Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yew Ming Joins the army. finally.:P

There heres my bro all ready to go to army in a few days time.
So honoured was he that he actually had two farewell dinners from the buggers to send him off to tekong! hahaha...
(ok. this post is super backdated. about a month or so)

This was somewhere during my terror o so busy period i think...that's why i took so long to blog it up...

and so because ahem. we were going to miss our dear everyone has a photo with him...

with sze yee. :)
with his 'wife to be' (?) :p
the best buds. right.
with diy. :)
jo and diy.
jo took one with ming but i thought this pic of the two ladies looked very nice too..:)
on the left we have ray. ming. yee and jh
on the right it's just us. yay. :)
eh. actually...i think that wasn't the seating arrangement, we just happen to take photo that way...:P see lah. so long that i forgotten...Xp
the group of us at sushi teh @ paragon.
the bill was quite resonable to all our surprise:) which is always a good thing.
then we swoopped off to ps for starbucks.
i wanted tauhway...but i think we were lazy by then..walk too far...lols
the sapporo shirt.
jo looks so cute!
i shall make my point clear again..
Jo looks so cute in the pics:)
yay. a pic of the girls of the night!
this was from the second dinner out.
meng wanted more pics so he could print out and bring to camp just in case he missed us...aww:) or felt afraid

Jia you ah kor!
You'll be a man before you know it!
Looking forward to see you soon!
Take care!

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