Friday, January 29, 2010

Turn on your auntie mode.

Haven't done any postings in a while....was busy and then just a lil lazy, but then when i got hardworking and decided to post some 'sui sui' cute photos today of my trip back to Kuching showing all my cute little cousin..blogspot refused to publish my photos thus i'm doing this post instead...till i can get my photos up...:p

So i woke up bright and early today just to accompany ms fishy to get a digital camera. yesh. a new one. *as said by my mom. huh?again ah.* hahahaa..:P

Where did we go for the purchase...? Surprise. surprise. We went to Chinatown! I've always known of their many camera and phone shops there, but i never knew they had better deals...because know, i had the illusionary co-realtion (don't mind me. i just learnt it in sch. wanna

Chinatown = Tourist-y place=Place where they slaughter you=Super sky high price= Sarah doesn't want to go buy.

Guess what. I was wrong. Ling initially was aiming for Canon S90 and she checked with the departmental stores, it was all selling around $700++...and at Chinatown, even the most expensive retail price was $600+++

And so we marched into everyshop to ask the price of their camera, Ling was telling me the other day when she asked they actually told her $400-$ we were wondering whether she heard wrongly the other day or they had quoted her a price which was not the full cost, they like to quote prices without stuff so when asking for prices of anything remember to tell them you want the full total price if not you will feel cheated when time comes to pay. Just a lil tip;) heh

We found the cheapest one in people's park complex, i hadn't tried the S90 myself, so i wasn't too sure how the qualities were, i had only went to read a few reviews done by some of the photographers. The reviews were not too bad indeed, except for a few downsides.

But well, to be cautious, we wanted to exactly know more about the camera. (and luckily the shop keeper was quite friendly and know his stuff, to a certain degree) i sent all my questions flying! bwahahaa...i'm a hard customer, it's good to know your stuff. lol. and then after learning more about the camera, it didn't seem too user friendly for someone who just needs a simple 'lets go shoot some beautiful simple pics!' There were lots of points which i became doubtful of, so i asked the shopkeeper what would be in good comparision.

He showed us the Panasonic Lumix. Ling took a few tries and was more or less happy with the quality. I told her "try until you happy" hahahahaa...:P true mah. If not buy already to regret again later would not be good.

This was the one. 12x optical zoom. (I told her good for shooting her Jam when we go see him.:P )Wide screen *wahhh* and all the auto stuff anybody can use easily. camera idiot friendly. Very user friendly. Which is awesome. Here's the specs. i think her only complain for now is that it didnt come in pink o. and the case too ugly. complains complains.

After she felt more or less wanting to get the camera, i think i got ready for war. hahahaa. I happend to be able to switch on auntie mode, bargain time! lols. What. This type of place is supposed to be for bargains de ok. :P

So i made sure we got the best deals, and good gifts (screen protector.) ok lah. useful. (cleaning kit.)useful too.
I think the shop keeper was in awe of my auntie skills he told ling secrectly (well, which she told me, hey, i'm her bud who did all the auntie bargaining for the best deal, no secrects between us mah. what more to say with the uncle) hahahahaha. He said i was doing market bargaining. oii. excuseee me. I don't anyhow anyhow bargain one, only when needed and supposed to. LOLS. o and the best part, it cost less than what she originally aimed for. yesh. - sheesh. the auntie in me is saying yay to saved money. it's a good thing still right?lols.

Turn off auntie mode, went for mac and went home to study....*student mode* (secretly, it's more fun to be in auntie mode once in awhile) lols! because, the text this time is really too complicated. :((( I don't like. Don't understand and it makes me o-so-sleepy, very.

Hope she'll like this camera this time and it'll turn out as a very good buy. ;) For all that unglam auntie-ness i showed to get a good deal, go shoot some very awesome pics to show us from Japan!;))


  1. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it.

  2. err ok. So go ahead share your views.