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Mayday Now here tour Singapore Leg . 天五月诺亚方舟 新加坡站.

Before you all even start reading let me give this disclaimer first. WARNING. PICTURE INTENSIVE POST. If you are not a Mayday fan, of course i invite you wholeheartedly to join in the mayday experience, but if you have no idea why you are here and don't want to lag your page i suggest you can click away now...but noooo. Go to youtube and play some 天五月 songs, when you like them enough you can come back here! hehe. 

*disclaimer: the photos are not exactly in order sequence of the show.  i was trying to enjoy the show too you see!;)

So here the journey begins! We go on a trip to Nowhere, now here. 
you ready?

yesh i promise i will let you oogle at the pics and let them do most of the talking, let me just start the paragraph and i'll set you free with the photos.:))
orange. me & jy. 
went after pasta mania dinner and tai mai yummy di gua! :D
Waiting patiently in line to buy our concert tees!
look at the queue. 
few of these pics courtersy of jy. stolen from her blog. :P
 Here we are after changing!
All ready for the concert! :DD

an empty stadium ready to be filled by the people mountain and people sea.
it was all filled in less than awhile!
See everyone is so exciteddddd!
 then i spoted someone's really cute blue star lightstick!
I also want. 
  here's ours! 
being the mayday fan i definitely remembered to bring lightsticks to the concert..
they didn't! haiyo! heng i bring!
Concert no lightstick where got fun?!:P
And of course it must be blue!
Notice how mine is in a different shade of blue?
Very weirdly it was dimmer than the other two i got for them which is newer but actually towards the end of the night it was actually brighter!
but the bad part was maybe i was too jumpy the lightstick 'juice' kinda came out....-_-;;;


Very sadly i missed Stone's and Masa's! :(


 and i shall leave you to enjoy the pics...:)
we couldn't really get good pics from the cam so half the time i decided to shoot the screen instead...
next time i should bring ling's camera along...
 see? they look so small through the camera as compared as taken off the screen...
i  really like how they made use of the screen to make it seem like a real time MV. 
 the very interesting setup. :)
 say hi to monster!
 and to Stone!
this was their second gear they came in after the astronaut looking clothes. 
I think Ashin got to change first, the rest changed after him...:)
he was on the ground and then he was in the air!
They are everywhere!
 they sang one of the songs which i always wanted to hear live but never thought would ever have the chance because it isn't that very poplar first hit as compared to their other songs...
  they sang 盛夏光年 live!:DDD
Happy max! :))
If you are not a true blue fan you might not know this song very well, but i really love the melody and feel for this's a little rebelious and dark and myterious in a way....:)

one of my fave pics of the night. 

if you all have realised Monster, Stone, Masa and Guan You have not really appeared yet...
ok. i admit i was a little bias. but it's not that i wasn't trying to capture them!
the lighting was pretty atrocious for my cam and they kept moving...
but don't worry!
being the all loving fan i have all their pics for your drooling pleasure!
 this was all sent in by Fans.
 Super duper nice eh?
 I think it adds a nice personality to the stage. 
Full of so much love from all of us!
 Each one of them had an individual box like this for themselves!
I really liked this segment so you see so many of this segment pics...:)
in the big picture it looks like above and below, really. my camera pics pale in comparison to how spectacular it really was that night!
it's like being touched over and over again...:') 
Mayday, how do you guys do it?:)

 Wallpaper worthy!
for Ashin!
i will have another wallpaper worthy part for the rest of the members!

above starting from Ashin's pic is a preview of the kind of pics you will see...and the few of the members after this post go catch that post if you haven't! ;)

Guan You aka Ming
the drummer.
the leader and guirarist
Stone aka by me as Shi tou papa
the guitarist
lastly the smiley Masa!

End of preview. 

Back to the post!
there was a bit of technical difficulties. 
The guys couldn't hear their ear pieces, thus it will affect them abit. 
they ended up playing 'o pay som'...
what exactly for i can't recall too....

anyway it went fine afterwards...:)
they are Southeast Asia's Number One band, what kind of tech difficulties they haven't encountered yet? ( ok, i know this is broken english. i'm doing a directly translation in my head from Mandarin for this..lols.:P)
and then they did their solos. 
Stone was way too far from me, i had to take shots like this to be able to get him...
monster moved alot! very hard to capture him too! :P

When Ashin went to take a mini break and change clothes the rest of the gang helped him out. 
They sang!
Very nicely too!
This time Guan You was in good pitch. :D
nicely done guys!
this time the concert focused alot on their new songs, very aptly too because duh, it's the theme of their concert. 
It's the end of the world....but even so, i'm still going to a mayday concert, ok that was not the bottomline, it was to cherish and love what you have now. :)

Guan you's daughter made a mini guest appearance!
they wanted to invite her onto stage but she was too shy after a little coaxing she appeared in the stands...:)
pardon the blurness!
then the guys finally came off the stage into the pit stage.
like finally!
We were quite near to them, if there wasn't an error while booking i'm sure we'll be much further in front and get to see them even nearer! but it was good too..:)
i never manage to have a good shot of ashin facing my side! >.<
see what i mean?!
this was the best i could get - ashin's side profile :)
stone mostly ran to the other side of the stage furthest from mine...
this was when he was in the middle..

i always love going to a mayday concert and see a sea of blue. 
if you go there bringing anything other than blue and not even having a additional blue one you have so gone for the wrong concert.

ok too much words from me...
(i'm letting you enjoy the pics , and let me get lazy rest for a moment....)
drool time. get ready your hankies! haha

notice any difference between the two pics?
quick play spot the difference! lol
caught this just as they were changing screen. i like the effect!
end of drool time advertisement.

during the song Jue Jiang we were all supposed to hold up the cards on our seats and sing along while holding it close to our chest...
we are very good fans. follow as per needed!
But up till this part i still had no idea what we were supposed to do...
*photo stolen from JY's blog*
until....the mid verse of the song and everyone had to flipped their cards...
so very nice!
we formed a human rainbow...:')

miracles do happen with mayday. 
They make you feel good about yourself giving you the courage to move on. 
i think non mayday fans would not really understand, but those who have been touched by their songs would definitely know what i mean....:)

you can't see very clearly here but this year they didn't have the LOVE song to play with us, so instead we played to was so cute!! they threw all these enormous balloons for us to interact with. Sadly i didn't get to hit the balloons!
i do admit i was pretty distracted by all the fun during this song i was concentrating on the balloons being pushed around and jumping up and down being high to the song than watching them. 
rare moment! haha.
there there can see?!
theres round balls and animals and all. super fun!

fans flew in specially from HK!
i think this guy pretty smart!
he used his ipad to ask for encore and also scored some attention!

Mayday being true to themselves this time, did not disappoint and did 3 encores for us. <3
mad love!

there's actually so many things i want to say about the concert but really my pictures and words do not give as much justice as to how good it really is. 


so next time if you were to ask me, just go for it. 
You'll be hooked. 
o no wait, nvm lah, it's ok. Don't go steal ticket place from me!

During the talking towards the end i found it super touching...
Ashin was saying again how when mayday first set out Singapore was the first country overseas that welcomed them with open arms. And they had to join show after show after interview after interview...
and if you know their questions are usually similar...

etc etc. 
and introduce themselves to get people to know them altogether...

Answer long enough and they were  lost, who is the biggest flirt? who has the worst temper?
Was it you or was it me?

i can totally understand. 
and they are very grateful to us. 

and ashin in his very own way which no matter how i hear i will melt kinda way say, 
nowadays they don't come as often as they used to. (They used to come every year for concerts.)

"不是因为我门变骄傲了。 只是还有很多地方等着我们 去说 我们是五月天。。。回答 最好色, 大方。。。"

But they promised we will always have a special place in their heart and they will never forget their promise. 

As fans we want them to be more happy and make more money. 
and also at the same time you sometimes hope they are exclusive, but that would be cruel because they need to earn more....:)

trust us. so long you are around, i wanna jump up and down with you and keep my spirits high everyday. 
if you are here we're here with you Mayday! <3

brought my girls, hopefully they enjoyed too!

mayday fan and proud of it~ !


I realised this post has been dragged for so long due to my work i've been soooo busy. 

finally getting to finish the post one month plus close to 2 months later...
haha...details start to get fuzzy, but the things which warms your heart will always stay...


It's Easter Sunday!
Hope you are having a good one!

have a blessed day ahead and be a nice human everybuddy!

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