Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new year new wishlist? :)

Every year i like to have a practical and impractical wishlist. I can't find the link to last year's one. I think i forgot to give it a proper tag. hahha...I'm always bugged for one wishlist every year, if don't put get scolded Xp but i can't really think what i want, that's not sky high out of reach. so Suprise me? I love surprises! heheheh:P

So here goes! :)

1. A plane ticket to fly around the world.

2. ok, just to Japan? Or to Oklahoma for my study exchange? muahaha.

3. Fireworks display! yesh. me likey!

4. bring me to disneyland! ok lah, universal studio opening also can.bwahahaa.

5. Big fat hong bao!:PPp

6. Thinking of getting a onitsuka tiger x tokidoki shoe.:D but then friends cannot buy cause, according to tradition is not good luck, cause they will leave me. so no.

7. Lomo Cameras!:)

8. Poloriod Cameras! me likeee!:))) old school. (don't ask me about the colours, i just felt like doing the old school colours, but i think i got the colour scheme wrong.lol)

9. Digital cam...my olympus died. why o why.

10. old mayday albums that i haven't been able to find yet...(i'm a lousy sourcer?)

11. Newest mayday albums? ( if i haven't rushed out to buy them already. lols.)

12. Good grades. (as if it can be bought. don't kill me.)

13. I just bought a new wallet and it is looking old already. fml. shouldn't buy white wallets next time :( i'm thinking of getting a new one already. nooo. cannot be wasteful. Xb

13. that nice cheeserland bag (which cost a bomb. 200 over...well. its from japan.)so tempting, but the price jerks you back to earth.

14. the type of clothes you all know i like...:) of course not dresses!:P

15. Stayreal Merchandises and apparel! anything from the brand Stayreal!:DDD (sold @ ncore in fareast plaza)

16. audio technica earphones (overhead type.ie.)!:)))

17. Handmade cards or anything! i love handmades!:D

Ok. I really can't find 22 wishes guys. Must next year be 23? no need lah hor. :P

ok. i know.
From Wishlist 18-22: All the people i love, my friends and family always stay happy, healthy, happy and always be with me (so selfish i know right, stay with me.lols:P) These are the same wishes i make for one of the 3 wishes every year its like the ten year series wish. lols. i think god or whoever who hears this wish and grants them year after year must think i am so uncreative. man. ;p

yesh. that's it for this year.
as i always say
Surprise me?
You all are getting good at it!
cheap and good is nice:D

just sending me wishes and meeting me up and celebrating for me already makes me a very happy kid! honest!
i really appreciate more than anything is you all being there for me.

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