Friday, July 23, 2010

the egg machine


直 升機,是不是可以升起曙光?


This is a little excerpt from a mini conversation ashin had on his comments page after this post [純真年 代 STAY REAL forever] last one 最後的扭蛋機The one in italic was what was left by a reader. Well, all was melodramatic mood until the last sentence...-.- hahahaha. ashin. He seldom has the time to reply to comments but its always nice to read them if he does. he adds a little humour and sensitivity without wanting it to be noticed. :)
Ahh. if your wondering what's that egg machine we all had our chance to turn, read that post. He did it as a installment art piece for a art convention with no2good and other artist currently in Shanghai (i think it just ended?)no, not the shanghai expo. Here is an article from stayreal of their exhibits there. I like the idea behind it. he thinks this egg machines are evil because they make you willingly spit money out as a kid just to get to what you want, but it seems, like him, we always take many tries to turn out the 'egg' goodie that we want and sometimes we never get it at all....haha...he thinks their evil and have outgrown them. sad to say. i can't speak the same for me. i'm still pretty much still that kid who sticks my face into onto the machine to see what goodies they still hold....
its happiness in a egg. little 'evil' to my pocket. :p

Thursday, July 22, 2010


lilalienations: i'm random and i don't care what you think about it.

flickr-ing makes me happy.

though i've not been on it for some time. but everytime i'm here. i'm happy.

maybe i should buy myself a real account my next birthday. or any takers? :P

I like to leave encouraging msges or comments for those i really like and 'fave' them if i really enjoy them, usually the more unknown your photo is the more i would pop by to give an encouragement even if no one takes notice of it. i'll just admire those with 1001 comments already because maybe they don't need the encouragement as much as someone else with non...
this made me happy too. just by looking at it.

oh. o.

o no. i think i'm in that kind of mood again.自闭?

i wish i could roll myself into a ball and keep everyone else at an arms length except for the very close ones.

a little random surprise act of kindness will help uplift the spirit i guess.

despirited somewhere.
but i'll fly back soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

primary school buds of years:)

The past few weeks has been horrible if some of you know due to many various reasons...i rather not discuss them here. But as the old saying goes, Every cloud has a silver lining. :)

So amidst all the crazy unpleasant stuff going on there was something which made me smile heaps:))
If you know me, you know i believe that friends matter in quality not quantity and i'm not the sort who opens up to everyone quickly, but if i decided that your my friend for life, that's how it's gonna stay. Those who don't know me always like to say i'm the quiet reserved one. o well. what can i say. i'm pretty crazy at times if you get to see the other side of me. heh:P

anyway anyway. so what happen. i finally got to meet my primary school budds. ( i know yesh. jin,huan and fang are also primary school buds which i often meet and blog about. i met them on sun!:)) no. today i'm talking about my first primary school best friends. From primary one. God. that was a long time ago. :)

Here's who i met!
Pey shy (l) and Huay Tyng(r)

Yesh! Finally we get to meetup for a dinner date:) It's been sooooo long since i last saw them. Partly because tyng is in melbourne and peyshy is just a busy busy girl. Let me think...i last saw tyng in poly yr 1 i think...and peyshy even longer than time does fly....we always plan on meeting, but tyng has so little time when she gets back to m'sia that it makes her hard to come down to meet us...

they were still as i remember.

you know if you haven't meet good friends for a long time you suffer from jitters..?
Will they still like me? What if they find me crappy looking or irritating or just asking yourself all the funny questions.
but then again i thought, they want to me up with me. i'm sure no matter how they change i'm gonna love them to eenny meeny bits so they will somehow accept me for who i am now. :)
aren't they so cute? :)))

and true enough.

through my anxious anticipation and finally meeting them...
all my worries just dissepeared into thin air.
i was just so so happy and excited.
i can still recall her number by heart! and she can remember my home number too!
i think that goes to show we called each other heaploads as kids and it's in our deep memory roots.

now i know what's it like to meet long lost friends. :)
ok. we were never technically lost. just that we had lost contact a lil.
it was just a simple dinner but we talked about everything under the sky...the good ole times...gossips...our interests, lifes....the time just flew pass...:)
We didn't took many pictures.
but theres always next time to come...:)
Tyng flew back to melbourne on sat...and peyshy is back to her busy helpful life...
me. in my complex and most of the time joyful life.
We shall meetup soon and take heaps more photo.

best buds who are willing to stay are like antiques, they grow value over time.

to the next time we meet.
take care gals.
it was an awesome awesome night.

i found new treasures.

new! old mayday VCD's! :DDD nono. i'm not trying to purposely play the oxymoron...but i newly bought old albums of mayday back from their 90s days. :)) lucky. i wanted cd though, but o well, no fish, prawn also good.:P's a hokkien idiom if you didn't get what i meant. ;) it's a habit of mine if we ever pop by any old record store i would look around for mayday's old albums, cds, dvds, vcd and all. :) and sometimes likes today i would find treasure.

actually all thanks to mom she was looking for some k disc so i snooped round the shop and got the uncle to help me and yataaaa!:))))

5th album:)
k + mvs.

little happiness comes in suprises like this.

i'm waiting for DNA concert box.
pls rmb next time :P
pls come soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010

meet the little nieces.

As cute as little angels and then again as naughty as little devils....but aren't most kids of the new generation...
cute. smart. and pampered to the max. hahaa...

meet eunice and mandy lim.
my cousin's two pretty gals :)
Yesh. *ahem ahem* i'm their auntie.

ahh.. childhood.

an enjoyable day off to k @ jb. :)

Yea! my title says it all....haha...:p So yet again we went to sing K in Jb!:))) *this happen some weeks back* :P Happyness. (i like this spelling ok.) and again Orange couldn't make time we'll bring her along:)

Jy uploaded the pics just yesterday so i felt encouraged to blog about it. :) and i think seeing good friends really uplifts the mood. been living in a grey mood recently because of things i see, hear, feel and i think moments of old beloved treasured buds from times in my life make me feel happy just by thinking of them. :)


We were hungry...ok. it was just me. i was HUNGRY. hahahaha...they were mid-hungry...and so we went for lunch!:D

My favourite jap eatery which i haven't been to in the longest time has a change in their menu..:( boo. no more fave kimchi fried rice, usually its not a fave dish, but they cook it well....but's taken out already...aww:( but now. i have another favourite!

Woohoo!meet my new fave! Curry rice!:)))
The nicest jap curry rice i've ever eaten! And it's not because i was hungry...
:))) yums. nomnom.
Here's how the interior looks. Two game station and lotsa comics..but in jap. -_-haha...
i wanted to go play the game but ling was sitting on the outside and was like frozen so we just sat and drink tea....hahaha...:p

All photos are courtersy of Jy's HP. xiexie ni!:D
Here she is with the tea...defrosting. and there i am being stupid with a awesome looking menu;P
Reminds me of Japan hour!
Jy's ramen gyoza set. :)
me like this pic:)
The food here comes in biggg plates and portion.
good for the hungry.
but ling warns do not eat their sushi...not good to noms.
bwhahaha..:P you've been warned.
Finally! Here's a pic of Jy!:)))))
Yesh. We are all concentrating on the song....
ok. at least we know jy wasnt...:P
No one came in to disturb us....and it was a good 6 hours or was it 7 hours of k-ing.
feel good day.

We had 2 drinks and one snack..the drinks were fine...the snacks were. hmm. aheh. :P
It's a good place to sing we'll be back soon. :))
and we'll bring our student passes this time...;P

I saw ting with weilong in jb too...just as we went shoe shopping. ok. not we. i hardly shop for shoes...:P
They came in to watch movies...:)
having a bf is kinda different i guess...many things which you use to do with friends now rotate around the bf too....

And here's to end off with a silly picture of me which jy kindly didn't tag me in.:p
ask me to take nice glammed photos i can never do it well.
do unglam stupid ones.
i ace it all.

i miss my buggers.

lilaLienations: i have a curse of organising meetups, whenever i oraganise no one is ever able to make it and even if all seems going well, everyone seems to be able to make it in the end no one will be able to. so i usually get someone to do's a bad curse i think. ahaa.-.-

i've met all my good buddies in the recent weeks its finally breaktime and considerably the final 'real' break i'm gona have . and i jokingly told my pri1 buds, it's the year of gatherings and meetups with your old friends. because i finally got to meet them after a gap of 5 to 6 yrs i think?:)) happy.

but i've yet to meet my buggers. :(
misses dearly.
Hope you are all well despite being busy.
sends loves.

Friday, July 2, 2010

encourage yourself

If you read the previous post you would know i'm lying..ok. i call it self deception encouragement. :)

and that's because i saw this quote-

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

— Buddha

And therefore i must think to be.

when you have a bad day.

walked home in the cold rain. hungry and tired.

almak. seems like i'm describing some lost stray puppy. haa.

the day was terrible. :( i was hoping for the total opposite...

i wonder why sometimes people just spurt their mouths so quickly...can't everyone see the sides of the coin and calm down a lil..? or is it just me. i think too much so i can see alot. or maybe see nothing. damn. chiim. haa

o well. feeling feverish now. and still tons of stuff to be done and assignment looks like it rose from under the let me grumble my griviences a lil here...

o. i just remember..amidst all the bad stuff i was grateful my trustly mp3 player was with me..and it the audio just nice hit mayday's song..3 in a row. :) that was a little silver lining.

Hope everyone else's day is going on much better...

Sends love to all.