Monday, April 30, 2007

we are worried for you. my friend.

Went out with Jinjin and Huan yesteday to get a pressie. Its been quite some time since we last met...3missing one...but I think we might *pray hope* just get to meet her this coming weekend. :))

Anyway, we went to bugis. We had a good time as usual...but we also talked a lot of stuff. Aha! we talked about guys also, but no. We are not 'hua chi' (means guy crazy in chinese) or perverts in any sense, we were just understanding how a relationship works, how a guy thinks vice versa with a girl when they are in a relationship...yada yada..those if u were thinking its those type of bitchy girl talk about guy ah. We are very proper okie. We talk about understanding stuff. analyze how people think. Lol.

but. i think we were more concern on another topic. It has been lingering on our minds for months...We are worried, we were left in bewilderment. My friend. how are you? I hope we can get to sort things out soon....we know you have ur difficulties your afraid we're worried for you, BUT, by avoiding us. Don't you realise we are all the more worried? We still Love you loads and loads. =) take care..hope our meeting will come soon.

Dad picked me and jinjin home from bugis...yeah! :) happy to see the gals today.
Just felt like putting up a pic but didn't take any today. So i shall put up a random collage of last time...:)
yeah :)
Take care peeps! Loves.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

im am a famed star!

Come come. Get your autographs here. :P

Is this cool or what? I am a star on the walk of fame...Woohoo! Self entertainment is entertaining at times! =D
Get one of your own here.
Be a star today!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Good morning people! :)
Due to yesterday's sudden breakdown of my own home's internet connection I realised something. I have taken a lot of things in life for granted. I have taken the internet connection in my home for granted...last night my internet connection just failed. And as much of a sotong I was, i couldn't remember if I had submitted my rj for the day. I was frantic...haha...there I was trying to gain any connection took me a long long long time before I could get one with very little or no connection. How pathetic right?

So there i was using the limited connection to try to gain into leo which like took forever to load. Literally, forever. haha....and when I could finally get into leo it took another forever to load the rj page.
And i thank my lucky stars, for I couldn't really do much stuff online so i was kinda afraid I couldn't get into leo too.But luckily I was still able to get in after waiting for some time, it took long to i waited for it to load and watch channel U's entertainment show at the same time.

When I finally got it to load, i realised that I had already earlier submitted my rj...argh. what a muddle head. Making myself go all frantic on a wild goes chase to find wireless just to realise that i had already submitted it and saw it just not too long ago. Haiyo. see lah. thats me lor. hahaha...blur like sotong.
a sotong my cousin Foong bought for me as my 19th birthday pressie...So cute right? I always get her pigs amd she gets me sotong. Heh.
Piggysotong! :)))

But this made me realise, I have wireless which I own, so I never really treasure being able to log on to the net and use it. Only, at points like this do i feel how much i took little things like this for granted.
Just the other day, when we were in school and there was no internet connection, and we did not have the handphone number of the other party. Ah! connection now i think i shall make an effort to ask people for their handphone numbers too... :)

Living in Singapore and Malaysia...I can say there are there are just too many things in life which we take for granted. Sometimes we don't mean to because all this comes naturally to us. The clean water, the not too polluted air, the lasting electricity, the schools we study in, our friends, our family,etc etc.
Ya, only when we step into a foreign country to see someone else's life which isn't as easy to come about as our own then will we realise how lucky we really are. Put yourself in their situation then we will learn to stop complaining and be more grateful of the stuff we have.

Whenever you think you are down in the dumps. I assure you, there are people out there who have it worst. But they can still leave with a smile. So, why can't we? Pick ourselves up and move on with a smile. We have family and friends don't we? Cherish them like never before. And, that is great advice i assure you. :))

What are the things you have taken for granted? Treasure and Cherish them. Now. =)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

black box.

lil alienations: lil lessons:
Too many cooks spoils the broth. Its true.

Yahhhooooo!! :) Today's lesson was FUUUNNN!! Weee! wah woooh! heh. I'm crazy, don't mind me. hehe.

Today we had studio production. And boy o boy was it fun! I enjoyed myself. Yay! I doubled up as the talent and the 'sai kang' warrior. Wahah! Everyone was real cool today, we did double roles and tried to help out in anyway we could, so i really liked everything today. Everyone made it a success...maybe the outcome wasn't perfect, but i thought the process was good. ;)

Let me show you a few pics of the black box where we had our studio recordings today..Its like waayy cool . To me at least. Either that or I'm a 'swaa koo' ( mountain tortoise) here courtesy of alex.

this was on the same floor but another side of it. I think its called the auditorium.

bird's eye view of the studio
above the studio. This is where the studio director, audio and visual mixer will be! yahoo! way cooll!! :)

Yes. Those are the few pictures of the day. I think everything is just way cool! yay. haha. But I still love my SLR's. heh :P

I was happy and hyper whole day, by the time band came i was super tired. Or as how my bro would put it, tired like bird shit. Lol. Cux its like splat. hahaha..:P

Anyway. What made me happy was that JY came today!!! Yay!! :D So happy. Missed her so much. Haven't seen her in some time. Too bad huiling didnt come today...
O yes. And mr yusri gave us a treat today because he won 4D! hee... Thank you Mr Yusri! :)

And thank you JY for treating us sushi!! I think the sushi taste esp. great because there was 3 of us sharing it together. Just like the quote. Happiness shared is doubled. Its true!! =)

Jy. We'll all be looking forward to seeing you again!! :)
Take care. Keep fighting Ya? Jia you.

that's all for today. good night everybody. Hope ur day tomorrow will be better! Loves.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday: the official fyp day.

lil alienations: Pun of the day.
Mary, Will You Marry me?
Marry me, will you Mary?

Yoohoo peeps. =) How was your day today? Was it a good one a bad one, a tiring one...? If you would like to share your day and cant find me somehow... You can always tag or leave a comment...yeapx..:)

Coming back to today. I think we spend almost the whole of today at Star bucks at Wisma Atria. I admit, we were abit high' and not too focus only until much later in the day. But in the end we managed to get the beat sheet done and stuff. So tomorrow we can put it down into the script i hope. :)) Note to us: Jia you jia you!Gambatte nehx! Hulaa Girls! heh. ;)

Here are some of the random photos rachel help took using her handphone..whilte we were there.

Heres us at work.rach is not in the scene as she's behind the hp camera. haha...

Hard at work man.
Luke. What you doing?
Magic trick?

What could have been that funny?

And then. here is Song De doing a demo for the unofficial New types of sign languages. Haha. :p Enjoy.


What ever.
What ever ( in bold)
Whatever (in bold and italic)
Song & a model we saw on this ad. in Wisma with the exact same pose! haha!

Yeapx. Thats all for today folks...=) hope your day ahead will be a great one! Loves. Huggs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

are you happy?

Recently on tele, I saw this local talk show hosted by Quan Yifeng and Desmond Koh called Just Shoot. On the particular episode they were talking about happiness. And it showed that people living in Singapore were ranked being the second un-happiest people in Asia after Hong Kong I think? Was it Hong Kong? Sorry, I'm not too sure on that part.

Are we really such sad people? ( no pun intended.) The host asked a question, are you happy currently? Not in today or yesterday, but overall as a whole.

Let me think. Hmmx...On the whole I think I am a happy person! Yeah! \m/ rock on.
ok. Sometimes I have my bad horrible down days too, but overall I think I am still a happy kid.
Comeon, whats there not to be happy about. I can grumble, I can talk, I can shout, I can run, I can do stuff I want, I can have 3 meals a day, i have a house to live in, I have my family and I have my friends who will listen to my grumbles...So what is there not to happy about in my life?

Yes. I might be far from perfect. *mark far. Very v. far.* But I feel that does not stop me from being a happy kid. Maybe, if you were to think critically in another way, I am just another kid who is very easily satisfied. *haa you wish.*

There was a girl from Jap who said she was not happy because she wasn't happy with her figure. Like. Dumb. But thats to me. Maybe to her it is so very important.

Are you a happy person...? What makes you happy? :) Think about it.

Whilst you are being happy, never forget to make the people beside you happy too. When sorrow is shared it is halved, but when happiness is shared it is doubled. remember that.
to me, making people happy is a real happy task. it might not be that hard. Sometimes a little bright smile or a helping hand an encouraging word or hug might just be the little gesture to make the person's day.

Go ahead. Make someone have a big wide smile on their face today and have one on yours too! Loves.

Friday, April 20, 2007

5th day of school. Weekend's here. :)

Short alienations: to my friend who wrote a thousand word letter only to be rejected by a 7 worded letter. I applaud your courage. But do not be discourage. As someone told me, this is not the final stage. "ren yi ren" and it will be over soon. You can do it. :) I have faith in you. *encourages* Huggs. I will always be here if you need me...........................................................................................................................................................

Heyheys. I'm back. Finally. Its been a tiring and stressful first week for me. I'm so tired. And that was just the first week man. Jia you jia you to me! =) haha. So i guess that answers the query of why I have been missing for the past few days. Stress stress and more stress. Usually by the time I'm done with everything I will be too tired to do much reading before I sleep.

Anyway. I have been wanting to blog about this since tuesday but just haven't gotten the chance to do it yet. So I would really want to give a rousing applause to my juniors from MSL concert Band! My heartiest congratulations!! You have did it again! :))) I am so proud of you all.

That day for certain reasons I couldn't be at the actual competition site ( and I was feeling so bad about it.:( ) but my heart and spirit was there with them all the while. The whole morning while I was in school I kept thinking of them. I took my phone out of my pocket just in case I missed a call. My body was in school but my mind had long flew away... When I received the news finally at near noon time. I was so relieved and happy. I was ecstatic, mabs who was sitting next to me must have been thinking I had gotten my screw loose. :P

Yes. So once again. MSL band. Uncle Tan. Congratulations!! :)))))

O yes. Let me say a little about my class this year. This year is a little different from the past few years. As we are now in our respective more in depth courses and choosing different electives we are mostly having more than one class each. I am considered lucky, I am only have two classes. Some of my friends have up to four.

Out of the four Unglams on Elf and Alex are in the same class as me. And only Alex is in the same classes as me everyday. For the other people I know in class are not with me everyday. They come in only on certain days...nevertheless. I'm still happy to see familiar faces! :) butbut. of course. that doesn't mean I hate my new classmates or anything like that. It's just that I still haven't got to know them well and still am rather shy around them.
*( aha! i know, you must be thinking. Yah. right. Sarah shy?! wahaha! o well. don't ask me why. I tend to be more shelled up when I meet new people at times. I need time to warm up just like a car engine. Haha! )

I heard from a friend that her friends told her that I was too quiet. argh. thats bad. hope they don't think i'm 'dao'. ahahaha...I guess that's just my character. I don't open up as easily and as fast maybe? I'm like a slow tortise. Or a alienated alien. :P

But. yupx. as you people might know. Once you all get to know me. or rather when my engine's warm up.haa...I don't think i'm that quiet and shy person anymore. I will be a scary little monster or alien for that matter..;) heh.
Yupx. I think that is all for today. till next time. Take care peeps! =) Loves.

Just thought this was kinda cool.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jia You MSL concert Band!


Just before I go off. I would like to send my most best wishes to my juniors in Msl Concert band esp my flautist. Flute section. You guys all can do it. Go out there and do your stuff! :)

Though physically I am not there. But my heart and spirit is always with you guys. MSL Band Jia you! Go go go! All the way! You all can do it. I have faith in you people. Uncle Tan Jia you! You all have my well wishes. Gambatte!
加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油! 加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!加油!:)

the first day of school.

Konbanwa minasan!

Today. is the first day of school. Was it good? Was it bad? Lets just say the good and the bad even out each other.

But, before I go there. Let me talk about yesterday a little..

Yes. The movie The Last Samurai.
If you all switched on your tellys at 6.30pm yesterday you would have been able to catch it.
I didn't catch the movie when it showed on the big screens a few years back. I was thinking a white man Tom Cruise(though handsome lah. BUT.) in a samurai show? What in the world? I guessed it probably suck.

Thus, it was quite surprising that the trailer showed on television this few weeks was able to capture my attention. Seeing its trailer made me gain interest, seeing the making of the show made me all the more convince that I should catch this show. So with high expectations I anticipated the arrival of the show on my screens of my telly.

6.30came. Just nice after dinner. Mum dad and I gathered in front of the telly. I must say. Last night had many good shows! argh. Why do they always show it on the same day? there was also jackie chan's police story on channel U.

I watched the show not missing a beat. I was waiting for a point for me to inject, what a sucky show. But it didn't leave me a chance to do so. The pacing of the show was well done. They do not dwell on one subject for too long a time, this enable the viewers to be able to concentrate and not lose focus from the plot.

The many different actors and actress also did a good job. *thumbs Up!* They injected more flavour into the character. Just a thought, many of the things which happen in the Japan kingdom resemble those of the China kingdom in the past when there was still king and queens. For those who read or watch on this kind of info you will understand what I mean. Similarities are of aplenty showing how different and yet alike we actually are.

So overall. It is a show to catch. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a film by its actors. :) To know more about the film check out here.

Travelling back to real time. Today was a jittery day. First day mah. When I went to class I saw only 4 people in class and doubted whether i remember the correct class. I called alex who assured me i was right. Went down to wait for alex but decided to go up first again.

I saw Luke on the way up. Yeap. That made me happy. A sense of familiarity at the very least.
Went into class and sat with madam and guang...Saw the class peeps...some of them look cool. Im afraid of cool peeps. Not that their going to eat me. Rather somehow Im afraid they wont like me or i cant be their know those unsecurities...yada yada...but i sure hope i get to kn the peeps in my class soon and get along well with them. =) Think positive. yes. :))

Anyway. The day went by, with me, madam,guang, alex and elf in the same team. Yay! =) familiar people.

The day went by fine i think. Until the ending when I realized from eddy that all the ideas that i had painstakingly thought out were actually products done already I felt very disappointed, honestly. I was thinking WTH. Maybe I'm just that unoriginal. Or maybe as guang put it great minds think alike. Ya. Right. As if. It was a nice encouragement though. lol. hahaa...But nah. I think its not true.

First day of sch got a little disappointed. O well. O well...haix. Maybe tomorrow will be better...:) I sure hope it will. =)

o yes. I forgot to say. Peepss u can leave me nice encouraging msg to make my day better in my tag or comments...My comments is not closed for sometimes i wanna hear ur thoughts or your day too! :) ur welcome to pour ur sorrow in the comments too..I think theres no word limit as compared to the tag. Haha...Leave me a taggy or a comment...=P Heex...Thank you in advance.

What a long post today.
Till next time. Take care. Loves. O yasumi nasai :)


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Im backkkkkk!! =)

Hihi Everyone!!

Im back!! :) okokok....I know. I have been back for a few days already. :P hee...Just didn't pop up here for a posty. Well, Now here I am. And I wanna say... I miss u all!! =D Hope everyone is well and smiley! :))

This holiday I didn't have much time to myself. Most of it was spent being busy here and there. So two months of holiday...? To me. I guess I only had about 2 weeks of it. The rest was spent busying around. :S o well.

O yes. I haven't say where I've been to. I left in such a hurry that i didn't really tell anyone about it. When I told one of my unglams she was thinking i was trying to pull a april fools joke on her...haha...:P

Yesterday was good. I went shopping with mum after going to see some horrible sensei in AMK. It has really been a long long long time since I last really went shopping. Did I mention a long time..? :P

Yeapx. So we did get to do a little shopping, couldn't do much shopping. Mum's leg didn't allow it. Haha...But I did manage to get one panda tee and a girly blouse! hahaa...Why I mention girly is because I saw this blouse which I thought was really cool but mum said no. She said I'm tomboyish enough, still want to wear so tomboyish clothes. No Need. Wahaha...Am I that tomboyish? Heh. OKok. Dun answer me. I know the answer myself. =Ppp

O yes. And I finally caught Mr Bean's Holiday with mum. Weee! I think it wasn't bad. I was on a 50-50 of whether it would be a good movie or a bad one. Surprise surprise. It didn't disappoint me. The first bean movie might have been funnier. BUT. I think this one is not too bad for a sequel. Most sequels suck. Honestly. It has a good overall flow to it, and the laughing matters to me are just very bean. It doesn't look as if the cast is trying too hard to get a laugh out from the audience.

Overall. I think it is a movie worth watching. Who knows whens the next time we can see Bean on the big screen? Maybe this is the last of his works.

So go enjoy a good laugh if you haven't gone for it yet.

Next Movie to watch. Love and Honour. Check out and read more about it from here & here
Catch me if you want to see this movie too... =) I sure hope i can find the time to go see it...There is one of my faved j-stars... Takuya Kimura!! weeeee! okok. So he doesn't look the like the modern day hottie in the show, but its ok. I still think its going to be a good show. I saw its trailer that day. So I sure hope i get to catch it! :D

Yay yay! XD
Takuya Kimura.

Yeapx. Thats all for now. I shall upload the China piccys and blog about them when I can...=))
Take care! :) Loves.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

lil alien will be missing for a week or so... is just a short alienation:

lala will be away for a week or so. I might not be able to pick up your calls or answer your msgs for the time can still leave me a offline msg on msn or my taggy. I'll get back to you when I'm back. Will miss ya all. =))

Take care, smile always and be a nice human. :))

One short last post before i lift off...

Was eating at pasta mania tonight. While eating bro's old secondary sch friends came to say hi to mum and dad and chatted with them. That made them very happy. I think if i were my bro i would be so proud of his friends lah....

I wonder if you guys will say hi to my mumsy and dadsy if i were not there and you all saw them. Would you call them and have a small chat or at least say hi....?

I even wonder if i would. But i think. If i recognised ur mums and dads I would call them i guess. =))

Make me proud people....:)


Yesh. And now I shall go off already. With this last post till I come back.
See you all soon.


short alienations: I'm sorry people. I was born blur and muddle headed. I'm trying to work harder to be smarter. I'm working on it. I'm sorry if my muddle headedness has ever offended you or gave you any trouble. I'll work harder.

Went to AMK hub to meet huiling in the evening. Walked around abit...after a few rounds, we were bored as we had finished the entire shopping mall. Lol... BUT. We did get something which I found very cute! mony and stery. The two monstas which i pestered her to buy together...heex...=))

let me show you...

mony & stery.
Huiling and Sarah.

The monsta so cute right?

Go get your own. :P

Have Fun. Its great to not grow up. I wish.