Monday, March 26, 2012

Mayday Now here tour 天五月诺亚方舟 新加坡站. - the drool worthy wallpaper shots! - Teaser post!

Hello Hello! because i'm very nice i decided to specially do up this post just to put all those nice closeups of my beloved Mayday for all fans alike me out there who would like to see nice pics of Ashin, Monster, Stone, Masa and Ming. :) and also because the other post for this is pretty saturated so i took some out to put here instead! hehe.

So here you go! o wait. before that, from one fan to another, you can keep the pics if it is just for your personal viewing pleasures, but if you would like to use it for anything else, please have the courtesy to credit me k! I know how it's nice to keep pic and use them as screensavers cause i do it too! haa!:P but also must remember to be nice k! From one fan to another and others signing off. :)

Here we gooooo! My camera didn't do much justice lah...but i tried my best restoring them...:)

First up...of course...Ashin!<3

 Wallpaper worthy!
for Ashin!
i feel that he looks as per he is glowing~
 realised how all this shots have him with the mic on?
after all the blue tints, here's one in a different shade!

Even though i put many shots of my beloved ashin here, i've also kept a few other drool worthy shots in the other post so it's a bribe to look forward to the other post! hehe...

 actually this pic wouldn't be here because its not as clear and abit messy, but i like him in this jacket too!
i know i'm so very bias!
but i can't help it! he catches my attention! :P
 i will have another wallpaper worthy part for the rest of the members!


Next up Masa!
I don't have many good shots of him this time. And this dude!! his hair is almost always covering his face! So rare to get him without hair on his face like cousin It from the Adams family...haha
Super rare can!
Laughing smiling and no hair on face! I can see him clearly!
another rare one. 
 this is what i mean. 
but if you are a fan of his hair on face look, there you  go!
one more if you weren't satisfied with the other hair on face look!

After our bassist let's shift our attention to Mayday's Leader...
most of his shots are 'in the action shots' like Ashins!
got feel eh. ;D
he sang!
Monster is usually very reluctant to sing, so it's a nice rare chance. 
not that we haven't heard him sing before, but once in awhile he open his 'golden mouth' 
he sounds good! :D

and last pic of the night for monster...
 in da mood. 

from one guitarist to's Stone!
Very sad to admit i don't have much shots of stone what more to say good shots because Stone was at the far corner of the stage...:( boo

this is one of the best i got for shitou papa in action. 
 talking also not bad lah! cept the yellowish tint. 0.-
i really like this shot for him though you can't exactly see his face...'ll make a nice wallpaper right? hehe.

Lastly....Guan You!
Drummer also very hard to shoot, manage to get this shot when he came out to talk and introduce little rose. :)
in action!
i give you two action shots to make up for lack of face time. :P
i very nice hor. 

You're welcome. 


So there you go!
This is a teaser post to bribe you all!
Cause i am still currently struggling to finish up the main post!

Too many pictures can sure be a headache too sometimes!

Stay tune for the other post!
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Have a god week ahead and be a nice human!

If you decide to use the pics do credit kies! And leave me a comment or something! Though I know this will never happen...but it's nice to know some other Mayday fan looking through and enjoying the pics...*hopefully!

Good night!

You gotta stay tune for the main post!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wanna Win an Ipad 2?! Help Flippy & Hoofy! :D

I was captured the moment i saw this two cute animals on the new Dettol no touch hand wash!
 So cute right!!!

I was thinking of getting one for myself too...
i like the penguin, the zebra reminds me of the Zebra from Madagascar!
And don't say good thing i don't share, for now can win Ipad 2 (!!) weee! and USS passes just by playing their game HERE. Super easy one!:))
Jump jump over all the filth!
Most points win!


Jia you!

if win already can share share with me also!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

that's the way to do it.

i want my everyday to be just like this. 
this is one of my little daily wishes. 
simple but true. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

a greeting to me. Otanjobe Omedeto!

dear me, Happy 24th Birthday! May you always be happy and be among people whom you love and love you always. :) May the few wishes you make and almost year after year continue on coming true. And regarding that one on love, i'm always skeptical, but since i wished it over a cake, will you come this year? it's the one wish which never gets fulfilled so. o well. haha.

but there is this one wish, which i did make in all full sincerity among my other wishes i hope it come true. Not to sound like those ms universe trying to make a politically correct statement i wished for the world to have peace and happiness all around. World peace and happiness yo. So dear gods please do help kies:)  and dear world:

In all auntie voice "EHH! I spent my one good wish on you! You better don't give me whatever 2012 nonsense. Every 12 years on a dragon year somebody must come up with some world is ending nonsense. 12 years ago it was some millennium bug, 12 years later its this 2012 prophecy. no. I DON'T ALLOW IT. I veto that bill! I so could have wished for more luck in love but nooo, i wish for some world wish, dear world, please do not slant and go koo koo with all the weird people. We are not exactly angels, but everyone on this earth deserves a good chance to decide our fate. :) and to end off my auntie voice. THANK YOU AH, dear Earth!"

It's 1.54am into March 11 in local time and I am writing this random stuff, 12 years later, would i still get to read this? :) I hope i'll look back and laugh at myself and show this to my kids. :P haha. And if we do make it till then, pls let there not be another crazy 12 year end of the world psychopath telling us prophecies.

I do realise this post was totally random but interesting to me nevertheless,

Happy Birthday to meeee~ :)

i know i know! 
i am backdating alot of Post!
Mayday concert, Wongfu meeting...
my main big two...
i've been busy...! 
but really! so by the time i do have any i just wanna sing the lazy song and do nothing. :P

i'll post them soon kies!
Don't leave meee!

i'll bribe you with one of my personal all time go to pic of the one me and ann nee took with Wes and Phil. We got their signatures too. We can die in peace now. lols. but wait! not yet, don't have ted's!

no matter how much rubbish i meet in the day i unlock my phone and give myself a second of inspiration and strength to fight on. 
total fangirling, but because they are worth it, inspirations. 

see, i'm not being superficial and liking them because they are awesomely good looking?

I followed them since way before they were known as Wong fu Pro. 
And also i loved Mayday before i knew Ashin was so cute and the rest could look so good, my mayday:)) 

inspirations. :)

another awesome birthday present i bought for myself. 
 Tix to mayday concert and wfp meetup. 
I get the best presents for me. 
and bonus! i spend it with my beloved buds. :)))
attempts to bribe you all with ashin's pic. 
today's my birthday! :)

ok i shall stop this random post to myself here.
Happy Birthday me. 
*throws confetti*

thank you whoeever grants wishes over birthday cakes, for always keeping my family safe and happy. :)
now can work on that and the other wishes too pls?
*big puppy eyes*
this is not my birthday post. it's just a post from me to me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

i spent half my life with you gals. :)

How many people in your life do you know for 17 out of your 20 odd years of living...? I do know alot but close one who stick around not many, i only know of a few and am very thankful to have them still all around all the time. :))))

I never noticed we have been buds for 17 years only until Jin was saying the other day...From SLPS pri 1 until today...HOMG! We are so old! Rather than thinking so, i really like the feeling and thought that WOW! 17 years! How many people can actually brag they still keep in close contact and interact with close feelings with their secondary school friends not to mention primary school ones? :D *puts a badge on myself.* lols.
Doyou have people you know you can be stupid with and just be yourself without feeling worried at all? :)
Most of the time people are very surprised I still get to keep in contact with my primary school friends. Owell, what can i say? If i decide to keep you all my life, there is no where you are running away to....*muahahahaha. evil laugh.

Even tyng and peyshy, we lost contact since after secondary school, but recently after making effort to contact them we promise we will have our yearly meetups. And honestly i'm happy with that! At least I know to me they will always be important. :))) Haven't had our annual meetup this year cause we have all turned working adults but....soon we will and must have!...

Ok, for now PEEKTURESSS! :D
My beloved covalents from SLPS times...:)
 introducing fang. huan & jin. 
we were in the same class since pri 1 to pri 6
 here's fang fang. 
envy much!
shes always been so thin!!!!!
i can just eat air and put on weight but she being a mama can still stay so slim. 
god. why you not so fair in terms of weight management?! lols. 
pretty and slim and have nice short hair cut! :)) 
i also want! 
love youu!
here's huan. :)
we both suck at math. 
and we both agree that we suck at i'm not insulting her...haha...:))
she's now finally chasing her dream to fly around the world, and boy am i happy for her!
also another so thin and can have short haircut and look pretty buddy! :)))
love you toooo! 
 and last but not least. 
here's jinjin! :))
among us shes the best at math!
and she's like some computing whiz with all the codings i can never grasp. 
love how she effortlessly look good in things and have 'naturally good skin mah' (insiders joke):PP
yet another forever thin and look good in short hair friend!
homg. not fair. 
i also wanna be that forever thin and can look good in short hair friend too!!!
lao tian ye, why you no make me pretty effortlessly too? 
nvm. i know why, cause you give me good friends. 
so i'm contented too. 
 i take one!
nice or not this pic?!
really like it!
muahahaha. bhb.but yea!:D
 they were posing for this pic in the photo above! lol
ok. i know liao. next time i going for jin this kind of style...
*just saying, i never know what to get when i shop....o.0
queen of clueless.:P
 the mirror is your best friend when no one is there to help you shoot.
 huan will probably keel me for putting this picture but honestly i really like this picture!
she say i 心机很重cause i'm not in the photo. actually i wanna be in!! this photo is like niceee!:(
i was testing out my new app!

new camera apps...actually not that was just that i didn't know how to use them till jin told me how too....
swaakoo turtle. 
 on the escalator down!
I still want to walk with you all for the many more years to come...
zutto zutto. 
tomodachi. nakama. 
suki desu!

may the next 17 years hit me again without me knowing it...