Tuesday, October 27, 2009

buggers! pls fall in. :))

me love my buggers!:D

Went to meet my buggers for a Friday dinner....and i was late...-_- at first i was a lil late....maybe 10-15 mins late..because i was wrapping the muffins....:) then for a totally 'very me' stupid reason i got even later....-____-'' Guess what happen? I bet there is no other idiot who would get lost at the Dobhy Ghaut Station.....aiiish.-_-
muffins..nicely wrapped so no rain water can get in. look the chesire cat is smiling at you!:D
Here's what happen....oo...wait, before that, on the mrt i missed my stop...because i was listening to the o-so-cute! mms bie and rek sent me to say they were at Swensons! hahaha...after finishing the msg i heard..."next stop...City Hall"....o.o!!! ahhh!I just missed my stop.....-_-''' hahaha....

So after correcting this funny error i finally reached Dobhy Ghaut.....i always have a problem finding the entrance from the mrt station leading in directly to the shopping centre itself...yes. laugh. so i walked up and down in different directions twice.....actually according to the directions given to me by my buggers later on, i was already on the correct track...next time i shall stick to my guns and go all the way.....well, if wrong..then say.see how.lol :P

anyway, i didn' t manage to find it that day so i very half heartedly cross the road and walked towards the shopping centre.....still grumbling in my head why i couldn't find the place and shall attempt next time....lol..:P and so...that was why i was nearly 20mins odd late....ahahaaha...:P

After all the mis-adventure i finally made it to Swenson's to meet my buggers!:)))
Here are some of the shots i liked taken by yee and bie respectively..:) thanks!
sze yee! and diyana!:)
i'm loving the new hairstyle o! ;) nice.
abby and rek.
You have to agree with me..they look so sweet in this photo!:D
sis sis! so cute!:)
the 3 of us tried to take good photos...but for most of it...only me and rek were smiling...bie was goofing...never tell us..together gather goof mah...lol..:P but i prefer the one which turned out quite funny....
very awesome....this is what we call candid with a tinge of readiness. lol.
rek. you are totally like taking a passport serious shot, i'm look like i'm containing my laughter and bie has lost it and let go into big laughter....i love the different stages in the photo!
after that attempt, this one went pretty well!
all smillesss.
heh.nice shot there yee!:)
*look at bie and jh.* this alwayyyyyyys happen. :P

and so what would you get....?
this is the outcome!
classic skills never grow old. ;P
and before bie left we took a group shot and also this photo caught my eye....
very sweet. nice. :))
2 pretty gorgeous daughters.

another group shot! :)
before bie went off to catch a fashion show and jh went off to thailand....
i wanna go alsooo.

after that lalalaa~ we swopped off to the starbucks near the esplande.
but on the way there....we met zuhairah...haven't seen her in some time...she was in my section and also from the same primary school class! haha...so what happens?
the camera swoops out!
let's samseng climb uplet's climb up...can get nicer view!
look at ting and jo...two on right...ever ready!:P
this was a shot where a few of us were not ready...me, diy and rek...obviously not as ready...:p hahha...
there. a good shot. :)
thanks ming kor for taking.
We sat in starbucks to discuss our pretty princess jo's birthday party!:)
after much brainstorming and also funny chats on the way we got most of the things settled...:)
we've got your back;)

It was an awesome fall in with my buggers.
we've got each other's back covered.
don't be afraid to ask if you need our shelter, we'll always be around.
no problem, or joy to share is considered too big, too small, too embarassing.
we're family.


take care peeps.
be a nice human!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

blood suckers....

it reads Thank you for saving lifes on the stress ball.

I visited the vampire control station blood bank on thursday. alone. yesh. i went alone. ahaha...:p i book a appointment and went there, i thought it would be a very hard place to find, but, luckily, it wasn't.

Usually i'm not into very alone stuff, and...it takes a little courage to go to such an intimidating place alone you know....ahahaha....ok. i'm a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to doctors, hospitals...things in relation to that...you get what i mean...so even i amazed myself when i made the decision. I donated blood on past occasions before, but those were in school, and much more convenient....

But the good thing was, since Jy's workplace was near blood bank it was a win win situation...because i'm meeting her at a later time so i can donate blood nearby...or in the other sense, because i'm donating blood nearby so i can meet her later on...all's good..=D

So there i was at the blood bank@HSA easily walkable from Outram Park mrt station. And then very jittery i walked in....still wondering if i was mad for awhile....not so much about the taking of blood because its a good thing, but more because...if you know me well, i'm the sort that stay far away from doctors and hospitals and stuff like that for good reason...unless i'm shitty sick going to die i would not say i wanna go see doctor at will....hahaa...stubborn...:P

Do remember, if you wanna go donate blood it'll be good if you could make an appoinment like i did, it'll save you alot of time. Waiting time. O and if you could, just spend a few minutes filling the online form provided, saves time too! :D Without appoinment, a walk in might take much longer. You can find the appoinment tabs on the right under e-services and forms here*

The people there were very friendly, and all i needed to do was walk in with the 'i'm very blur, pls guide me along' face and they very nicely did..great!:) You might say, they taking your blood mah, of course must be nice....not necessarilly...do you see vampires being nice to their victims? o ya they do...if they wanna lure them in.....oo....haha..:p bad example there. lol.

I had a slew of test before to ensure i was fit and healthy before letting me in to the donation place....
at every station they very carefully checked my ic number...just to make sure, well...i was me?
so many intimidating looking equipment...
nah..i think it's the fact it looks like those kind of hospital setting that intimidates me...:p
checking my blood pressure....
high low? normal.
after all the checks and making sure, this lady helped to prepare the equipment...
she was worried that she might not be able to find my vein on my right hand...so i had about 2 or was it 3 people coming to look at my hand....so much for feeling like a specimen....
i told them...if right hand can't, then go for the left...they assured me it would be fine.
yesh. those are my legs! i was lying down...haha.
then the cleaning of the arm before the needles go in....just to kill all bacteria i think...
*swipe action too fast...can't really see*
was kaypo-ing. there's where my blood was going to flow into....
the lady was very friendly and chatted with me...
"came alone ah?" points to some guy beside me..who i think was a doctor and ask me..
"you all come together one?"
me: shakes head...nope alone..meeting friend later, she's at SGH.
"ahh...icic, she's coming to donate together?"
me: err no...she's coming to pick me up...
....more chats in between which i forgot...
"you taking pictures?"
me: ya! :) but but. later when put needle i can't take already. my mentality is that as long as i don't see the needle i won't feel the pain! ahha.
"o okies okies, i'll let you know. Don't worry"
then after that she proceeded on to do her own work checking all my tubes...then 'sayang-ing' my hand...i think she was trying to calm my nerves.
falalala~ the needle is in...i didn't capture it...
and the white gauze to prevent me from seeing it? or does everyone have it too?
my blood my blood!ooo.
i was quite fast, because i kept on exercising my hand with the squishy ball.
i think they inserted the needle into my vein at the wrong position or it wasnt too condusive for the blood to flow, at least 2 to 3 'nurses' *yes again* came to help me adjust. hurt abit, but again, i chickened out from looking again...but i felt it nonetheless. first time such things happen...-_- aren't they suppose to be more pro there? o well, this kind of things..never know one...not of anyone's fault i guess...
all done! about to take needle out!
i wasn't looking when i shot this....so i didn't manage to capture the bigass needle being pulled out from under my skin...-___-
another lady came over to help me wrap...
she wanted to give me a pink colour wrap...
0.0 o nooooooo!
then i requested like a little kid for a dinosaur one...hahahahaah
she said..."ya...kids like dinosaur type.."
i couldn't tell if that was meant to be sarcastic...if she was i totally didn't sense it...lol...
so means..i look young..and feel childish to ask for the dinosaur bandage.;P
there! dinosaur! sooo cute right? i knoww. heh.
it was kinda hurting more than usual, because i donated before, so i was guessing this time something didn't go as smoothly...prob the needle adjusting part....
this picture was taken after the waiting for bandage....still can take picture...:P
to show i'm well and alive! woohoo.

then i met up with jy! who was there to meet me at blood bank...happy!:)
We went to bugis to shop shop and eat dinner....
saw her blog and was also feeling bad didn't get to shop much on her birthday dinner...so thought it was a nice chance to go down to bugis...
great fun! and buys...:)
just a little while...for a few hours, but it was nice. :D
but only had pictures in the toilet....because my hand was totally handicapped and sore...:(
*i took off the bandage and realise i got a bruise on the vein and it swell a little...not suppose to be that sore...*never happened before previously...shan't scare all with the pics, lest you all think donating blood is a bad thing...no ah noooo. it's prob just a minor error accidentally...no big deal..arm's still perfectly fine..:)
people with lousy skills...though friendly...lol :/
me and jy!
what a fun dinner and lil shop trip.
again again!
lasty...must shoot myself with the dinosaur bandage lah...haha..:P

Do give blood to the blood bank if you can. :) someone asked my why i do so? then i very replied then..." i dunno man..they need, so i give lor." If you ask me to donate thousands of dollars i probably can't afford it at the moment, but if my blood can be precious, i mean, why not? my blood would replenish itself and there is no harm.

So if you can, give your blood to someone who would find it precious too. You might never know, who would need it...who you could save....Little by little, makes up a moutain.

Find out more details here* if you are interested. :)

take care peeps.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jy!:D

lilaLienations: i should be doing assignment now...0.0 but i'm blogging. -_- aiish.
lilaLienations 2: It's one of my up and coming fave singer's birthday today...Pets Cheng
曾沛慈 Happy Happy Birthday to you!:D Did a post on her here** previously. Wanted to do a seperate post but realised i've shown you guys most of the videos i like of her already...lol..so if you haven't check out this singer go have a look at my previous post!;) wonder when her album would be out? maybe after the drama she's shooting wraps up....:)

Happy 22nd Dearest bud JY!:)
It's your birthday~~~!

Don't they look cute? ;))
ps. sorry for late post. was waiting for pics to come.:P
i like this photo...it was suposingly good, until it turned out blur. -_- arhhh.

Amidst all our super super busy schedules, and i was really at my crazily busiest at the time, met up with the girls for Jy's 22nd! :)
ps. sorry jy, it was only a very very simple dinner birthday...
group shot at breeks @cwp
this was taken for us by the breeks guy....
didn't really like the flash though...took away the natural colour...
The wallet on ling's hand is not a present, its a prop. hahaaa.:P
Every birthday must be celebrated! 22 years old. 23 years old +++ ...
even if it's a simple one i believe...:)
birthdays don't stop at 21.... nonono. *shakes head madly* at least i know i want my birthdays to be remembered...lol...i'm narcississtic. =P
jy! opening the present so carefully....
jy! i liked your kinda 'nicely' messed up hair...so full of character!!:D
jy couldn't guess what we got her....
even till opening..." it's a teddy bear?"
ehh...some carebear fan we got here.
lols. :P
bear abuse. :'(
this is the special edition for the series of carebears. cute right? :)
see lah. it has panda bear eyes, its cute, when i have it, it's a totally different story. -_-
of course...that's not all....there's still one more thing.
*oneee more thing!*
i can't remember which cartoon it was, but there was a old man with thick american chinese accent saying this...i was thinking of it as i wrote it out...adventures of jakie chan? hahahahaa.
Jy is admiring her new watch!:D
i was telling jy...this carebear fan..her exclaimation of teddy bear upon seeing this care bear and recognising it as a 'teddy bear' is akin to me seeing mayday and exclaiming 'a group of chinese guys!'
lols. i wasn't trying to be mean though....ahahahaa.=PP
this watch is cute yea?!
she's having a rabbit fever now...so we thought it was appropriate...=)
bear. cuttlefish.fishy.
ok. to a cut away shot..must show me and orange also mahhh.
we were there too! :D heh.
ice cream is a very good prop to use in photos.
eh. why my face so round here?! lol
just one last one of the two of us....:P
2+2 = 22! XD
then pass the screen back to the two sitting opposite us...:p
the hot chocolate drink which looked very tempting!:D
i didn't drink it...but i think it was good!
I loved this self group shot....the colour looks more natural too...:)
just that jy blinked just as the camera shot...it always happens to me too! haha...
went with jy to find some clothes...but didn't manage to find anything suitable...
but we did have fun taking those photos while waiting..haha
that scrunged up face....:P they all look so cute. :)
and with us...of course there'll be the toilet group shot!
opps. forgot to switch off the flash....
they have so many pattern!
:)) gals. :)
my hand was busy....so i could only do a scrounge the face and add a toungue look! lol.

let me end the post with something yummy.

i scream for ice scream?

take care peeps.
be a nice human.