Friday, June 26, 2009

to the king of pop.

lilalienations: not back yet...just found a place to blog a real short short one.... had to put this because it came as a shocking and sad news. to me.

Micheal Jackson. May you rest in peace.
Your songs,lyrics,tunes and signature moves are legend.

i remembered growing up listening to his songs. They were good. Well, everything was good until the whole string of crazy stuff surrounded him, leading to his ultimate downfall. And just as he was about to make a comeback he has gone at the age of 50 due to speculations of a heart attack(autopsy will be out today). I somehow feel sorry for this poor guy.

I liked his songs, not enough to be my idol but i grew up listening to many of his tunes and watched his dances. He was legend. Until, ultimately all the wacko stuff were done. I don't agree that all fault which was shown in ithe media was his, some could have been just due to media frenzy, but i think he was very off at the point he dangled his baby out of the window.

But up until then or after that i guess to me it's a case of, the media world is a crazy place, sometimes its hard for people to stay sane. So forgive them sometimes, just like how Britney spears went off the hook, and now shes all better and I still like her...Maybe the people should have gave the king a break. Case after case after the other....he didn't have the happiest childhood and i guessed all the stuff just sparked off a big bushfire afterwards....

Well, he didn't make it to his comeback, but lets just hope that for this legend, he will feel and get more love in his next life and live a happier one.

If you only knew the legend's song when he was michael jackson, you should check out the time when he was singing in jackson5 with his brothers....its awesome. :)

This was one of the clearest version i could find of the youngest days of him singing 'Ben'. I was just listening to this on the radio thinking what a awesome song, to only hear in the afternoon he was gone....

Just as there were so many bad reasons to remember him by, there are so many better reasons and images to remember him by.

Goodbye to the legendary king of pop. Michael Jackson. May your next life treat you better. Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mayday's DNA World Tour-Taiwan leg.

lilalienations: i'll be missing for awhile. i'll be flying away to outer space. :)


Was listening to the radio station yess 933 a few days back and heard that when Mayday's ticket for the concert in Taiwan was put up on sale there was war. Sales war that is.

In fact i read through here** that the opening of sales for ticket is actually already earlier that originally planned due to overwhelming response from the fans. They were probably hounded day and night to open sales of ticket for Mayday's concert.

And when they finally did, all hell break loose. There was the war of the tickets. Mayday was even so considerate for the student to provide a student price, how nice of them. But back to point, when ticket sales/booking open the response was so overwhelming that the ticketing system crashed and many had to try again and again, only to get a place, but maybe not a premium one or the one they originally wanted to fight for...its the battle to get hold of the ticket, any ticket i should guess. I heard it took less than 3 or was it 1? to sell finish all the tickets. WOW.
Response was so good Mayday decided to add another day in. Taiwan's fans must be beaming. :)
i also heard that this time round their going to do the 360 degree stage for the taiwan concert (what about the rest of the world tour?). and its going to be a bigger and better stage, so the fans can get more of them. I think this is one of the stage for the concerts...not too sure which one...? Or was this the one used in hongkong?
No matter how the stage is going to be like or where they're going to perform they'll be awesome. Throw them in some barnyard for a concert and i'm sure they'll explode the roof off too. ;) Yesh, their mayday. =)

Yay yay. i'm excited. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mayday!:) 五月天!:)) DNA mv

Fresh out of the oven!

Lyrics from ashin.
那是誰 用掉了 我的牙膏 我的鞋和外套 是誰穿走了

那是誰 在我家 大方洗澡 鏡子前他和我 一樣的外表

誰搬進 我的大腦 誰綁住 我的手腳

是DNA 唱我反調 還是我 的命運 不敢自編自導

想要叫 那就叫 想甩就甩跳就跳

跳更高 別靠腰 要靠心臟的火藥

要不要 難道要 別人幫你決定好

好不好 就現在 搶回自己的心跳


那是誰 總是說 有夠衰小 那是誰只禱告 只會打嘴砲

那是誰 被通緝 正在逃跑 罪名是綁架了 自己的微笑

誰搬進 我的大腦 誰綁住 我的手腳

是DNA 唱我反調 還是我 的命運 不敢自編自導

想要叫 那就叫 想甩就甩 跳就跳

跳更高 別靠腰 要靠心臟 的火藥

要不要 難道要 別人幫你 決定好

好不好 就現在 搶回自己 的心跳

心跳 跳躍 狂奔 奔跑

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blood the last vampire.

Blood the last vampire. Has anyone catch this movie yet...?Well i did, and let me share my review for this movie....

I just learnt that this movie was made into a live action from the original anime of the same tittle; Blood the last Vampire not Blood+ as many have had this mixup. Honestly speaking, i have not heard nor seen the anime series thus can't make any comparisons. But just basing on the pictures i see of the anime version of Saya and the real version play by Jeon Ji Hyun. It's quite nicely done.
Sailor uniform- Check
Blade in hand- Check
Plaid Pigtails- Check
Frown on the face- Check
Not that bad a resemblance, to me that is.

*a little digression*
Who is Jeon Ji-hyun?
You must be thinking...damn. she looks soooo familiar but i can't put a finger to where i've seen her from..
If you are a fan of k-movies, you might be familiar with the very original sassy girl.
Yesh, shes the girl, the main lead from My Sassy girl. If you asked me, I feel shes the one who started the whole trend of other 'sassy fierce girls' kinda movie trend in Korea.
*end of digression*

From this sweetie pie image to the devil may care attitude below. Thumbs up.
But what i didn't get was wouldn't it be easier to find a japanese to act this role? Maybe, they couldn't find anyone suitable for it. No faults there. But i could clearly hear that a certain part she was struggling with her japanese, but she managed to pull it off quite well. So, i guess maybe because I knew she was korean, I was paying special attention to her speaking the dialougue. But otherwise, it was quite smooth.....

When watching a movie like this, i always remind myself before stepping into the theartres that i should leave my rationality aside and enjoy. So that was what I did, I went in and enjoyed most of the movie, squirmed at some of the graphics, not because they werre gory, just because, it wasn't of great quality...O..and the fighting scenes. !!. Let me speak more on that behind. But leaving all those behind, I wanted to label it as a interesting movie to watch....UNTIL. the ending came about, and from a movie rating of, woah. it suddenly dropped to, what the. ...
Even if they wanted to end it that way, do it properly. It somehow seemed to me like a very hard sudden ending as if they had no more ideas as how to shoot it, were eager to wrap up, or suddenly realised budget was not enough when filming those scenes. I'm not attempting to put up too much spoilers, so i'll just say, the ending was too abrupt and the mysterious ending, was kinda done in bad taste. If you ask me that is.
The fighting and flying scenes was something i felt a little off about too...the wireing made the actions very stiff. It kinda felt like those old old chinese action gongfu flicks at some part where because of the wireing their actions become a little awkward. and because, they are not stunt people some of the actors moves could be very clearly seen as not powerful enough. Not the fault of the actors though, i can see the main lead doing a incredible job with so many action moves to attempt. Maybe the director could have helped them out a little there.

The bad.
  1. the ending.
  2. the stiff fighting scenes
  3. telling it from the point of alice
  4. not a strong plot, but hey. its just an hour and a half movie
  5. the vampires which look like the monsters from alien vs. predator. -_-
The good.
  1. A close Saya(main lead) resemblance
  2. ji hyun's acting, she's spoke english and jap, comeon, give the girl some credit.
  3. The silhouette(d) fighting scenes.(creates mood w/o the cheesy wiring jumping around,but there were too many of it) (got a little one too many right after i realised i like it-_-)
  4. i like heroines saving the day. my personal bias. bleahs. =P
  5. i'm into the whole vampire slaying thing. ask me. i caught all 3 seasons of my date with a vampire(我和僵屍有個約會) another personal bias. =P
  6. at least. the director had the decency to get an asian to act as saya to lookand sync like the original anime character. unlike some other movie...
  7. there were some very cool fighting scenes of japanese warriors.
the front suspense-ful start was good.

Overall, if you asked me is this the movie of the year? an obvious no.but!definitely Not the worse too. if your looking for a Sunday entertainment movie. Yes, this would make a good one, despite some bad stops, it is still full of flavour and actions.

Would i recommend this movie...? I think i would actually...:P Because, I like the whole, girl in sailor uniform saves the day kinda didn't regret watching it. And ji hyun's acting here is pretty good remembering this is her first take on a english film. :)
If you catch the film,let me know your take on it. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Foong!

To my dearest Couzie buddy!
Ms Yeo Yi Foong!
You are 21~! =)
Happy happy birthday to you~~~
Wishing you many many more wonderful 21 years to come...

Pulau Ketam Strays.A rescue mission of worthy cause.

A direct click on the photo will bring you to the site.

I guess most of you out there would have heard of the infamous case Pulau Ketam's Abandoning dog case. In any case you haven't heard of it, in brief it is the island's dogs (300!!) being rounded up by villages ( who i guess, might have found them too much of a nuisance) and taken to a wild deserted island to fend for themselves.

A sudden exile, is just as good as a death sentence in any case. Without food, what are these abandoned dogs going to do...? What if there isn't any food for theselves, or not enough? Won't this cause a ruckus among themselves? A internal war, where everydog is for itself. I do not know why but i somehow pictured a scene of the japanese cult film Battle Royale, where they had to fight for survival.

Many of the dogs have been wounded and scarred....god knows how many more dogs are still there and in need of help...Luckily, some kind souls have helped make their plight known.Let's not point fingers and say who's right who's wrong.

You can visit these sites to read up more on the case, to give moral,financial or support in your own special way...
"Pulau Ketam, 2nd May 2009: Man-Made Tragedy. According to local fishermen, the starving animals resorted to cannibalism. They ate the carcasses of the fellow castaways who didn't survive. They were so desperate that they swam to nearby kelongs only to be chased away. Many weaker ones died in the water. Because the island is relatively remote, the rescue mission is a logistical nightmare. "
Click HERE** for the photos done up by the kind souls on their trip to help. 1 to 10 see the pics and read the captions.

And here the Furry Friend's Farm who is helping out with the wounded dogs.
And finally here for the lastest updates on how the rescued dogs are doing and how they were when they came in....

I hope all these dogs find a better life from now on.....
jia you.
and bless those kind souls.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sadly...i think me too.

Saw this poster of Gary Chaw
(i heard its given away with his new album?unsure.)
it's ok if your un-sociable. you, Mr Chaw, can sing.

I was looking for this today. Couldn't find it...maybe its not out yet.

Who went to India?

Who went to India? That was my first reaction when I opened the letter box and saw a postcard...

Because I saw this.
Incredible India postcard....Who went to India and sent a postcard back from there?
I have indian friends...but, i highly doubt they would go there to send postcards to me.....

Only after i turned over then i unveiled the mystery...
msg and address smudged off..for me to see nia. :P lol

bie sent me a postcard. very nice of sweet.:)
nope...i don't think she went india...i'm guessing its a ad for tourism india...
what a pleasant little surprise!
Thank you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

a night with rpws.

lilalienations: I listen to yes 933 as often as i can..usually night programs...and while i was writing this post of my all time favourite dj's from the station ever since i started listening to the station Dennis Chew 周崇庆 called all the way from Shanghai China (because he brought a tour there,yes. he's a dj not a tourist to wish his partner on radio Ivy a Happy Birthday. It was soooo sweet. I'm sure many thought so too. The can hear, such a plesant surprise for ivy. Very nice. That's why 崇庆 is one of my faves! Funny and real. :)

Went back to the rp trcc to support my juniors in rpws...This time we sat in the balcony seats...the ones above the stage....We had a good view, and the sound was good. Only. one thing which kinda pissed me off a little was that there were this bunch of Kids. -_- who didn't know when and how to shut when the concert was on. I mean fine, your a little excited enjoying yourself, i won't mind...but. don't be a irritant for THE WHOLE SHOW. argh. They did pipe down a little after a few stares and 'tsk' from fishy. lol. If your going to a concert respect the people performing and people listening. No one say you need to be a dead lifeless audience but don't be a nuisance.......ok. enough of that though....haha....let sees how the day was in photos....

The girls were a lil late...I waited for them to very kindly come and pick me up *thank you thank you*cause the sky decided to bestow a shower upon us just as it was time to go out.....-_-'' but. i decided it was a good thing that night....because i had a good nights sleep! it wasn't as warm as the other days....
So in the meantime as i was waiting....i charged my batt for the cam...and camwhored while waiting. i was bored. i seldom do this. honest:P* to be brought to the concert to take some pics...
See my folded up jeans? I initially wanted to brave the rain...but it was so heavy.....lucky the gals came to the rescue...but by the time rain finish le...haha..

Rpws. Don't they look grand? :)

Arrived a little late...missed the first two songs....Orange went in first with Mr Dee, and helped us booked seats...:)
This was the concert brochure. Viva la Symphonie in my year we did Viva la symphonie 1....Was a very grand event with loads of audience....I guess because it was the first of the series, everything was done in fashion...even the booklets then looked high end and polish. Not the common photocopy version more commonly used. Not that i'm trying to mean anything, just a observation....
I must say, the lightings design team did do a good job. They put thought into what they have done. Kudos to a good job. I particularly like this reflected shadow, by accident it happended or if it was planned i have no idea...but it was indeed a good touch.
I put this in to give a feel of what it was like. Look to the right of the pic. =)

Mr Kong Songlin doing a solo in the song Sapphire. He's in the spotlight!
He's a good soloist. Squeaked a lil...but that's ok, i guess he was probably a little tired? I liked the last song very much. Powerful. very impactful...but...i can't remember it's name though...opps.:P
Took photos with the alumni...:)
l to r: Cassandra, Weishi, Hannah, Jy, me and my round face and messy hair, Fishy
Orange came back from Korea..and brought back a teddy....
for me! jy and ling. xie xie!:)
It's from the Teddybear musuem in!
I haven't gotten to ask her if she did visit the place....
It has a name too...Curly Brown~ reminds me of Charlie Brown from Peanuts...
Had dinner? Supper, at mac....our usual spot after concerts....Ling gave me this cup as she already has this version....thankyous!
It had a whole series of rainbow colours...but i gotten the black its nice~
Yeap~ thats the end of it....:)

Take care peeps.
Be a nice human

Friday, June 12, 2009


lilalienations: my little counsin wrote "永远一生一世爱你哦!" i wonder how long is 一生一世? how long is it to her? *ponders* such

I was editing photos and got a little fickle minded as to which one looked better....damn. i suck in bnw editing...=( i need more practise....


Actually the only difference between the two is the colour and brightness contrast....You must be thinking, 'siao cha bor, looks the same to me what!' haha....It looks really almost the same until further scrutiny....*yes. i like to nitpick at my own because i want to create stronger bnw pics or any pic for that sense...:P* If their cut off you can click on it to see the full pic. :)

iplay.ipray. 2

I actually did quite a few, with a few different crops...its quite a contrast from the original though...but i think i liked this crop best. :)

Which contrast brings out the pic better....?
Advice anyone?


ahhh...i feel the breeze.....:)
hope it continues to stay that way....

red bean. dual versions.

lilalienations: No matter how many times i've seen the show Hero not to be mistaken with Heroes. I still catch it as if its the first time...just love the show. Takuya kimura! XD

I'm sure most people would have heard of the song 紅豆. It was very popular when i was a kid, even though i didn't know the name of the song then and didn't know who sang it, I thought the song was pretty good. And mind you, my chinese wasn't known to be exactly at its best then...i wasn't frequently listening to chinese songs (*digress* but i did manage to pick up a few nice songs from way back then which i liked. I only became a advid listener to chinese songs and the radio station 933 when i was passed down my home's old spoilt cd player, but radio works and still is like a charm!:D) as I am right now...mayday wasn't out yet. XP haha!:P

Recently I heard a cover version done by Khalil fong...but before that let me share with you the original first....Here**
Mv not much of a show unless your a big fan you can just catch the song while surfing around....
Not too long ago or recently i should think mr方大同 did a cover of this song...

No original i also suggest listening while surfing the rest of my blog! lol.:P unless you want the lyrics....

A cover of red bean.What khalil never fail to do with any song is to put a stamp of his own on it. Whether he writes a song for someone else, or when he sings his own songs even when he does covers. If i were someone who had never listen to the original i would think that this song was done by him. I thought the video of the live version sounded more interesting but the video was shaky. Khalil doesn't fail to deliver because he adds something of this own to the song unlike how sometimes when cover versions are done, it seems as if they murdered the song and brought no justice to it...but i wouldn't say it was very super impressive or very distinctively different from that of the original.

Have a listen.
Which version did you like? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dance Mayday Dance!:D

We know they can rock. Can Sing. Can write songs and do so many ultra superman stuff but mayday dance?

I know they seldom do. Because ashin ever confessed that he has two left

ahaa...I'll be looking forward to this!:DDD
Dance mayday dance!

Saw this somewhere...thought it was kinda cute. XP

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

90 year old hammie. :)

If this calculator for hamster age using human years is accurate enough my papa hamster would be in his 90's His son rascal and momo (which recently went to heaven, mum*off topic* my mom was saying hamster die, cry so hard already, like that how to own a dog? ehhh...different ok. my beloved animal move on 3 years or 13 years with me i will also cry like no tomorrow one. i'm a crybaby, i admit. lol.*end.back to topic*) are just 3 months all my hamhams are so old!:)Wow! Hammie boy, your a old old grandpa in hamster years.
But your still so so so cute.
Hamie and Rascal are noticebly growing older, more sleeping time *they sleep loads even when they were not old anyway. :P* Slower reflexes. And growing big lumps. :(
But i hope they'll stay with me. :)
jia you.
And i realised today that you can really notice when a hamster is happy or sad, i moved rascal to a new cage when momo died, a smaller one. I notice he became a lot more solemn, either he missed momo or he was wondering "why in the world did i move from a bungalow into a HDB flat?! ^&*%" haha....

Today i shifted him back...o wow. i could almost see him smiling and jumping for joy. *hmm. how was that?* back to the bungalow for rascal.
Remember to love your little family members~

Show some love people. :)

Hey there...:) Yesh all you kind hearted folks. i know you are. The time has come to help out the charities a little. Help out the Digi's Love to Save campaign HERE**** money you think, how am i going to help? No fear. With just a simple click (really, its that simple.). I just found out from cheeserland of this effort done up by Digi to help all these charities, we click to state which charity organisation we want them to help us donate.Go to your mail and verify your email add.And voila! its done. RM5 is donated to the organisation, from Digi! Not even from one's own pocket...So,what are you waiting for, don't excuse yourself if you think you have no money, because this time, all you need is a good and willing spirit.
I always donate wondering if my donations reach the intended place. This way we can rest assure.

*Digi is a phone line provider, just like sintel, m1 etc.* Advertising gimmick to let people know who they are? or tell the whole world they are spreading the love to boost company image? maybe. but one thing for sure, if it were just a gimmick, why this? why not something more profitable....for boosting image you may argue. once again, i think its just a way their trying to give back. and i believe they do so because they have heart. :)
or even if you don't believe so...and think its a big advertising gimmick.what loss is it on our side to just click and verify? in any chance we gain good kharma points o.right?;) come on...:) help someone, bring a smile:D
Digi is 150,000 in 30 days for all these charities.
Do help out pls. :) Click here to enter web.

And all of us here have a great big heart too! Yesh. i know you are all kind people out there. Please help out by going to, it doesn't take much time;) It may be just a few clicks and a confirmation from your mail box, but you never know how much every little adds together. :)

You can choose from the different beneficiaries you want the money to be donated to.
Nature.Health.Social then choose any one of the organisations which you want the money to be given to.

If your some influencial person, choice one would benifit more if you shower your influence towards this good cause. Or choice 2 to make a click. Either way, you win some good deed
Next, just remember to go to the mail you used to verify that it is a active account. And then voilaaa! all done. :)
Yay for you.

Be a nice human.
Spread some love.
thank you.
Take care peeps.