Monday, June 28, 2010

welcome back to the place under earth.

my short break is up. :(
yes. it was short. too short.
o man.
reality please be kind.
it's back to crazy hay days again.
sleep. i'll miss you.

and pimples. i hope you'll go away and never find the key back to me. pls o pls go away. pls. you make me lose confidence. argh.

for everyone else...i hope you all are having better days:))

ooo...i'm hooked on this show ling introduced to me..."You are beautiful- Korean" (i seldom watch korean shows actually- too draggy i think:P but this one's funny!)ling see i want to keep watching but i can't already...hahaha...wait till i get free time or squeeze some out..:P

Take care peeps!
be a nice human.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yew Ming Joins the army. finally.:P

There heres my bro all ready to go to army in a few days time.
So honoured was he that he actually had two farewell dinners from the buggers to send him off to tekong! hahaha...
(ok. this post is super backdated. about a month or so)

This was somewhere during my terror o so busy period i think...that's why i took so long to blog it up...

and so because ahem. we were going to miss our dear everyone has a photo with him...

with sze yee. :)
with his 'wife to be' (?) :p
the best buds. right.
with diy. :)
jo and diy.
jo took one with ming but i thought this pic of the two ladies looked very nice too..:)
on the left we have ray. ming. yee and jh
on the right it's just us. yay. :)
eh. actually...i think that wasn't the seating arrangement, we just happen to take photo that way...:P see lah. so long that i forgotten...Xp
the group of us at sushi teh @ paragon.
the bill was quite resonable to all our surprise:) which is always a good thing.
then we swoopped off to ps for starbucks.
i wanted tauhway...but i think we were lazy by then..walk too far...lols
the sapporo shirt.
jo looks so cute!
i shall make my point clear again..
Jo looks so cute in the pics:)
yay. a pic of the girls of the night!
this was from the second dinner out.
meng wanted more pics so he could print out and bring to camp just in case he missed us...aww:) or felt afraid

Jia you ah kor!
You'll be a man before you know it!
Looking forward to see you soon!
Take care!

Friday, June 18, 2010

a weeks freedom on the way.

My long awaited one week of coming. soon. after tomorrow's exam and assignment hand in. Okie. Lets see what has been cheering me on....
woohoo. Sand art ultraman from foong. :)
and a nice letter of encouragement from . so touching sob sob. cause it came at really a good time. :) xie la~;) too bad can't go out this weekend cause your not back yet.
and then of course self physco also helps. :p

and a little more on my tissue box cover....hahaha...
you should look at my room during it's worst...warzone of stacks of notes and books
this is just the neater lot.
i'm sorry trees.
i like to be environmentally friendly, but i need you to study.
yesh, i will send you to recycle!
and. erms.
this is what i do when i get restless....hahahaha..:P
there were these two moles on my arm and then i drew a smiley face.
and then i found another two on my right wrist!
and i drew another face.
too restless.
which after i did get back to work.
Back to one last revision!
Jia you jia you jia you for tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


lilalienations: i just did something a bad friend would have done. i'm such a horrible person. tsk o me. :( i really want to talk about it, but then i hate to be judge. i'm a bad bad person. currently. :(( i'm sorry.

If there's anythingi evil at the moment. i must say it is exams.
Exams are evil i tell you.
they are evviillll.
They make us all (ok. at the very least i'm sure. i'm one of them) look like a total wreck.

Haha...i realised we all looked paler and i'm the unlucky lot who will have stress pimples. boo:((( but it shows i'm working so very hard at the least i guess...proof of hard work? lol...

i believe i look so horrible currently that i don't really like to look at the mirror, not that i'm much of a vain pot who stares narcississtically (too many s i know;p) at myself. if you decide to pretend not to know me if you see me on the street currently i forgive you. i wouldn't want to know me too. hahaha. o well. hope it gets better after i hand in my paper on sat...but in less than a months time the cycle repeats itself...-_- oooo well.

on the brighter side.
Rek popped by my house for a very random reason. ok. it was a legitimate reason, but i want to believe its a random reason, it's been so long since we just pop by at each others house for no apparent reasons.

We use to do it as kids in our msl days since our house were nearby. But i guess as we grew up and left msl we got busy with being adults (adults.really??:p) and all the formalities somehow corrupted our heads that we forgot to be just random. Though every year the buggers still visit my house during the new year and sometimes other reasons we have not visited each other for random no reasons, so it feels nice. :) She came over to borrow my scanner by the way. *ray, never feel bad for visiting me randomly k! my other buggers too! i'm totally fine and happy with it!:D*
here's us. as kids. truly.
*rek! i lost this whole set of old pics when my comp died. i'll get them from you next time yea?:) *
ok. i ran out of time. wanted to write more. but my stacks of notes are staring at me. :(

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

trust me. i really wanna update with a long post.

yea. i would really love to have the luxury of writing a full post of every other thing which has happen and share all my thoughts...but i don't have it currently. :( issh. but. i really wanna post some stuff up. so here are my recent pics with my girls which make me happy. :)))
yesh. we were missing fang fang.
lala has officially lost her marbles in this pic XD heh.
one of the first series we took.
I really loved this set. :)))
We were doing the 1-4 but huan did a 5 in the last one so its 1-5!:D

yesh. i'm learning to hold my smile.

i also want a iphone. so many fun photo features. lol lol.

Huan and Jin.
Photo pose attempt.
cause huan huan got blur. so it turned into a laughter shot.

and then we tried to do "xi,nu,ai,le"
*happiness.anger.sadness. joy*

We couldn't get the timing correct at first.
so i made them do it.
again and again
we did countless number of times.
there were so many. i shan't post all here:p

I name this shot Soul flew away.

How are all of your days coming along?
be a nice human