Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes i agree. :)

Let there be light. Not. an hour's special to gaia.

Usually I would love to say, and let there be Light! *ting! bright bulb appears.*
But on this very special day 28th of March 8.30-9.30pm i would keep that bulb first and support earth hour. :)

What is earth hour? Direct from wiki.
"Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF(not the wrestling one. the one with the cute panda logo.) held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change"

Switch off your lights for an hour. 28th March 8.30pm-9.30pm
If you ask me, I think its for a good cause. What's to lose? Why not. :)
Of course im not saying just be nice to mother earth only on this special day for this hour.
Be nice to people and earth always.
Its ours, we should protect it with love. :)

Pledge your support for earth hour in Singapore through this **website**. :)

photo from here.
show some love for earth.
everyday in your own little way.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Endal The Dog

lil alienations: sick with flu for the past week. flu aint no fun. eyes nose throat are itchy. and you arent able to do anything at all. just sit and sulk to yourself. wahaha.:P

I love animals. and I love dogs especially if you do realise. :) I introduce Marley the last time (and now its a blockbuster hit) and recently i came across another really amazing dog. No, he doesn't eat up your drywall or anything.

Endal the labrador is really one remarkable dog i must say! He saved his master's marriage and master's life. Look at the other amazing things endal can do....:)

Which other remarkable dog do you know of help does your laundry?

Which dog do you know of helping out with the grocery shopping?

Which dog do you know of who remembers your password and take money out for you from the atm?


Amazing eh? They say all dogs go to heaven...with a dog like Endal. I have no doubt.

Read the whole article here**

Saturday, March 14, 2009

People whom i hold close to my heart. the things they do for me. :)

Lets have a look how the lil aLien zoom zoom pass her 21st. :)

On Sunday met my girls (plus terence) , went to watch Marley and Me. :) But before that, there was a little surprise! They initially wanted to pop by my house but due to unforseen reasons they had to catch me at where i was having lunch! heh. :)

the 3 'surprises'
They came to pass me a dress to wear...but sarah was already in a dress! haha...:p yes, me and dress. Doesn't ring a bell does it? lol. jeans and tees are more me? lol

It was initially a surprise not to let me know fishy was coming...but halfway along....hee...:P
after the movie we took some photos while waiting for our 'not coming' fishy~

T who had never seen me in a dress before. insisted in buying one for my birthday. haha.
i happen to be wearing one on that day!:P ok..not happen...jy say must wear....so i went to dig it out. ;P

later our fishy arrived! Don't what shes kaypo-ing or trying to dig out....haha
ok. heres a more decent picture or her and jy!:)

Had lunch! The pizza at shokudo is nice!:) yummy~
no food pictures im sorry.:P

Then it was pressie time....! i had pressies for them too...but i didn't manage to get good pictures of that...:(

My infamous sadako opening present look again. every year also have. wahah.
As you know...when Sarah opens her present...she takes a long long time...because she doesn't want to spoil the wrapper wrapped by the nice person who took the effort to put it together....

still opening ah?! hurry leh.

wahhh! its lao da's book eh. :)

See...ashin's wishing me a happy birthday too.
man, im lucky!

Really must thank the girls for helping me celebrate my birthday. domo arigatou neh. :D me happy!

xie xie to orange, cute cuttlefish jy and our forgetful gold fishy!

The only group pic we took that day.....

But waiiiiiit! choto choto! there is more? Yeaps. it came through my favourite way, snail mail, right on march 11! boy was it a pleasant surprise!:)

It reads from Secret Admirer. Happy Birthday.

i was thinking...wah! secret admirer.....as if. but happy for awhile lah can. lol...then i recognise the familiar writing and saw the address....ok...no more phantom admirer...haha...:P

oooo! open to find more stuff! wow...! whats in the surprise~~~
it was ISWAK 2 disc and Mayday concert! wow weee! :)))
Yay! you girls can come over to watch more mayday....
i always make them watch concerts with me when they come...opps...:P
Yay! thank you jy, ling and orange!:)
touched neh.

Then met my zoozoo family~
well actaully..just met jojo and joyjoy...representatives...lol..the rest were busy...

joanne! shes like sooo pretty! can win ms hong kong. heh. :)

jojo and joyjoy. why am i posing with that jewellry box? because they bought that for me of course. very very beautiful necklace and bracelet o.

jojo give me kiss? o.~ :Pour very dearest mek mek was suppose to come...but in the end she got lost in the zoo and couldn't turn up....so here's us wondering...where did she get lost again this time.....? :P

On march 10. Met jinjin at library....

hehe...she passed me a pressie in nice packing from the covalents!
made sure i took a picture with her before i left...hee...

oooo! i was so happy when i opened..handmade o!
my first crumpler bag(s) ...why (s)? you'll find out if you read on...;)
innovative creativity! 100%!
im aiming to get myself one exactly like this if i can or when i feel rich(Ya right. when ah?)...lol. so i can take a picture with it...how cool will that look like!!!! hahaha.
Huan w kitty body
Fang w pooh body
Me w Mickey body!
Jinjin w doreamon body

How cute is that? ;P
so sweet! I love you gals too!
ahaha...my smiling head look kinda sinister...lauging siniterly...waha...lol

totally outsmarted me in my own words.
Click on the photo to view large..guess what they wrote...?
" a picture is worth a thousand words"
omg. haha...totally. clever!

thank you girls! Jin, Fang & Huan!
You girls totally outsdone yourselves. :)))
very sweet.

Family photo time!
Used timer to take this.
apart from the messy table strewn with my pressies and cake...I totally love this picture!!:D
bro esp came back to help me celebrate my birthday! and dad too specially brought us to eat..
im such a lucky girl im so loved. :)
thank you.

And on the first stirke of midnight to march 11. my very beloved buggers came. total plesant surprise.:DD Some pictures stolen from abby.:P

They really outdid themselves and gave me the best surprise ever. did i mention ever?

jo and bie tying up pretty pink balloons...i think i never really told anyone...but i like balloons...esp when they can fly...the plain ones..because when i was young in hosp. my dad got me one and i was sooo happy. that story on another time....this one couldn't fly but they were so beautiful and its really the thought man!!so pretty!
jojo drived all the way down at night...
im sure all of them were having a busy day during the day and yet still to meet at night just for this surprise. wow.
busy writing me a birthday card. :)))

and a yummy cake for my birthday.....
so far so touched already....

When i read bie's post on how they plan the surprise all the more touched i was....so touchy touching. Read it here.** All the effort....wow guys. :)
Surprise! and a birthday song just for meeee.:)
rek lived so far and made it down for me and needed to cab home....thank you mommy. love ya.
bie accidentally fell into the pond while looking for me...sorry! but i kinda think of it as a very cute memory...because it really is!

I got bro to help me with photo taking. natural talent ahhh...hha...:P
lets start with flowers and balloons.:)
sunflowers are the best. so cheery.
jo is ever ready for a photo even though kor did a sneak take! lol
an overal summary of the night...:))
taken from bie's post.

i like this one...everybody is here.

check out meng kor behind...he's watching van helsing..oblivious to the photo.lol

my pressies from me buggers.
i like this photo...only ting is still everyone else is busy moving.
busy opening...bro says..this type of face..no wonder no boyfriend...wahaha...lol
I told you i take forever to open the pressies nicely.
they are wrapped with love you know. haha..:P

buggers. o yes...in case you have stayed on...you would remember why i mention crumpler(s). there was the handmade card and there this!:)) wow. hee. crumpler photo bag...i'll use it to put my lappy too next time...:) hope it fits....thnx guys...what an awesome bag!
thanks to bie for this photo from her blog! hee.

Lets enjoy more buggers...
Thank you my buggers. jo, bie, rek, yee, ting,jh and ming kor. thank you for the night.
sarah was happy and touched.
when i'm touched i never cry, i only cry when i'm sad....
so i was happy very happy grinning from ear to ear that night.

And lastly lets end of the post with balloons and flowers..hee.
I know everyone is busy in their own lifes one way or another....
making time to help celebrate my special day with me....
really made me very very happy.
thank you all.

memories are something i will cherish for life.
thank you all for making them together with me.