Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yay! After my last post was publish i think blogspot somehow miraculously heard me and allowed my photos to be posted up...but then i think i'm kinda sleepy thus i'll just put up a few so very cute can die pics as bribe. lol. As a treat for not posting in some time. heh. :D

mine all mine.
my bear!
i'm shy.
*my little cousin charlene doesn't like to smile at cameras so it took me some effort to get this awesome pics.*
Isn't she so so cute? :D
so so naughty at times too haa.
one of the super rare photos she smiles so sweetly at me!:D
or we can take it, i got skill
lols. bhb. :P

*i asked when showing her the pervious photo i snapped of her: Whose this?*
*her action pointing to herself: me!*

Sooo cute yea? :D

I knooooow.
heh. :)

Hang on.

I will try to update soon.
If i don't get overdrown by my text. :P

Take care peeps.
be a nice human!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

thank you.

thank you
to you all too.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Turn on your auntie mode.

Haven't done any postings in a while....was busy and then just a lil lazy, but then when i got hardworking and decided to post some 'sui sui' cute photos today of my trip back to Kuching showing all my cute little cousin..blogspot refused to publish my photos thus i'm doing this post instead...till i can get my photos up...:p

So i woke up bright and early today just to accompany ms fishy to get a digital camera. yesh. a new one. *as said by my mom. huh?again ah.* hahahaa..:P

Where did we go for the purchase...? Surprise. surprise. We went to Chinatown! I've always known of their many camera and phone shops there, but i never knew they had better deals...because know, i had the illusionary co-realtion (don't mind me. i just learnt it in sch. wanna

Chinatown = Tourist-y place=Place where they slaughter you=Super sky high price= Sarah doesn't want to go buy.

Guess what. I was wrong. Ling initially was aiming for Canon S90 and she checked with the departmental stores, it was all selling around $700++...and at Chinatown, even the most expensive retail price was $600+++

And so we marched into everyshop to ask the price of their camera, Ling was telling me the other day when she asked they actually told her $400-$ we were wondering whether she heard wrongly the other day or they had quoted her a price which was not the full cost, they like to quote prices without stuff so when asking for prices of anything remember to tell them you want the full total price if not you will feel cheated when time comes to pay. Just a lil tip;) heh

We found the cheapest one in people's park complex, i hadn't tried the S90 myself, so i wasn't too sure how the qualities were, i had only went to read a few reviews done by some of the photographers. The reviews were not too bad indeed, except for a few downsides.

But well, to be cautious, we wanted to exactly know more about the camera. (and luckily the shop keeper was quite friendly and know his stuff, to a certain degree) i sent all my questions flying! bwahahaa...i'm a hard customer, it's good to know your stuff. lol. and then after learning more about the camera, it didn't seem too user friendly for someone who just needs a simple 'lets go shoot some beautiful simple pics!' There were lots of points which i became doubtful of, so i asked the shopkeeper what would be in good comparision.

He showed us the Panasonic Lumix. Ling took a few tries and was more or less happy with the quality. I told her "try until you happy" hahahahaa...:P true mah. If not buy already to regret again later would not be good.

This was the one. 12x optical zoom. (I told her good for shooting her Jam when we go see him.:P )Wide screen *wahhh* and all the auto stuff anybody can use easily. camera idiot friendly. Very user friendly. Which is awesome. Here's the specs. i think her only complain for now is that it didnt come in pink o. and the case too ugly. complains complains.

After she felt more or less wanting to get the camera, i think i got ready for war. hahahaa. I happend to be able to switch on auntie mode, bargain time! lols. What. This type of place is supposed to be for bargains de ok. :P

So i made sure we got the best deals, and good gifts (screen protector.) ok lah. useful. (cleaning kit.)useful too.
I think the shop keeper was in awe of my auntie skills he told ling secrectly (well, which she told me, hey, i'm her bud who did all the auntie bargaining for the best deal, no secrects between us mah. what more to say with the uncle) hahahahaha. He said i was doing market bargaining. oii. excuseee me. I don't anyhow anyhow bargain one, only when needed and supposed to. LOLS. o and the best part, it cost less than what she originally aimed for. yesh. - sheesh. the auntie in me is saying yay to saved money. it's a good thing still right?lols.

Turn off auntie mode, went for mac and went home to study....*student mode* (secretly, it's more fun to be in auntie mode once in awhile) lols! because, the text this time is really too complicated. :((( I don't like. Don't understand and it makes me o-so-sleepy, very.

Hope she'll like this camera this time and it'll turn out as a very good buy. ;) For all that unglam auntie-ness i showed to get a good deal, go shoot some very awesome pics to show us from Japan!;))

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new year new wishlist? :)

Every year i like to have a practical and impractical wishlist. I can't find the link to last year's one. I think i forgot to give it a proper tag. hahha...I'm always bugged for one wishlist every year, if don't put get scolded Xp but i can't really think what i want, that's not sky high out of reach. so Suprise me? I love surprises! heheheh:P

So here goes! :)

1. A plane ticket to fly around the world.

2. ok, just to Japan? Or to Oklahoma for my study exchange? muahaha.

3. Fireworks display! yesh. me likey!

4. bring me to disneyland! ok lah, universal studio opening also can.bwahahaa.

5. Big fat hong bao!:PPp

6. Thinking of getting a onitsuka tiger x tokidoki shoe.:D but then friends cannot buy cause, according to tradition is not good luck, cause they will leave me. so no.

7. Lomo Cameras!:)

8. Poloriod Cameras! me likeee!:))) old school. (don't ask me about the colours, i just felt like doing the old school colours, but i think i got the colour scheme

9. Digital olympus died. why o why.

10. old mayday albums that i haven't been able to find yet...(i'm a lousy sourcer?)

11. Newest mayday albums? ( if i haven't rushed out to buy them already. lols.)

12. Good grades. (as if it can be bought. don't kill me.)

13. I just bought a new wallet and it is looking old already. fml. shouldn't buy white wallets next time :( i'm thinking of getting a new one already. nooo. cannot be wasteful. Xb

13. that nice cheeserland bag (which cost a bomb. 200 over...well. its from japan.)so tempting, but the price jerks you back to earth.

14. the type of clothes you all know i like...:) of course not dresses!:P

15. Stayreal Merchandises and apparel! anything from the brand Stayreal!:DDD (sold @ ncore in fareast plaza)

16. audio technica earphones (overhead!:)))

17. Handmade cards or anything! i love handmades!:D

Ok. I really can't find 22 wishes guys. Must next year be 23? no need lah hor. :P

ok. i know.
From Wishlist 18-22: All the people i love, my friends and family always stay happy, healthy, happy and always be with me (so selfish i know right, stay with me.lols:P) These are the same wishes i make for one of the 3 wishes every year its like the ten year series wish. lols. i think god or whoever who hears this wish and grants them year after year must think i am so uncreative. man. ;p

yesh. that's it for this year.
as i always say
Surprise me?
You all are getting good at it!
cheap and good is nice:D

just sending me wishes and meeting me up and celebrating for me already makes me a very happy kid! honest!
i really appreciate more than anything is you all being there for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gals, Gers and Girls day out. :))

Oooo...finally finish this mods. test on sat...lalalala~ :)) all the stress makes me eat more and sleep late and grow pimples. isssh. no good. -_- ahahaa...
and i haven't had the time to blog about these...okie...i just got the pics just nice. :)

I was just saying in my 2009 countdown post, that i didn't get to meet my Zoo family peeps for the second half of the at the beginning of the year we came together!:) and of course it was to celebrate our o-so-very-beautiful jojo's birthday too!:D
Happy Birthday:)
Haven't seen them in quite some time already, so happy get to meet them
Besides celebrating our pretty jojo's birthday, it was also a meet up and a meet up before joyce flies off....
lala doesn't like seperations of any kind. possessive of things LOLs:P
Ah ching had to leave early...but gave us sweets she bought for sweet~
We ate at Hotpot Culture in Marina, everything's not too bad..EXCEPT. i think they put too much ajinomoto in their soups....we were all SOoooo very thirsty when we were done.
Night scene outside Marina.
Nice. :)
We took quite a few shots!
Here's another one!
Jojo was testing shots!
On the escalator...wealso could take accurate 'zhi pai' because jojo took her bro's new samsung cam...
i was amazed by that cam! it was dual screen man!! Don't play play. One in front one in the back.
First time i've seen it in my life. *or i could be the only swa koo around here* Xp

It was awesome getting to see them.
Meeting up with people all the way back from Year one is indeed awesome.


A 'Gers' night out.
*it's alright to blog about this since the pics are out right?*

My Sis always look so awesome.
and i always seem to look like crap. ok.sometimes i get lucky. lol
lucky she doesn't have round face days or pimples day like me when i hit exam days...
lol lol.
prettyness she is!
*yesh. i'm trying to be yoda*
my forever cute daughters:))
They were all in black outer coat!
yee's eyes were absolutely captivating i realised!:)

And yesterday i went out with my flautists.
It's a habit i tell you, this toilet photo shoots.:p
There's a few more, and some with orange.

I'm always happy when i meet people that i love and enjoy to be with.
o yesh. on a side note. i met mabel on accident the other day!
am i lucky or what?

Meeting 3 fabulous groups of gals.girls.gers in a month.

misses all. guys and gals.
all buggers. :))
Take care all!

Be a nice human.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stayreal and Snoopy on Mag. :)

滾!BOIL 創刊號/2010年 第1期
Hey guys...i've been looking for this mag but i think it's not being brought in locally...but just in case anyone happens to see it...Do let me know please. :)))

yesh i'm back.:)

yesh i'm back i'm back. :) because, i haven't updated in sometime..and the lilaLienations from the last post some still think i'm floating in space. whoops. =X hahaha...:P

I've been back for sometime already just haven't gotten down to put up any blog post yet. yesh. i have been lazy to blog. :P

Away from my books i just wanna laze around and see shows and see fb pics..see old get it...haha..:P just not sitting down to get a post up...heh.;P

Soon soon i hope!:) Exams round the corner! project date round the corner too! that means short one week break but now becuase of timetable rescheduling became one and a half? (but due to time table recheduling i also have classes on my birthday now. -__-'' :((( ) aiish.

So just as a little post because i was at jy's site and saw this so thought i'd try it (again) different one mah.:P haha. yes..its another personality test. well, away from the books which make me o-so-sleepy-i-can-almost-drool-on-the-books study this is something interesting to try (again) heh. :)

I got the 4 letters : ISFJ (you needa do the test to understand what these random letters mean.haa.) actually i was in a dillemma between choosing J-Judging (J) or P- Perceiving (P) because i was the first 3 of J and definitely a strong 4th choice of P. But i guess 3/4 even though the 4th choice did come strong i still choose J. (yes. i get why your feeling blur if you didn't do the test.) :p

So, here is the analysis. yesh. i'm your "lao kok kok. traditional. so-old-fashion can die" as said by the test. and yes. it could be true to some extent. *ahems*:

"Dependable, reliable and trustworthy, they like to belong to solid organisations that are reasonable in their ambitions and loyal to their employees. They feel useful when their roles and responsibilities are clearly established and they can monitor their activities and productivity in tangible ways. They tend to be rather modest, traditional and conventional, to like sensible clothing, to be thrifty, careful and wise with both money and possessions.

Once they accept a project, they will see it to the end. They manage their time well and are realistic about how much time and resources will be needed.

They tend to like to stay in one neighbourhood, often choosing to live close to where they were themselves raised. They are often involved with volunteer organisations and have a developed sense of citizenship and accountability. When they purchase something, it is after careful consideration; rarely will they buy something without having a known need or use for it. They may keep possessions for a lifetime and treasure those that were given to them.

They tend to have a good memory for specific facts that are necessary in their day-to-day life at work and at home. They accumulate facts and details to orient themselves, relying on repeated experiences that have been proven trustworthy. A fact once experienced may be the product of circumstance and happenstance; it is not in and of itself reliable. When an introverted sensing type hears an idea, they rummage through reams of archived facts to find an experience that provides information for the relevance and realism of an idea. When an introverted sensing type utters, "It's never been done!" they are saying that no information about the relevance or usefulness of the idea is available to them. They tend to shy away from surprises and what is perceived as unnecessary change. "

True lah, but this lao kokok person here still loves pleasant surprises though. haha. I went to check, if i changed the J choice to a P it would have been a total different reading, but same as Jy's :) nah. i'm not as lovely as her, be lao traditional good lah. lols.:P but yesh, of course i remember what i always say, take it with a pinch of salt.;)

You can try yours here. And when your done press the "click here" and look for your 4 letters and then click on the click here to learn more about it...*your blur friend here went looking around wondering how to get the results.-_-' haha. do post up yours to let me see if you do try it out yea? ;)

Ok, back to books now. Many loves to all.
Be a nice human!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

lilaLienations: all earlier posts we pre-scheduled. I wrote them some time back and allowed them to be posed on their own. :) so don't look for me, i haven't returned yet. most of you prob know where i am. i'm still reachable by phone for new year greetings! heh:P

Happy New Year
May the New Year treat All of us well

lilaLien Wishes all of U you and U a Great New Awesome Splendid Year ahead with nothing but Joyful memories coming your way!