Monday, December 5, 2011

*guilty face*

i really intended to blog today, but i got so busy packing my room. i spent a crazy 8 hours straight just packing my room. and the best part? it doesn't exactly look i have re-found some stuff...!:D will take pics of them to blog next time...

really late now, gotta go sleep. tired. Shall, blog. soon. Really! Honto! :) *guilty face* till then, take care everyone! :) Be a nice human!
as a treat let me show you a silly antic of mine to cheer you up before the week starts...:D
i guess this is probably one treat you wouldn't buy. 
well, if you can't pose pretty, do it like me. like a pro. 
crazy antic pro tt is. :PPP
ok. this is the real treat. 
i love that quote!


  1. So fast spring clean! :D

  2. hahaha..cause just painted the whole mum nag me to pack up my took the chance to do it...have been procrastinating for abit...:P hehe