Monday, March 9, 2009

4 left feet or more.

舞林大道 just ended its grand finale tonight. Its a show about groups who join to compete in dancing to win the overall championship from Taiwan. (I wouldn't call it the Asian version of so you think you can dance, because very simply this is by groups not individuals. and the groups are given points instead of having cast popularity votes)

Ooo was it a great show. Have been catching this show from while it was still airing on weekdays till it changed till weekend nights. And yay! one of my favourite dance group won! I was rooting for them all along. :)) great job. You might be wondering, if i enjoy watching dance shows, then i should be able to dance right?wrong. so dead wrong. I love to see people battle in breaking or just break for fun or hip hop and stuff...seeing people dance is just so great but if you ask me to dance...i think i can't dance to save my own life. i'm that bad with it.

People have two left feet. I think i might have 4?

Anyway enjoy the performance of 黑角!:) their good. their really creative man.

I first noticed them in this video.
( if you don't wanna catch this few. see the last two i picked. awesome!)

舞林大道第四集 龜兔賽跑

This was the first video which made me sit up to watch them closely, from there onwards they only got better and better and the rest as they say is history. O...and i believe that if their original team members (those from lollipop, people who know me know i quite dislike this group, cux they got not much substance apart from nice packaging?[even if they do. lollipop as a band name. argh.] bite me i'm bias. who ask them to name themselves lollipop. -_-;) if they did not leave the group they would be doing even better. I mean the lollipop guys, i would think this would be better rather than be in an idol group just to look good. but i guess fame comes differently.

i've picked out a few of my favourites...for your watching enjoyment. :)

林大道第五集 黑角運動會

If you missed the rest just catch this two. :) its really good. i really liked this two clips. honest. :)
their breaking and creativity is really just snap that that good! really.

模范7棒&黑角 - 舞林大道

舞林大道 2009-02-01 黑角 - 最終樂章

Wow wow wee. :)
Yay to their winning!:)
they got a perfect score for the last performance....perfect...hmms. but Yay they won~:)

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