Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yay! After my last post was publish i think blogspot somehow miraculously heard me and allowed my photos to be posted up...but then i think i'm kinda sleepy thus i'll just put up a few so very cute can die pics as bribe. lol. As a treat for not posting in some time. heh. :D

mine all mine.
my bear!
i'm shy.
*my little cousin charlene doesn't like to smile at cameras so it took me some effort to get this awesome pics.*
Isn't she so so cute? :D
so so naughty at times too haa.
one of the super rare photos she smiles so sweetly at me!:D
or we can take it, i got skill
lols. bhb. :P

*i asked when showing her the pervious photo i snapped of her: Whose this?*
*her action pointing to herself: me!*

Sooo cute yea? :D

I knooooow.
heh. :)

Hang on.

I will try to update soon.
If i don't get overdrown by my text. :P

Take care peeps.
be a nice human!

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