Saturday, February 28, 2009

igoogle. v. cool can! haa.

I happen to chance upon igoogle when i was waiting for my mum in the sarawak library reading readers digest. ahaa. of all places. anyway. to spare you guys the details i'm going to show you my new 'discovery'!(probably it might have been around, like, forever. but i just didn't realise till now. i'm kinda a slow poke so forgive me there if your scratching your head thinking new?! where's this alien from? ;P) i found it quite cool!:D

I just remembered about the website today thus i decided to pop by to try it out. am liking it. uh huh. ;)

Don't get me wrong. I did like the normal version of google the uncluttered version that is. but sometimes a little designs are cool too. customisation. lol. :P

Here. let me show you what i picked.

See those cute pictures? They are part of the theme i picked. There are many many themes to pick from. And it changes from night to day according to your time zone. top(day) bottom(night).

And then you are able to custome the stuff you want on the page. For those who loved the original google because of its non clutterness might find this a big turn off. (you might be able to close all the tabs. i haven't tried that, because i decided to add in CNA news.)

But other than that i think, its quite cool no?
Something different

The box highlighted in red is where you can switch from classic mode to igoogle mode. vice versa.

The blue box is where to change themes. :)
Below are just some of the many many themes to choose from.
I had a little fun clicking here and there just like a little kid seeing the internet for the first time. (talk about swaa koo. haa!)

Okie! Have fun!:) hope you like it.

cupido jr

Say hello to cupido jr.!:D
If you guys catch my blog often you might have cupido senior appearing before...hee..:P
thank you my couz foong!:D
me love it!

Friday, February 27, 2009


star light star bright. first star i wish upon tonight. wish i may wish i might. have the wish i wish tonight. :)

was that even a tinge familiar to anyone? no? eh. what happen to good ole childhood days? Go back and re-watch the cartoon Pinocchio again. :P i grew up watching disney cartoons. sue me...=P hahaa....

okok. many have been urging me for this and now i finally realise alamak. i can't think of anything.i say go with anything. but everyone has been telling me. Please Make their Life easier.make it the more the merrier. gosh.
i was wondering how.jinjin told me, just put down stuff you intended on getting. So means i don't get it first then i put it down then it'll be my wish list? oo....(my wishlist stuff are in blue for easy reading. heh. :P)

So without sounding like a spoilt brat? And making your life easier? Woah. i never knew it was this nice. lol. hope im making your lifes easier now? hee.

can i start with some impractical stuff first?

Fireworks!!! !!
back in Kuching, the neighbours son was having birthday and his dad lit up the whole sky with hundred over dollars worth of fireworks. i also wan. :P hahaha....right. right. in singapore. that will happen. as if. :P

Apple Mac
Its my wishlist mah. i can wish for things i can't get cause its just wishing....buahahahhahaha...who knows? Santa is watching you know. lols.

An air ticket out of singapore around the world
as i was saying. i'm wishing for the fun of it. ignore me. im fantasizing already. santa you there?

Range of lenses and a professional to teach me photo skills at otot~
I really know how to build castles in the air. ignore ignore.

okok. i know. i'll stop. enough of impracticallity. practical stuff are good enough. :) haa. lets restart. practically.

Sarah like suprises. so surprise me. choose something make something i'll never imagine.pleasantly though?)haha...(fancy asking people to surprise me-_-'') A card with alot alot alot of handwritten stuff. =D handwritten. handmade stuff.yesh. you know me. i like that.give me the :P

loves stuff frm
toki doki!
stayreal! (Ok. i'm bias. i know of this brand bcux of ashin. :P but stayreal does gd stuff.ok.)
gama go-limited edition. (seriously on your free time check them out. their bags and hoodies to die for. hoodies hoodies!weee!)
wongfu productions! ( not to be mixup with wangfu the chinese band. click on links for all of the above)
handmade stuff like this and this.
alot of them are online stores. i don't mind waiting. you wahahaa.

A pro flikr account for lil alien. :D


pageone sell the most awesome books. its my favourite after kino. :D
-Diary of a wimpy kid. -The last straw. by Jeff Kinney (if you read my blog you would realise i ever mention this author before too!)
-Twilight saga
-Friends with you. picture here I like arty design books like this. :) i'm sure you'll like them too. :))
-I don't mind if you forget me. by Yoshitomo Nara picture here
-A to Z by Yoshitomo Nara ( his works are simple and with depth. many people can't see why i like pictorial books. but look deeper and you'll realise actually pictorial which you think are cartoons for little kids are very meaningful:))
-photography books. i love them all. that's why i love pageone. they let me stand there admiring all of it.
-mayday books! ( i can't remember the chinese lah. :P)
-ah shin's happy birthday.
- Pens are my friends by John Burgerman
-CCsakura bnw comic set. :P

A wallet.
wallet. not purse.the kind which can fit into my back pocket. :P i have no preference. just that my poor wallets falling apart now....haha...

Puma bnw Checkered sidebag

was thinking between
Audio-Technica ath-SQ5 pic here.
Audio-Technica ath-FC5
pic here
not a sound-sound kinda person. but i hate it when my earphones always drop when im listening to ears. what can i say? are small? lol.

CDs. VCDs?
- Lee Jiu Zhe Nickys albums.
-It started with a kiss 2 vcd?

Ok. that should be more than merry right guys? Don't say i don't make effort okie. i write so many many already i sound like a spoilt brat.So sorry if i do. i didn't mean it.;p
yesh. thank you for being nice.
if no present just a card with loads and loads of words is great.......see i say no headache. this one easy right? card and handwriting. simple.:P


I saw this somewhere and i thought yes, heartfelt man. i feel you, the person who wrote this."I don't need fancy presents i need your simple heartfelt greeting wising me a happy birthday and surround me singing a birthday song at my when i blow out my candles." :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

liL aLien says thank you.:))

it was a pleasant surprise!

haha...i know its all the same but i decided to put up 3 because alieny looks so cute!:P wahaha....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fat fatter, fatest?.

I'm back. :) fatter :((( But can you blame me...? I haven't been back there in two years....hee...:P

okok. back to topic. as i promised. i will definitely put up me over dued wishlist by saturday latest okies. :)) and those pictures. yes, i'm getting to it. honest! its on the top of my list. sorry for the wait. been around.

Monday, February 16, 2009

alienating away for awhile...

on a side note; the wishlist will be up when i'm back okie? brain has fallen asleep already i can't think.....sorwii~:p send me you guys de too pls. =)
Buggers; the pics i will put up /send u all when i'm back okie? Sorry~~ real soon real soon. :) thnx.

yeaps. lil alien will be away for a lil while. :)
take care everyone.


Ms Abigail Lee
Happy 21st Birthday !!
Love you loadsss~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 must catchs.

there are two new upcoming movies that i am certain i wouldn't wanna miss out.

The first one is already out in local theaters....

"A Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He is arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers." Taken from here.

And. the long awaited.

Marley and me!Need I say more...? I written a whole post on this previously....track back....:p I sure hope it doesn't disappoint and does the book justice!:))

Must watch for the month.:) What are your must watch for the month? =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

give me all ur 21 wishes!:)

taken in Phuket Fantasea. (lovely sand bottles)
no special reason. i just wanted to see something colourful thus i uploaded this photo. :)

Some of my pals have been nagging me to have a wishlist up for their easy reference since last year (but i've yet to done any. sorwii.:P) so they would know when it comes to present time...and i always answer, "i know you know me well to know what i want mah".....:P in actual fact i was just lazy to put one up.....

But today i do does actually come in quite handy and useful....*to save alot of hair pulling and headaches on my side...haha...So people...all my beloved buddies! Pals! Girlfriends! Boyfriends(?)! Esp all those who are turning 'legal' this yr. You know who you are...;P Please have up a wishlist of the stuff that you might want....pricing ranges...could be a simple mickey mouse pen to a not so simple pirate costume or those get what i mean right? the more the merrier. 21?haa. And do let know where to get it..the online site address or in most supermarkets....Something nicely done up was something like this from cheesie.

I might or might not take reference from it....but still its a great help sometimes....people who know me know i take forever to make choices even when i'm buying stuff for myself. I would stand in the same spot pull all my hair out and not make a choice or desicion yet....haha...i'm that lousy So nice okie...put up all your wishlists on ur blogs okie? (no blogs mail also can. ahaa. ) asap. or at least one month before your birthday, or else no pressie for you. muahahaha....kd~:P

Ok. end of my nagging, you peeps know what to do now...heh.;) Have fun cracking your head thinking. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

wow. blackbird fly.

Lomos are cool. poloroids are cool. fisheye. holgas. they are all awesomely cool.....

Today i saw so many more new cool stuff. omg. if i were rich i would have hit buy all at the same time. lol. fortunately or unfortunately, i was sane enough just to sit and drool.

But i shall share something i thought looked very cool at first look even. :D

This! the blackbird fly.
looks like those old antique cameras, with a twist.

I found it on This* site. So you can go to it for the writeup. :)

the orange looks funky.

Drools away.
I was supposed to be looking for something else. but i side tracked....haha..i better get back to finding what i was looking for.
ja ne~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yip Mun.

lilalienations: i went out with my buggers today. happy. XD

Ip Man. Not to be pronounced or known as I.P man, someone who deals with codings or anything in that sector. Ip Man is to be pronounced as Yip Mun. 叶问.

I watched this show quite a little while back and thought it was rather good! Wanted to introduce you guys the film but haven't had the time to properly sit ad write about it till now. But not to worry, if it's not showing in the theaters theres always the DVD or VCD.;)

This is one show which i highly recommend to catch. Why? Because, for people who know me, i usually only try to catch show genres which i like in the cinema or big blockbusters in the cinema.
But. for this show. The trailer was enough to entail me to know that i needed to catch the show. I felt it was that kinda good.

Everyone knows the great and mighty Bruce Lee. But does anyone know anything about his shi fu. And the style he uses? I think its time to give a little credit to his shi fu who is less well known, but should not now that the movie is out. He should get all the credit he deserves!;)

Kudos to the whole team behind the film, esp the director & action director summo hong (ok, i bias i do like this big round man since i was a kid. he and jackie chan fighting are like wow. fun. :P) and i love the art director and backdrop and props people. nice. :)

Catch it if you can and hope you'll enjoy it!;)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a new skin!

yay! a new skin again. :) not because i got sick of the old was just that there was a problem with it and i didn't know how to fix not to trouble jy to help me fix it (cause i know she's quite busy now...;) hee...:P) i decided to fix it myself.....

I sound so pro, fixing it all by myself. ya. right. I just went to blogger templates and picked one out. Of course something i like, blue is awesome ya?("是谁说蓝色就等于忧伤?你看看天空和海洋" <<五月天 开天窗 LYRICS>>) :P
Then i just went to do a few minor adjustments....just doing these simple stuff i took soooo long. I think if i were studying coding, i would get kicked out of class looooong ago. lol.

hope the new skin will grow on you too. if it doesn't. im sorry. live with it. :P this code idiot is not intending to change anytime soon unless i manage to get help. lol =P haa!;)

though she most probably won't be seeing this but still...*a big hugg for mabel.take care*

take care peeps. loves. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

bad habits 101.

bad habits 101 will be continuous in the blog post to come....just super random-mess.a recyclyble blog tittle =P

when the going gets tough the tough gets going. -on most occasions.i do.

sometimes. i just let myself slip and fall and just refuse to learn how to get up.
sometimes there are some stuff that i have no idea how to face. i run away.

i must learn one day how to stop that. till then. im sorwii. (this is not directed in anyone particular though. i'm just thinking out loud to myself.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Awesomeness. :)

What were we doing at ages 4 & 6? Nothing much worth remembering i think....? But turn up your speakers and watch this two very awesome clips.....(catch the singing part if you find the intro abit too long)

America's Got Talent - Kaitlyn Maher

Song: Somewhere out there.

Britains Got Talent ♥ Connie Talbot

Song: Somewhere over the rainbow.

Wasn't those kids just amazing? :) one. two. three. altoghether now. awwwwwww~ so cute. :)))

Hope you enjoyed the two little videos. :)