimchi, they can taste very different. And Kimchi we eat locally are usually the one made with the chinese cabbage, but actually kimchi have SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS. why the caps? because its really alot but i have no idea how many actually too, i know it is enough to fill my whole dining table. I haven't tried many types of kimchi before, but my favourite up till now, has to be the cucumber kimchiii!:D yumms! but too bad, it is pretty rarely found here....

And soo, let me get back to my fried rice.

Not bad right?
Looks can be deceiving, but hey! mine definitely looks the look and taste the taste. 
muahahah. :P
i secretly believe that it tasted better than the fried rice i bought the next day from the coffee shop down stairs. *smug* haha.
ok lah, i admit, its pretty easy. I'm no top chef, i can only cook food edible to me, maybe if someone else ate it they would think otherwise. 
and i have a weird habit, i only know how to cook in kitchens i'm familiar with, put me in someone else's kitchen, disaster will happen. haha.

 to be vaguely authentic i used korean spoon and chopsticks given by mom's friends as a souvenir and specially drank korean tea instead of the usual japanese green tea i drink. 
Haha. the things i do when no one's around. haha...all in the name of 有
ok. I'm not trying to bore you out with my multiple pics of my kimuchi chahan. lols
just in case you might be interested in how to cook this very simple dish when your home alone like me....Here are the super simple steps!

Ingredients needed:
(well the amount depends on yourself, i just do it by 'agaration')
Cooked rice (left overnight, if not just cook some rice in the pot)
Mince meat
Cooking oil
Garlic (2 cloves)
Kimchi (well of course right?;))
Dark Soy Sauce
Chicken Essence Powder (this is my secret ingredient to make sure my food taste good. lols)
 if you want a little something more. Add an egg!:)

Step 0.1 (i forgot, so it became this number. lol)
Take the kimchi out of the package and cut it to smaller bite size bits

Step 1.
Heat the oil and fry the garlic, make sure the garlic turns golden brown (not black! control your fire, not too high!)

Step 2.
Throw in the mince meat to fry with the garlic

Step 3. 
Throw in the rice, fry together. 

Step 4. 
Throw in the kimchi you have cut up nicely, take some of the kimchi sauce and add in too, to get the flavour and colour.

Step 5.
Add some dark soy sauce (just so that the coulour of the fried rice looks nicer)
Step 6. 
Add in the chicken essence powder, usually i just give the bottle two shakes. Stir. 

Step 7. 
Add salt as to liking. 

Step 8.
If you want to add an egg. You can just push the rice to the side and fry the egg in the same wok, i'm lazy i don't wanna wash so many things. Or you can fry the egg into the rice or you can fry it in a seperate wok, all to your liking. 
Step 9.
Put on plate

Step 10. 

hahaha...:p and that is how i cook my kimuchi chahan. Simple right?!:D
anything too difficult also i can't lah this is good enough if your hungry and alone for the night. 
the best thing is you can keep the unused kimchi for some time and cook this dish again when you feel like it!:))

so apart from pasta (the only other decent dish i can cook. lols) this is a good alternative!
Give it a try!;DD
ehehe...hope you'll like it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello there:)

Hellos! Are you missing me? (so bhb i know. lols:PP) Haven't blogged in a few days...I guess things will be like this from now on, because if you've been with me, reading...(yay! thank you. haha) you would know, i've made a transition in life now and would be pretty pretty busy already. (boo to being busy, but yay to taking the next big step in life. Everyone has to grow up.) But growing up doesn't mean growing old ok?!

I will still always keep my youthful heart and what i call my inner kid alive! (aliveee! Aliveee!!! muahahaah.) Which means, i would still love Mayday (nothing to do with my inner kid, that's probably the fan girl in me) I would still love my DISNEYLAND!:D No such things as 'those childish cartoons' for keeps your mind alive and active, what childish?! :P And being with WongFu, watching their stuff, because like me, they keep their inner kid alive and well too....! Me likes that.

Ok, so today's post isn't exactly a real post, but really to just let anyone who is reading there know or understand whats going on so they (you) won't stop reading because you think i'm not writing anymore...*gasp. the horrors!* yea, it'll be less frequent but i'll keep writing!:)

and when i can get a iphone (dreamdream first) i can more easily post entries like Jy!:)))

Ok, it's dinner time...time to go makan! Hope your dinner is pretty awesome too! You haven't had it yet? GOgo! Go find some yummy fooood!:) Before i case you miss me (i'm getting abit too bhb aka ahead of myself aren't i? hehe:p) here are some pics of me to share! (well,its only because i downloaded some old pics from my hp, so i have these pics..i didn't specially get them because i was feeling narcissistic...or was i? *deng deng deenng...*:P

Tadaa! I was trying to take a good picture of my new smurf blouse! 

lalalalalalah~ Sing a Happy Song!
Have you watched the movie yet?
Watched it with the girls and found it pretty funny!:)
i realise the belt looks like its in a awkward position here, making the blouse float up in an awkward position too...haha

This blouse is actually pretty comfy thats why i like it...and because its blue and also if you know me...because its in checks! hahahahahaha...darn, why do i also like checked clothes?
O! I just bought a chibi maruko aka xiao wan zi kids tee from giodarno yesterday!:D
it only came in kids size, but i really love xiao wan zi so i made the nice sales person help me dig for the biggest kid size. Yesh, i can fit in!:))) heh. If i do remember, i'll take a picture to show you guys next time!

 I miss meeting my buggers, flautist gals, OCU pals...busy busy to meet them, and their busysbuy to meet me. O god, lets hope our schedules sync into together smoothly soon...i have so many things to tell them in out chats....

Till then, enjoy the week peeps!:))

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayday 3DNA Premier Party

The movie has 3 segment of stories which are interlinked with the whole theme of the story (Mayday concert) and it will also show pieces of Mayday's DNA world tour....:)) Its not just throwing a concert at you, that would be very nice, but Mayday being our beloved everspecial band put in more sincerity and added in storylines to the movie.诚意 足!So fans and non fans fans to be alike can enjoy altogether. In the list of 3D concert movies recently coming out, Mayday 3DNA movie obtained a 4 Star rating, higher than all the other asian concert 3D movies. Woohooos! to that. ;))

I was so glad we managed to get tickets to the premier party after i missed the first one at 7pm, luckily they opened a 2nd sellout opening at a 9pm slot. Went with Jy and Orange to catch it. Yesh, finally managed to get jy to go too!:) and She's loving it, how can you not, i mean Mayday is like magic.
Anyone who goes to their live concert becomes an immediate fan, and this was just the movie and shes touched. oyeaa. :) they're good, no denying, my beloved mayday.

ok, before that....Dinnnerrrr! was so hungry!
All photo credit are from Jy!:D xiexies!
i didn't eat this though...jy did while waiting for me. i want one nao, with green tea icecream.

Jy's noodles! Which i thought looked good, but when she had it she had her mind on the one her cousin how to taste good like that?! haha...

curry rice!i had it the day before too...and shishamo!!me likey!

Jy and I had dinner and arrived early to collect the tickets. We were so early that we had enough time to go and play bishi bashi at the arcade! i love that game!:D we spent $4 and finished the whole game, damn we're good! muahaha. Orange was in a wedding dinner which she forgot about and had to sneak out to come meet us. hehehe.
and the meantime..
we take more photos of ourself!
3 tickets!:)
why the tick on each ticket?
because it was the premier party we could collect lightsticks and posters along for the movie!
and we got to watch it one week ahead of time. SHIOKNESS:D
o. the only thing was that we thought we could keep the 3D glasses, kana cheated, they had to keep it back....
haha..but good also lah, bring home to collect dust anyway...recycle also good:)

there was this promotion going on whereby you get the Mayday 3DNA combo and you get an 'exclusive' move poster. :D i wanted to queue for that so we just joined in the queue. 
Only to realise one minute into the queue that, that was the queue to go into the cinema instead..*facepalm* hahaha...So jy went over to help buy the popcorn set and drinks...and i could have my folder...Yay!:DD
kiasu. must try both side mah. later not balanced how?

let me try this zap machine. see if its good.
Orange wasn't here yet what. Had nothing better to take photo with our blue lightstick and popcorn set! muahahaha:D
The lightstick is pretty cool, it has 3 modes!Reusable, very eco friendly, i like. 
Just one more before Orange comes!
Because it was the premier party there was the 100.3 DJ 江坚文 to come and host the event and take photos and stuff. Sorry i am a 933 fan so i'm not too familiar with this station hosts...but they are the official promoters/partner to promote Mayday 3DNA movie in Singapore so must support them abit too lah:)) I left his fb link on his name, check him and their station out!;)
this was the photo taking session where fans posed with their posters and all...they wanted to send the photo back to the Taiwan side organisers presume-ingly so Mayday will know how loved they are by fans. <3
hee:) mayday do you see meee? lols.
 before the movie started we had a few seconds to snap this before the lights went off...
i smiled so happily that you can't see my eyes, lucky for me i'm wearing the 3D glasses. heh!
a sea of blue...well not yet, this was taken before the show began so some lightsticks were not up yet, but its enough to show the Mayday concert feel~ 
Mayday's Message to Fan's watching the premier:))
yesh, specially addressed to us only. heh. 

and then the show ended. 
sorry lah, encore here doesn't work. 
We tried though, o well. :p
i look like one crazy siao cha bor. thank you very much. 
why can't i look more decent?#fail *facepalm*
on our way home catching the last train back...
orange was saying, if this was a real live mayday concert we would never be able to catch the mrt home...
but even if its till the wee hours of the morning, every fan and person there to catch Mayday would agree with two thumbs up it's well worth it!!
the poster. the ticket & the lightstick. 

(i have no idea why it sounded like a narnia title to me, the witch. the lion and the wardrobe. was that it?)
Mayday 3DNA poster. 

you've seen the original photo above right?
now see this one....

in case you are not very familiar with them (you aren't a mayday fan, i can tell. hahaah..kidding)
they are 龍之家族, Mayday's technical crew. :)
the one in the middle is actually pretty famous one of the more famous funny guys in the tech crew, and its also very easy to spot him doing backup on stage.:)
the left first and second have their own band now too, Champion:)
oo. and a little juicy bit, the second guy from the left Huang Niu and Middle dude Shi Jie are Monster's cousin's too!;D
3 blue lightsticks. :)
if only ling could have joined us that day..
nvm, shall go with ling for another one:)
Ling if you are reading this pls don't ffk (it's not bad work ah, its short for fang fei ji. LOLs)me again. hahaha:P 

PS: Ting if your reading this and feel like going to catch the movie you can call me along...!! :DD i don't mind going again!:)) hehe.

Yesh. Its in a cinema near you!
What are you waiting for?
Grab a friend and get ready to be entertained and touched
Mayday 3DNA, miss it and you'll regret not catching the 3D version in your cinemas!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Say Hi to Cola!:)

lilalienations: when i exercise i weigh more than when i do not. that does not make sense. o wait, it does, i tend to get hungry and eat more to reward myself.. *facepalm* #failmax.

 Hola! Did you miss me?:)
my big thumb blocked cola's nose thats why she's annoyed. hahahaa...
jy was so kind to bring me jughead comics! one whole heavy..thank you thank you!! so kind of her:)) We sat at home awhile then she tried out her cool new apps with her cool new phone..wah sehh:))

then we headed out for dinner for chicken rice and rochor tau hway!:)
sorry no pics. lol. in a rush for time...nearly made her late...gomen. 
having dinner with someone is always better than having it alone...
especially when no one's home, eating alone is so sian. (broken english max.hahaha)

so thanks jy for accompanying me for dinner
#foreveralone no more. (for one day) LOLs

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everybody is a Genius

my science hero said so.
*applauds in agreement*


从以前到现在, 都是这样的一个人。 对于自己很在乎的事, 如果心有不甘, 就是会心里很不舒服, 不想去放弃。 

就因为这个不甘心不舒服我硬着头皮去追去问。 终于今天得到了一个答案。 if I were to put it, it would be i got one bad news and one good news...which one would you like to hear?

the bad news is, 薪水会比较少。 but it's also not a bad news lah, to me, 只要我努力, 没有什么事是办不到的!(as ling say, be positive!:))
the good news is, 好象觉得终于有人要我了, 还有会是在自己喜欢的地方。

是自己去争取会来的机会我觉得特别不容一。 可是有可能也因为酱, 才会懂得比别人更珍惜。 

星期一, 祝我一切都顺顺利吧! 好不容一好象要lucky一点了。 虽然因为面对过不一样的事情而会有一点灰心,会小心一一的去走每一步因为还是会一点点怕怕的, 可是我就是那个打不死的小外星人!muahahaha. 很快就又会神经很大条的晃来晃去。 风水轮流转, 这次好运论到我了!heheh. 

Gambatte mo! I will jia you de!

Thank you for the past love and luck shared with me, well, if you don't mind, keep them coming...Wish me bucketful of luck! and share lotsa Love! :))) muacks. thank you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

SHE is Ten!:D

Congratulations to SHE on their 10th Anniversary!:)) And wishing them many many more to come! Just like my precious Mayday, I would like to see them around for a long long time:)
So glad to see Selina back and getting better. 
Jia you Selina!:)) Seeing all three of them together, happy!:) 
love the way they share the love.

Everytime we K (the girls and I) we would never miss having a SHE song included in the list. I remember liking them just like Mayday in secondary school. Wow, time sure did fly past, its been 10 years already. I really like to see the real side of artistes. Too many artist nowadays just wanna be flat, pretty and superficial. Sorry, can't take that, I love to see a real dimensional person, they can laugh, can cry, and get get angry. That is what makes me love the stars I love. Away with all the pretense of the new generation of 'idols' who can just look pretty. 

Long live 亚洲bestest and most awesomest 男子天团 & 子天团- Mayday & SHE

To many more of their 10 years. 
就是要和你们唱到老。 :)

Voldemort is a lot like a teenage girl.

He has a diary, a favourite ring and necklace, a tiara, a special cup, a pet he adores, and an obsession with a famous teenage boy.
 - reblogged via *Here

I totally Laughed out loud. Bwahahahaha. Don't tell me you didnt:p O Voldy.


usually i always try to keep myself in the most optimistic manner to see things in the better light despite sometimes being called more naive or nicely innocent. 

but sometimes when you meet blow after blow some written some unwritten, some said some not said, its hard to be that way, and your mind starts playing tricks on you. 
You know and your repeating to yourself to hang in there, smile a lil and stay bright, and even if you might not think its going to go off to well a good optimistic attitude is going to make everything better. You know, you understand the logic, but somehow you miss it. 

sometimes it just takes a lil someone to tell it to you. 
while chatting with the girls over swenson's (or after) it just took one word in the conversation from Ling to jolt me back in thoughts to life. 

I was looking at the bleak tunnel with not much sunshine waiting for me inside and she just said be positive!(ok, i think there wasn't the exclamation mark:P)

but suddenly it seems like, yea. Its not as if i haven't seen more shit before, work till 1am no ot bad company, rejections.........yadayada. i haven't died. 
Why in the world am i sighing over what i haven't even seen?
Face it positively, that's what i am going to do. 
Come what may, if hey, you don't like me or i don't like you we can call the deal off then. 
But till what may come, i'll do what i always do best, give it my best with positivity:)
well, that is if we do get any deal settled. so i'm not saying anything, who knows, shit happens everyday right? ( i guess a lil of me still holds on to caution very tightly, caution of putting too much hope in anything.)

thanks jy and ling for watching smurfs with me yesterday and also having all the food despite only wanting ice cream, and a chit chat, though we didn't dwell much into it, but thanks you girls:)) for being there unknowingly. heh:)
and of course thanks to all which send love my way.

Friday, September 9, 2011

don't ask me if i'm ok. i will just remain silent.

if yesterday was one of the best night ever, tonight must be one of the worst. Got a major disappointment, but the worst point of the night is a failed chat with dad.

I wanted to have chat with him, but he felt his show was more important and hurried up and left the conversation we had about me trying to ask him important stuff. I don't open up everyday, but when i need advise I really hope the television show doesn't win me in terms of importance. He has no idea why i'm upset and so he's getting upset with me for being upset and ignoring him. o. the irony.

Don't ever talk down to me. i don't like it. especially with people close to me, it'll be just a big turn off. 

i turn on the shower just let myself sit there for the longest time bawling. the amount of water i wasted. sorry. but its the only thing which calms me down.

he probably wondered where i was after the show ended. not that i don't love my dad or he don't love me, if it comes across anyway in this way, its not true. i love him alot and such does he, he is a good dad. But just sometimes, its really hard to communicate well, i wish sometimes the feeling to naturally communicate as with a friend comes this what they call generation gap in communication. and to think i majored in communication. #fail.

i guess as known i didn't make it to be the 'cream of the crop' i guess. very disappointed, 4 weeks of waiting, but the game's all fair i guess.when they were young they say all you have to do was strive hard and you'll get it. i guess, maybe not everything.

let me just be upset for a lil bit. don't worry. i'll pick up the pieces and good as new soon.

just don't ask me if i'm ok, because if you read, you should know.
& just pardon me if i decide to not reply anything as soon as you might like. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


You know when they say exercising is good for your heart because you do all those cardio workouts and your heart pumps faster and work harder to strengthen it's muscles right?

Then, when you are very frighten or nervous and your heart is beating very fast, i wonder if that counts as strengthening the your cardiovascular muscles?

called today. no decision has been made yet, their still looking at more people...omy. i'm like one in the hundreds or other people. sigh, its been a tough 2 weeks wait, ok, till monday then its officially two weeks. i shall hope and pray for the best taking all your luck with me (thank you) and also i told mum i'm very scared to hear what i do not wish to hear from them, but mum says its all fair, you have to expect the mights be chances of a 'no' too. if that happens i'll be so disappointed, but o well, at least i gave it my best shot.  But of course saying that, i sure hope its a "YES" Welcome!

I'll just cross my fingers, last few days, throw bucketful of luck my way pls guys!:) shower me with all the love! thanks!:)) jia you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smurfs in town!

I had this photos of the smurfs in my handphone for the longest time but kept forgetting about them. Today I finally remembered and downloaded them, and tadaa their here right now for your viewing pleasure!:))

This was taken on the same day Ting and I went to eat at Caramel & Hairloom...Yea, that was quite sometimes eh, a big thanks to sis for especially bringing me to see this!:DDD so happy! i didn't know there was such an interesting exhibition in conjunction with the Smurfs Movie.

Here goes!

 the one at the bottom was Ting's favourite because she felt the artist gave it a whole new look and now it doesn't feel very 'Smurfy'.
 derrick ho did a very nice job with the paint work on his smurf in officer suit!
i was a lil dissapointed with the 933 smurf though, i thought the paint job wasn't well done...

 but 933 is still my number one loved station! haha
 i liked this two smurfs for radio 75 especially the little detail of the sweartshirt and the little radio.
hello mozart! i thought this one was cute too!

i didn't take the front of this smurf because i thought it was just so-so.  the back shown here is wow wee. pretty awesome eh?;)

 iron smurf?

 i thought this was pretty creative. instead of painting to get the colour she used the punch holder leftovers to get the colour coordination! interesting!
i thought the mummy smurf done by christopher lee was well done too...
don't play play. this husband and wife team quite strong! haha...

If you are interested in catching this with your own eyes and camera hop by down to Bugis Junction. (Its near to the hotel) I think it is still running but go catch it fast! I'm guessing it will not be there for much longer....

Have fun!:D