Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My beloved cousie visits for Xmas. :)

 my beloved cousie foong came over to Sing over the Xmas weekend. She's so super sweet, she came last year too when I was not around, this year she came again, i think especially to see me *bhb* and also mum to send all lotsa love and tonic. (mum loves the thought but is really scared of the tonic, hahah!)

Don't really have time to write much, and it's pretty much just us camwhoring so yea...i'll let you see me being stupid and let you have a good laugh! :P
 i'm the kind of person who can never take pretty pretty pics like some "shu nu" ladylike lady. 
I dunno man, i just look awkward or fat or retard or something...haha...

with people i'm comfortable with, i dare to be a goondu full blast. :P
 foong! Take good care in China k my fellow dragon. :))
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! <3

to end off with my fave pic of mum and foong. 


Alots been on lately...

Hellos! Pardon my absence for this period of time...alot has been going on on my own life lately..it's really too private to share..lets just say its been leaving me a lil shattered. So my apologies! I will write real soon, I'm trying!:)) don't leave meeee...:p

People who know me well will know that family comes as a number one priority then close friends close enough to be family kind of friends...so if anyone I love is hurt or in pain I feel it double..mum always laugh and say when u see people cry, you cry even harder... Err. Not comforting fail I hope...it's just that I can feel you yo..I'd rather I feel the pain and someone worry over me than be it e other way round. Yesh, I'm selfish like tt. I like being cared for.:p And recently I've realised that through e spate of recent events you can see who really bothers... And you feel especially touched when you see that:) thank you to all who have been pouring your love in:) you've given me strength to smile after crying. and thank god, I was born with tear ducts. :D people say stay strong, for me? I just let it all out and then after tt I can put on a smile again,maybe not e best one, but at least a nice brave one to face e next day and continue waking.

There will be those who genuinely care and have and make e time to bother about your welfare and there are also those who will just make a passing remark and forget abt it all..I'm just glad as I said in twitter, in trying times it's good to be among the people you love and the people who love you:)) mum has been touched by all e sincere love and wishes pouring in for her...you see, people whom you seldom keep in contact with specially calling to send their regards, though it doesn't bring really anything much ( material wise) but honestly nothing can beat that warm fuzzy feeling inside:))

Thank you, you guys whom have shared your kind love, care and Concern.. Really appreciate it:)) .... Ok enough of my deep heart to heart talk. Where did all those words suddenly come from? Hahah...verbal vomit.

Pardon me! :p wanted to add some photos but I I'm using my Hp to blog this post..so I'm not too sure how it works yet omg noob!!:p End of long verbal vomit today..best thing is I wrote without thinking so much, hope I didn't write nonsense. Shall look through it to edit when I free... Till then be a nice human! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Muppets day out!

Few weeks back I went on a Muppets day out with Sis! :)) So happy that despite being busy I am so lucky to be able to find time to meet my buggers and also meet Sis! :D yayness!
And many thanks to Disney & NN for giving us the free preview tix!:))
Thanks to amanda who was there with Mel to give out the tix, 辛苦 了!arigatou neh!
 The Muppets show! :))
Its a really really old show, honestly i have no recollection of the show other than i really liked Kermit cause he is so cute! haha...I bought a Kermit shirt one year ago from the Walmart in the States!:D Many people like Ms Piggy, but i like Kermit, just like the protagonist in the show!:)

We saw the show one week earlier! muahahaha! #win

If you haven't catched the show yet, I think you really should. It's a feel good movie, and not to mention all the lovable infectious songs...I'll share one which I really liked!
This one is rainbow connection.
Really soothing feel to it...:)
mr jim henson the creator of the muppets and kermit:)
After the movie we went for fooodd!:))
Ting introduced me to Japanese pasta shop in Somerset 313, the pasta was alottt. 
but really really good!

 Mine and Sis's Nomnoms!!
So good i nearly wiped out the whole plate even though i wasn't so hungry!
yummy or what?!
A last photo before the food came!:)
Thanks sis for accompanying me the whole day for movie and meal!
It was a great weekend!

Happy Birthday 石頭!:)

I'll be seeing all of you soon in Febuary!:))
Wishing you happiness with your family always Stone!

I'm so loving this whole set done by no2good, check out the ones i previously posted of ashin & monster! Super cute! Don't say i never share! hahah..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ashin! Happy Birthday!!! :))

阿信生日快乐! Happy Birthday! Otanjobe Omedetto!
dunno which fan did this but i personally find it awesomely cute!:)) kudos to the artist of this! found it Here!One of my fave mayday blogger reads. :)

希望你每天都是很开心的过着的。 :)
还有, it's time to 结婚咯!

Monster was so sweet. Sent a greeting before the day end to his buddy.
this is true brotherhood. :')

Don't know if 2012 will be as per they predict, but i definitely hope not.
because there are so many things to do and find out and err fall in love
and also i don't want 作品八號 to be the last mayday album i can buy...

so many more things to do...i'm doubtful of the saying that 2012 will be the end of the world. 

in anyhoo sense, whether it is or isn't. 
live your life everyday to make sure you won't have big regrets if meet god one day unknowingly. 
be happy, do things which you enjoy and be a nice human!


Monday, December 5, 2011

*guilty face*

i really intended to blog today, but i got so busy packing my room. i spent a crazy 8 hours straight just packing my room. and the best part? it doesn't exactly look neater...lol...but i have re-found some stuff...!:D will take pics of them to blog next time...

really late now, gotta go sleep. tired. Shall, blog. soon. Really! Honto! :) *guilty face* till then, take care everyone! :) Be a nice human!
as a treat let me show you a silly antic of mine to cheer you up before the week starts...:D
i guess this is probably one treat you wouldn't buy. 
well, if you can't pose pretty, do it like me. like a pro. 
crazy antic pro tt is. :PPP
ok. this is the real treat. 
i love that quote!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Monster!

怪獸Happy Birthday! <3 

Haha...i like how no2good wrote happy BEERSday instead. 
very very apt for Monster!
LOLs. :P


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mayday's album before 2012.

i am skeptical about 2012's end of world destruction, and so i will believe i can sing with Mayday till we both grow old. :)

Album no. 8 
The last album.
(well if 2012 the movie edition happens)

Pre-order starts in Taiwan on the 29th Nov. 

When will it reach Singapore?!
Can't wait. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

little readings. little words of wisdom.

I was reading through an article a pretty good one if you asked me, about an interview with my senior from Secondary school whom is now a respectable dancer. :) i love her tattoo. ok, back to topic, if you're interested, have a read about it HERE* It's really well written and captures the reader's attention. I was reading through a point Zelia (how cool is this kind of name!) was saying and totally thought I got to share...

"If you need the attention… call for it. But no need to cut. SOMEONE will listen. Someone will understand. It’s not wrong to be depressed… But it’s wrong making it worse!"

Really. That is so true, what she meant by cut was self mutilate, many teens don't know how to react and would just hurt themselve to stop the pain. But if you don't realise every cut you cut upon yourself, bleeds not only on you, but the people who care for you....

I'll leave you with that thought for today. :)

Take good care everyone! It's Monday the beginning of the week, may it be a great week! :) Lets jia you, gambatte to a good week...o! fighto~!


yes. let their inner child in you always run free. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

may all your dreams come true

let yourself dream. 
there's there saying if you dare dream it, it can be done someday. 

if people laugh at your dream, just treat them as ignorant or sad people without dreams. 
if the Wright brothers had stopped just because people then were laughing at them, we would not get to see the world as easily as we are able to now...

Let your dreams begin, let your journey start...


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lala Graduates!:)

Graduated quite a few weeks back now....let me see...I went to have a check with the related post i did earlier..Here and Here. Yipes! I realised it has almost been a month! damn i have been busy:( Haven't been able to come and update here till now, nowadays if i have time i would try to tend to want to do one or two post and schedule them to run...so half the time when you see them published on a certain date i probably wrote it much earlier....haha...

So anyway, anyway! Today's post is about lala 结婚咯! aieee!Dreaming! SALAH. Too many blissful friends around me either pregnant or getting married soon. It's affecting me. :( & :) both ways. haa.
ok. Let's try that one more time! it's Lala 毕业咯!
ok, this one i play cheat, i show before in one of the previous post before. 
hahahaa...i look cute with the bear mah the bear looks cute!
haha. Inside the bear is a friend's friend whom i met at work, so he told me that i had to go look for him on grad day, so here i was with a photo with him inside the bear!
 a customary i got flowers!
*SHOWOFF look.*

wait till you see the one where i didn't intend on showing off all my flowers but my dear orange says it's a MUST. look out for it below! haha...:P

WARNING. There is going to be a slew of photos! :P

 Here i'm supposingly taking my 'cert' from the president of OCU. 
Actually the certs were given to us much earlier to allow easy job application process...:P
 This is professor Karlie, my first lecturer. She is one of the heads for OCU mass comm, can be stern but also really nice. :)
I guess she didn't really remember me though, well, i'm not the sort to leave a lasting impression i guess, plus, she teaches so many students!
But one thing I and LL will always remember is that how fond she is of calling us to answer questions in class because our names were super easy to remember and pronounce! hahaha...

Here i am with Prof Leo ( don't worry, I'm not going to bore you out by introducing each and every Prof) This is another head in OCU's Mass Comm. He was my lecturer for Philosophy. Though everyone else mostly thought his lessons were really boring, but I quite like him! He put his heart into imparting his knowledge. I think Philosophy is a either you like it or you don't kinda subject...Socrates & Aristotle and all the teachings...it's actually pretty interesting...

Plus! When he was giving his speech i admire his speech the most because you can feel he wasn't speaking off a script but right off his mind/heart. Plus it was short enough and witty. I like! If not yesh, some speeches just bore the crap out of me, Prof Leo's was just great, even dad liked it!:)
He said, "When you open the papers today, you will find yourself in it. But not for the wrong reasons this time..." nice.

this was the end of the ceremony!
I like!:D

O yesh, did i mention, we waiting the hall for approx 45 mins just for the VIP to arrive. grrr. leg pain! Cause i was wearing heels...which i changed out to platforms afterwards. Kaki sakit lah! hahaha...:p

aish. you still don't get to see my heels...haha..
i miss OCU.:')
 And now for a proud family moment:DDDD
 Mummie le graduate~!
 Thank you Dad Thank you Mum
Thank you for all the support you 've shown.
:)) <3

From here on is a slew of photos with my uni mates <3 <3
some didn't come and some left early so i didn't really manage to get a photo with all of them...:(
 part of my beloved travel fam. :)
rapper rai. my twinnie marmar. (o! o! she's won the Cube TV compeition and will be representing S'pore to compete with contestants from the region in Korea. SUPPORT her K. MaressaZ):)).Fahr, out cute baby. Cat! someday she'll be a cool dj:). and Ahmaddd the young boss.
 Bodoh face with didi 1!
 Bodoh face with madmad 2!
Actually we did take normal looking pictures but i was thinking, omg, for the whole day all i have been doing is just SMILE. Big grin! and can't see eyes, lol, so we did this!:)
 My travel sisters!
Where's did and ann nee?

this is jend! She is supersuper cute! And very photogenic.
i love her cause she is like always soso cheerful!:))
 Liz! She's from Vietnam, i'm sure you all have seen my other Vietnam friend Louise before? Yea, i got to know her from Louise. I didn't manage to take a shot with louise though, she left before i caught her...aww.
 and here's Ratti! Caught her just before she left, she's now back in India, wonder when will be the next time i'll get to see her....
 and here are the two perfectly normal shots i took with both di and mad:))
we are missing LL our sitting buddy who decided to give the day a miss!
<3 oneh chan!

Thank you all my ocu pals, whether you appear in my pics here or not,
i treasure you guys loads esp my trav fam and you know who you are!:)

And last but not least....

A big Thank you to Orange, My beloved buggers and Mt for making a trip down just to spread the love and share some joy!:DDD

My flautist gals were represented by this orange from the sea with a bouquet of soft toy flowers..
Thank you gals! <3 <3

a kissy kissy for you!:)
muacks! Xiexie ni men! <3

 Swarmed with flowers! <3

Mad Love to my Buggers for making it all the way down just for me :'))
With my dearest Sis Ting and Lovely beautiful daughters Bie and Jo. :)))
the saying is true, kind people do look exceptionally pretty!
and i wholeheartedly agree:)
 With the guys. :)
Jh and Jo's bf Shane, also my secondary school schoolmate. :)

can't say how happy you all made my day. 
i thank you for sharing all the special moments in my life.....:)))

Here is another schoolmate, woah! His bouquet was big!
But i thought it was really nice of him to come all the way down from jb, well of course nt just for me, but to keep a friend in thought on the way is really nice too!:)

I think i was smiling so happily that most of the pics you can see my teeth but not my eyes. 
and even the horrible migrane on that day couldn't bring me down. 
I was albeit worried it was showing on my face though, so i just keep smilinggg.
look at all the love!

*singing to the tune of Dory in Finding Nemo. Just keep smiling just keep smiling~smiling smiling~ :D*
 When you're so happy. Your brain doesn't really think of anything else but how touched you are and how blessed you are. :')
 I must have done something right in my previous life. <3

 All the happy people gather together!:)

I know i've said it once, twice, but a few more times wouldn't hurt.
Thank you for sharing this special moment in life with me!:)))
Thank you! 
<3 <3 <3


Arigatou Neh Mina San!:)
even if you weren't here with them personally i know you sent your well wishes and love to me too...

Thank you! you! You know who you are:)

Till the next post, take care peeps and be a nice human!