Monday, March 26, 2012

Mayday Now here tour 天五月诺亚方舟 新加坡站. - the drool worthy wallpaper shots! - Teaser post!

Hello Hello! because i'm very nice i decided to specially do up this post just to put all those nice closeups of my beloved Mayday for all fans alike me out there who would like to see nice pics of Ashin, Monster, Stone, Masa and Ming. :) and also because the other post for this is pretty saturated so i took some out to put here instead! hehe.

So here you go! o wait. before that, from one fan to another, you can keep the pics if it is just for your personal viewing pleasures, but if you would like to use it for anything else, please have the courtesy to credit me k! I know how it's nice to keep pic and use them as screensavers cause i do it too! haa!:P but also must remember to be nice k! From one fan to another and others signing off. :)

Here we gooooo! My camera didn't do much justice lah...but i tried my best restoring them...:)

First up...of course...Ashin!<3

 Wallpaper worthy!
for Ashin!
i feel that he looks as per he is glowing~
 realised how all this shots have him with the mic on?
after all the blue tints, here's one in a different shade!

Even though i put many shots of my beloved ashin here, i've also kept a few other drool worthy shots in the other post so it's a bribe to look forward to the other post! hehe...

 actually this pic wouldn't be here because its not as clear and abit messy, but i like him in this jacket too!
i know i'm so very bias!
but i can't help it! he catches my attention! :P
 i will have another wallpaper worthy part for the rest of the members!


Next up Masa!
I don't have many good shots of him this time. And this dude!! his hair is almost always covering his face! So rare to get him without hair on his face like cousin It from the Adams family...haha
Super rare can!
Laughing smiling and no hair on face! I can see him clearly!
another rare one. 
 this is what i mean. 
but if you are a fan of his hair on face look, there you  go!
one more if you weren't satisfied with the other hair on face look!

After our bassist let's shift our attention to Mayday's Leader...
most of his shots are 'in the action shots' like Ashins!
got feel eh. ;D
he sang!
Monster is usually very reluctant to sing, so it's a nice rare chance. 
not that we haven't heard him sing before, but once in awhile he open his 'golden mouth' 
he sounds good! :D

and last pic of the night for monster...
 in da mood. 

from one guitarist to's Stone!
Very sad to admit i don't have much shots of stone what more to say good shots because Stone was at the far corner of the stage...:( boo

this is one of the best i got for shitou papa in action. 
 talking also not bad lah! cept the yellowish tint. 0.-
i really like this shot for him though you can't exactly see his face...'ll make a nice wallpaper right? hehe.

Lastly....Guan You!
Drummer also very hard to shoot, manage to get this shot when he came out to talk and introduce little rose. :)
in action!
i give you two action shots to make up for lack of face time. :P
i very nice hor. 

You're welcome. 


So there you go!
This is a teaser post to bribe you all!
Cause i am still currently struggling to finish up the main post!

Too many pictures can sure be a headache too sometimes!

Stay tune for the other post!
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Have a god week ahead and be a nice human!

If you decide to use the pics do credit kies! And leave me a comment or something! Though I know this will never happen...but it's nice to know some other Mayday fan looking through and enjoying the pics...*hopefully!

Good night!

You gotta stay tune for the main post!

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