Sunday, May 31, 2009

byebye my dear boy.

They don't judge you. They can't be bothered if you look fugly or if your hair looks like its from dumps. They're happy if their well fed and played with and being loved, if their unhappy they'll let you know with a little bite, never too complicated like human beings can be sometimes....
yes. who said tiny animals with tiny brains are stupid? i think they are adorable and very innocent. :)

I'm such a crybaby. I can't help it.....I don't like my things to be taken away from selfish. yea. maybe. but things which have been with me over time i grow to be very sentimental with them even if it may be just another thing to someone else....not to mention my precious baby boy momo....:(((((( i knew he was sick. i knew from past experience of taro to be ready, but really, how ready can i be.
rest in peace momo.
love you loads.
you were a good boy.
Hope your next life would be good.
take care.
you are o-so very cute. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

jinjin is rich. lol

lilalienations: I was reading this article and felt so disgusted. :( Kinda makes me wonder what has this world come to? Hai yaii~ *brows furrow. >.<

Went with Jinjin and Agnes and Tang(yesh. my new acquainted friends because of jin. :)) to get her pressie few weeks back. See lah...she bring so much money so must have body guard, so many people follow to get one camera....haha...:P

The shop lady was very ngaio, lucky jin was smart, she emailed the guy first for the price and managed to get a discount. If not i'm sure they will up the price there and 'slaugther' you left right centre. We realised something, when bargaining, go for the guy...usually their less 'ngaio' stingy. wahahaha...:P just an observation...not always true. heh. =PPP

But it was a fun day out and the girls got themselves ready to get ready to thailand....jinjin will be coming back only in 2 months time.....i so wanted to hide in her luggage and fly along too....awww. boo. :(

Presenting our model...cheng cheng cheng cheng~~** (photo found on jin's fb i think was from agnes?thnx!)

Jinjin the o-so rich photo. Waves money with a background of canon D50.

girltalk; cause the boys don't get it.

lilalienations: Happy 端午节快乐 everyone!:)))

Happy. :) I met Huan today. And in between I met boboe on the way and met bie in the evening. O wow wee. How cool is that...meeting 3 good people in one day. =D Boboe reminded me that MSL is turning 10 next year...OMG. That was fast.....our baby little school, where we were the imagine that. how cool is that. woohoo. yipee!

It was a fun day...huan and I had many unsaid stuff...i realise as said in the last birthday post...we are really quite similar at times....ahaha..;) inside stuff...only we know. :P

O yesh. and we said to go to donate blood next time together....yesh. that'll be cool. Haven't donated since graduation...and keep hearing blood bank's low. Every packet counts i guess...a little help might go a long way? :)

O ya! One last one....i recommend the bubble milk tea from exchange at dobhy ghaut's eskimo (i think it should be spelt like that.) with mini pearl (sorry no picture though. drank finish. forgotten to take one.:P )....worth the money...cause it taste so goodd...mmmm. :))

Take care and be a nice human.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Idol meets Idol. XD

*little known fact about lilalien: she was a big fan of 燕姿 when she first came out, she has all her albums. wosh. just like mayday, but mayday is one level higher.*bias kid!haha* haha. :P just that along the way, yes, i could feel her tiredness in her songs, abit off track, but now shes back. oo. hope shes as good as before the media push to bring lacklustre-ness. jia you!

ahhhhhhh....:)))) When idol meets idol. Who and who? When Stefanie meets ashin.When 燕姿 meets 阿信 to sing 第一天 for her concert [The Answer Is] in Taiwan. wee. XD ashin was so cute in interaction with stef. mmm mmm! :)

The only vid i could find of just them...there should be one more with more cute stuff...haha...but wee. :) so cute! Direct watch through this link wasn't able to post up video, had some probs?
So many 'pattern'. Very 'high fun tian!' cute ashin. Xppp =DDD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lala Loves Polariod Cameras!

Sarah really loves Polaroid cameras! Weeeeeeeee! okok. i own a Polaroid camera but i No! i do not own one....

nope. am not going bonkers, yet. still sane still sanely yet insanely sarah. ahha. okok. let me explain...p. cams are wayy least for me now. so i do not own one which i can keep in my cuboard and take out with me to admire...maybemaybe...butbutbut. i have something just as good and very awesome for now!:D
Doesn't this look like the real deal?;)
yesh. i took this.this is mine. on flickr! show noooo.not good enought yet.

presenting....cheng cheng chengggggg*** The polariod project polariod camera!
Where where? what polariod camera? I just see a scatter of messy...*grumbles.*
look carefully at the top left hand corner...see that?
Yesh! That's the one that converts my own personal photos into o soo very cool polariods. (sorry. don't mind me. i very swaa koo. just got to know of this product. :P )

And knowing me. with something so fun of course have to do quite a few lah!
the first time i tried it, i think i was overly excited that i hanged the system...woops~ -_-
over excitable little kid. haa!
with my cov covs~ =D very nice.
bie and i look so retro in this pic. i think its the colour.

At first i wasn't sure if it would really i just quickly grab any picture i could get my hand on to try...omg..when the first picture came out i was like ooohhh and ahh...
total country bumpkin.
so sue me. haha:P

lalala~ what a nice feel it adds to the pic.
and i wonder why we look so young. (NOT that we're old now..just just feels a little like year one. from the looks. :P )

from my birthday! it feels so warm and lovely. :))))
and the ballooons!

i can't smile properly.
but sis looks good here. :)

everyone say awww.
haha...great angle and pose too.

see...i was getting carried away...

Ok! i've realised. I haven't posted up the site yet...... on purpose...wanna peeps to see my swaa koo happy pics you go! The site is HERE*.
After downloading the software it's all ready for use!;)
yeap. simpleee.
if i can do it. don't worry, its nothing hard.
happy being swaa koo-ly happy. like me! playing with your polariods!
hope this was a good share!

be a nice human.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Songs that i enjoy....

Just to share....I first heard this song in some idol drama; KO2 终极一家 (anyway, didn't like that show, thought the producers were just trying to make a quick buck out of its first success.anyway.). And I thought the song was quite awesome....

I didn't realise until very very much later that this was a cover version for a Teresa Teng's song.

There you go...the original 在水一方...i never thought i would put such an old mv on my blog....haha...but if its a good share..why not? ;)

Lightning protection

I was reading the malaysia paper The Star; Starmag the other day and saw some stuff that is good for us to know about lightning...I went online and did a little search and found the article...they don't have the cute pictures which they have in the papers on Sunday 24th may. Let me see if i can scan it through....but anyhuu....have a good read at this...its good knowledge..;)

Lightning safety (Taken from Star online site. here.)

Here are some life-saving tips

1. Run for shelter if you can hear thunder or see lightning. Do not wait for the rain to fall before you act. Sometimes, lightning strikes even before the rain begins.

2. Take shelter inside a large, sturdy building made from steel reinforced concrete (for example, a shop or a house), inside a metal vehicle (such as a bus, van or car) or under a large structure (for example, a bridge). Do not loiter outside a large building to avoid being struck by debris from lightning damage.

If you are caught outdoors because there is no proper shelter nearby then follow steps 3 to 7

3. Do not seek shelter under a tall, isolated tree – lightning often strikes the highest object on the ground. If you have no choice stay under a clump of small trees, preferably in a valley.

4. Don’t be the tallest object in an open area (such as a field or the sea). Get down into a lightning defensive position, i.e. squat (but don’t sit) with your feet
TOGETHER and cover your ears. Do not lie down. If it rains, get yourself wet because water in your clothes helps to reduce serious injuries if you are struck – the current flows over you instead of inside you.

5. Stay away from isolated tall poles and telecommunications towers. Although you won’t be hit directly when lightning strikes tall objects, the current will travel through the ground to you.

6. Do not think that a tent, small shed, rotunda or roadside food stall is safe. Most small shelters are not fitted with proper lightning protection systems. Similarly, never use an umbrella – it just makes you a higher target for lightning.

7. If you can’t find a proper shelter nearby, get down from higher ground (such as mounds, hills or platforms). Get into any depression in the ground or into a dry drain.

Even if you do get into a building, you still have follow these safety steps:

8. Do not touch any metallic object, such as electrical equipment or wiring. If you really must use your laptop, disconnect the wires and run it on batteries and wireless internet. If you need to make a call, use a mobile phone. Do not use the (fixed line) telephone unless it is really urgent.

9. Keep away from the balcony, verandah, doorway, window, wall or pillar as lightning can strike through open spaces. Do not take a bath or use the sink during a thunderstorm. Water pipes conduct electricity.

! Stay inside your shelter for 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder is heard. Lightning can strike up to 15km away from the thundercloud i.e. even after the rain has stopped!

Most importantly, remember this slogan: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

Yay~ I managed to get a scan of the cuter version of the post from the newspaper. The Star; Starmag Sunday 24th 2009

Click on the pics to read them. :)

I think we do follow most of the stuff....but except for number 8....haha...even i myself do that bad habit when there's lightning...but it's better to be safe than sorry right? So be a good kid and listen....;P

Be safe. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I found this song nice. :) There are two versions to it though, and some are arguing whether the former done by a cord is nice or the latter done by Pets Chen is nicer. The song sang by Pets is used in the same lineage of idol drama; KO3, which is better than the previous instalment if you asked me.I think both of them are sang it nicely, in their own kind of way....its a nice song and both have done justice to the song, in my opinion...:)

The version done by the original song writer.

东城卫& A Chord

And the new version by Pets...

In this mv the guitarist 修 got to show off more skills he had a good 5-6 seconds of solo. Very glammed up mv. ;)

Lyrics can be found here*.
See if you like this song....:) enjoy~
be a nice human. :D
Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. he who envies others does not obtain peace of mind

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.


Friday, May 22, 2009

五月天 - 放肆

Mayday joined the league of Pepsi stars....and came up with a new song for the campaign too. On the video its not as polished...i heard the one on the radio more clearly...:))) Anyway...if you want to skip to the new song go to 6.10min of the video(the front is prize presentation and stuff) should be roughly around there...:)

They were presented with a full set of instruments by Pepsi...studded with pepsi coloured (white, blue,red) crystals. woohoo.
heh heh. :P
I wonder why only Stone was wearing white that day...?Going for the prince charming (bai ma wang zi) look? ;P

I think this interview is from a Hong Kong or Taiwan television station cause its conducted in Canto? I just thought the shots were much better and steadier...:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

dedicated to the two birthday girls.

this post is dedicated to the two covalent bonds of mine which so incidentally turn 21 this month.

Happy birthday Huan!:) You are officially 21!
We both love to hate math ever since young.
We both are just as blur at times...coming to think of it actually there is quite a few similarities as we grow up....;) the routes we go on..the things we choose..the subject we hate...
but i know you still love green and i'll love blue...haha...:P

You have finally joined the club! 21 years old. legal for the illegal. (you get what i mean.or not. haha. ;))
21 years is a long time and yet to the many many more years which are going to come it is not that long after all. And part of that 21 years I was in there for a big part of it. not bad. haha...14years! i calculated. wow. you've known me more than half of your life, and don't worry. I'm sure i'll be around to bug you for the many many more 14 years....
Happy Happy 21st~ :)

Happy Birthday Jinjin!:) lalala~ You are officially 21 too! ;)
Our Math queen. Fast eater. ella teo.(huan say one:P) Thailand lover.
very lovely covalent bond
While i can't finish a problem sum properly you breeze through the whole math paper for an A.
The irony. How do i always end up pals with those very bright people? Must be luck. I am one lucky girl, I'm surrounded by people who are knowledgeable and can share their knowledge with me.

Well one thing in common is the one for the click click black colours bulky yet so lovable camera. dslr to be exact. o i guess the old saying is true, that friends will always share something in common, somehow. I can never be a math or computing expert for sure, but in shooting stuff, bring on the target and have some fun! piang! opps. is click!

Yiiiijiiin! You are 21! Yesh! We are all 21 le....! old already. lao no way.
We're still young and everready! So many things to do see learn hear and taste!Welcome to the club!:D
And as i told huan...14 can't run away too...i'll be around to bug you another and many more 14yrs to come..:)
and i'll alway remember you saying this some time back next time it'll be us bringing along the little kids meeting in the market....hahaha....that'll be a long way to go...maybe?maybe.
but we'll be around to bug each other silly. :)

Happy happy 21st Jinjin. :)

Its great fun to be the photographer for the events...its gives you the right to shoot everyone and'll get the pics first hand too....but on the other hand..i was worried i did not do as to expectations....whoops! hope it turned out all right...;) not too bad, if i were to say. ahhhaaa!bhb.... but it was great fun. :D

love you gals!cov covs!

Friday, May 8, 2009

have a great day. :)

Smile to a great day!

Just a little fun using flickr's tools....because i'm still waiting for my photoshop...because it went down with my com...

anyway. May you all have a great day. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quotable quotes.

I liked some of this quotes from Calvin and Hobbes.. To share some...:)

“Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words.”

Reality continues to ruin my life."

“Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world's problems?”

"There's never time to do all the nothing you want."

Quotes from Calvin and Hobbes.
Hope you found them interesting. :)
take care
be a nice human!