Sunday, April 22, 2012

when clothes are inspired by our favourite websites...

I was looking through twitter and saw these two which particularly interests me to share! (i know i know. i have been too busy and not to mention a tinge of lazy to blog recently) but still i would want to share good stuff! heh.

Take a good look at these favourite website inspired dresses and shoes! Super cool can?! :D

 i'm totally loving the Google and msn inspired ones. I think the twitter one is my third fave!
I wouldn't mind wearing them if they actually turn out looking decent!

My least favourite are the Wiki, Megaupload and Deviantart ones...haha...
I can imagine the Wiki one actually being made out and worn as a old Victorian ladies dress...:S 
The deviant art one reminds me alot of like the green hornet or sorts? :P
And here are the sneakers!
people who know me know i love cool sneakers! 
though i don't get to wear them much now i still really appreciate funky cool looking ones!

My favourite would definitely have to be the Firefox inspired one! I am a firefox true blue fan!
They should send me some fan girl stuff already....LOLs. 

Youtube and Tumblr tied at 2nd place and twitter at 3rd. The shoe i would least be tempted to buy would be the facebook and Yahoo! one.
Like mannn. they look BORING...

I can't believe i'm not getting the fb one even though it's in blue my fave colour. It's just so uninspiring. The Youtube one might have fallen into that trap but taking a second look at it, it just casually fall into i'm sleek and cool but not loud. 

i'm speaking as if i'll be able to get these sneakers...:P
a girl can oggle can't she? lols. 

and that's another step back in being ladylike.

Why can't i salivate over high heels like all other normal girls?

I'm abnormal and i'm alright with it.
:D :P

haha. randomness at 2am. 

Off to bed. Good night folks and have a good weekend!
Be a nice human! :))

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  1. You should give credit to the artists.