Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful deserving mums in the world!

To 天下的还妈妈们,你们是伟大的!
And this is to you, Happy Mother's Day!

And of course to my beloved mama. I love you:) <3 
i think mom will probably kill me for putting such a unglam pic of us up here...but i like it cause we are being wacky! cute mah! 
mum is very game to taking stupid photos with me! heh. 
okok. a proper photo. :D
I personalised the card till 3am in the morning and decided this year I won't put it out with the present as I usually do on the previous years, I wanted to give it to her personally! Hehe...she was a lil disappointed when she woke up earlier then me, she thought I probably forgot or bo chup.
No horrrrr! I got e present ready wayyyy before hand! Heh. She was really happy to receive the present and card though she did lament that the card was not handmade, but but! At least I made good effort to personalise it. I forgot to take a picture of the present a lovely bag!

She loved it:) I don't know why I don't have many good photos of me and mum through the phone...either I'm being wacky or the photo ain't clear, but then again pretty or wacky she's me beloved mumsie.

Okasan! Daisuki desu!


Wishing all good mums all the happiness in the world watching their kids growing up fillial and good. 

to all those not so good mums, you've got lots to learn, never too late to be good!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


i've been liking 樱桃小丸子 ever since i was in primary school, i've gotta thank my chinese tutor for that though. She was the one who religiously tapped (yea,tape, i am that old) the cartoons for me to watch every lesson to improve my mandarin. Improve I'm not too sure if it did, but it did make me like Chibi Maruko chan ever since!

Suddenly felt like watching her cartoon again and went on youtube to source for some...realised there weren't many....:( time i should go buy another box of it...i have one which i probably have watched for maybe X20 times at least? hahaha....

I like to rewatch the things i like over and over again!

i saw this collectible while surfing around...

so cute!!
I want!
i've a set of cardcaptor sakura collectibles, and i've been aiming to buy 小丸子 ones too, but they are so expensive! and the cheaper ones are made in bad quality! :( booo

i wanted to get these but no one was in taiwan at the time..
Dear 7 eleven Singapore, 

Don't ask me why i like such kiddish stuff which 'collects dust' 
all i can rebut you is cute mah. 

my inner child is always with me. 
it needs to feel happy with toys as per when we were kids!


i recently bought a chibi maruko shirt for kids from Giodano because they didn't have adults size and i really wanted one...


No pix to show though...
don't worry! i still look decent, they had sizes for kids 12-14, i can still fit into those.