Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hairloom & Caramel eats!

I have been wanting to visit this cafe for the longest time ever since i saw the interior in a magazine i flipped in the salon when i was getting my hair rebonded, yesh, that's where usually i get to read more than 5 magazines at one sitting, because i very kiam (translation:stingy much, but hey! environmentally friendly too k:P), dun wanna buy so many magazines unless there is something i really want to read and keep or if mayday is on the cover. LOLs. They'll hog up too much space and gather dust if i don't life them. So anywayy, i've been wanting to go there since let's see maybe 4 rebonds ago...? Due to my less than impressive memory i forgotten the shop name as soon as i left the salon, then i chanced upon it in a friend's eightdays magazine, i wrote it down in my lesson notes and went home forgetting about it, yet again. Well, at least i remembered to do the assignments, that was probably the reason i forgot to research on the shop.

And randomly one day I suddenly remembered about the place and did a search and found their site or was it i found their site and remembered about them again.
anyway....i found them and so wanted to go! i found their location to be at shaw towers, the only problem was i had no idea where in the world was shaw towers! i knew according to didi it was near bugis but i've never been there at all. And i couldn't find anyone to accompany me there, so slowly i forgotten all about this place, or remembering it once awhile.

and then finally, one day when ting talked about shaw towers did my light bulb flicker on. *ding! I told her about this place i wanted to go to....by then i had totally forgotten about the website and shop name etc...the only way i could describe it was the shop is very unique and quirky, the chairs and table don't quite match but it looks like a very nice cosy place to be at.

And taadaa! with some online searching ting found their blog again and we fixed a date just to go there, this was before she started in her new line so despite the hectic schedule for the week, i thought i must have a last outing session with sis;)
taddaaa! Here we are! I was totally clueless, she brought me all the way!:) thanks sis!
Even though i look chui in this photo, i'll still post it up because we didn't take many two shots, haha.
Check out their interior. All photos are courtesy of ting's iphone!
If you go in from inside the shopping centre you'll enter through a salon first, don't get alarmed because on one end they are a salon on the other they are a cafe. ;)
Despite really being there because of the interior and all the food is pretty decent actually! if not yummy i must say!:) yes i'm a sucker for interesting places comfy places to be at. if bread is your thing, try their sandwiches!It was good:)
Mine was baked ham with honey mustard or something along that line. :)
like it like it.
this was sis:)
scrambled eggs with pesto sauce.
We were contemplating between the pastas and the sandwiches, sandwiches won our votes of course, but the pastas which we saw being served at the other tables looked good too!
shall try that next time!
we initially were thinking of sitting in these seats, but we rationalise it would be harder to eat a proper meal with a low table like this, so we choose a higher one.
almost all the tables and chairs in the cafe are not the same, and i like it that way. the tinge of retro-ness also adds to the flavour of the place.
who wouldn't be attracted by an interior like this right?
quirky meets funky meets cosy meets retro meets individualistic
we had the chocolate caramel and the bread and butter pudding (above). The chocolate pudding was slated on the rack as a must try, so me being anything chocolate goes (but not white chocolate ah. nono.) had to try their 'must try' Honestly, it was good, but not awesome, it would have been better if it was a little more moist:) (and not only i think so, the *review** by the food blogger thinks so too) The bread and butter pudding was sinful but o-so-yummy!:D

Here is their website,
Hairloom & Caramel
no, i'm not paid for this, though i wish they would give me discount when i go back next time! haha

If you have yet to visit this interesting place, do go check them out soon because according to their blog they are selling the cafe....O nooo. but i just found the place, i'll be back before they close for some more yummies!:))) i didn't know of this news till ting told me, and i said we must come back before they close and this time eat the nice ice cream upstairs too! k sis?:D thanks for bringing this mountain tortoise there! heh

Buggies lets go tgt next time!
my flautist gals, lets go there tgt next time too!

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