Thursday, July 30, 2009

This new singer. Pets.

When i was back in Kuching, my couzie and I enjoyed watching singing competitions very much. We thought the competitors from this competition 超級星光大道 " one million stars" stood out much more as compared to the other competitions thus we enjoyed watching it....

From this competition there has been many great singers coming into the scene, noticeably would be fishy's favourite Jam and Yoga Lin who won the first season's. Though this show isn't aired locally but I happen to notice this singer,Pets Cheng 曾沛慈; who though wasn't the winner (top 10) sounds very awesome too. :)

Caught some of her performances on youtube...realised she gets better with each competition...from the start towards the end. yea. Give her a listen. :) I initially wanted to put up her newest packaged video she sang for a drama which i really like 淚了. But i think what better way to see how good the singer is than to hear the original 'raw' version. The state of originality is always the most interesting. :) If you just wanna catch one clip, i would say go for the 3rd one i posted.
不是我不明白-曾沛慈&林宥嘉 (original version by Fish Leong and Lu Guan Zhong)

天黑黑 (original v. by Stefanie Sun)

傻瓜 (original v. by Landy Wen Lan)

Had a listen to any of it..? Liked them? I personally Love this 3 songs very much...(from the original singers) esp the last 2 songs. But I also picked this songs because she did a good rendition of it not murdering the songs. :D If you think their good too, then go listen to the new 淚了. I thought it was good too.

Just one disgruntle....why do they always have funny english names? @-@

Hope you enjoy~=))

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