Monday, January 18, 2010

Gals, Gers and Girls day out. :))

Oooo...finally finish this mods. test on sat...lalalala~ :)) all the stress makes me eat more and sleep late and grow pimples. isssh. no good. -_- ahahaa...
and i haven't had the time to blog about these...okie...i just got the pics just nice. :)

I was just saying in my 2009 countdown post, that i didn't get to meet my Zoo family peeps for the second half of the at the beginning of the year we came together!:) and of course it was to celebrate our o-so-very-beautiful jojo's birthday too!:D
Happy Birthday:)
Haven't seen them in quite some time already, so happy get to meet them
Besides celebrating our pretty jojo's birthday, it was also a meet up and a meet up before joyce flies off....
lala doesn't like seperations of any kind. possessive of things LOLs:P
Ah ching had to leave early...but gave us sweets she bought for sweet~
We ate at Hotpot Culture in Marina, everything's not too bad..EXCEPT. i think they put too much ajinomoto in their soups....we were all SOoooo very thirsty when we were done.
Night scene outside Marina.
Nice. :)
We took quite a few shots!
Here's another one!
Jojo was testing shots!
On the escalator...wealso could take accurate 'zhi pai' because jojo took her bro's new samsung cam...
i was amazed by that cam! it was dual screen man!! Don't play play. One in front one in the back.
First time i've seen it in my life. *or i could be the only swa koo around here* Xp

It was awesome getting to see them.
Meeting up with people all the way back from Year one is indeed awesome.


A 'Gers' night out.
*it's alright to blog about this since the pics are out right?*

My Sis always look so awesome.
and i always seem to look like crap. ok.sometimes i get lucky. lol
lucky she doesn't have round face days or pimples day like me when i hit exam days...
lol lol.
prettyness she is!
*yesh. i'm trying to be yoda*
my forever cute daughters:))
They were all in black outer coat!
yee's eyes were absolutely captivating i realised!:)

And yesterday i went out with my flautists.
It's a habit i tell you, this toilet photo shoots.:p
There's a few more, and some with orange.

I'm always happy when i meet people that i love and enjoy to be with.
o yesh. on a side note. i met mabel on accident the other day!
am i lucky or what?

Meeting 3 fabulous groups of gals.girls.gers in a month.

misses all. guys and gals.
all buggers. :))
Take care all!

Be a nice human.

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