Sunday, July 29, 2007

unity in crisis.

lil alienations: there are people who achieve the impossible. people who make the impossible possible. but. i think i belong to the category. I make things impossible?

my darrling hearties. Hula girls production.
i think luke was attempting the sarah smile?
mabel who help us took our crazy photos during the hours of restless editing...haha...:P
set and costume design. cum script writer.
producer. cum scriptwriter.
asst. director

for the pass few weeks. fyp was murderous and it kinda in some dictionary meant.

fyp. syn: alot of frustration and tears

but then. now it means that with.
fyp.syn.: making/remaking friends, cheering each other on, having a warm feeling of happy encouragement.

crisis brings people together i realize. without this 'crisis' i wouldn't have met the people whom i have met. see the things i have seen. known the people (more) that what I have know of them.
ok. define crisis. in this terms here. i do not mean sos crisis. like terrorist or anything...but more rather of frantic and stress etc. etc.

*a digress*
talking about terrorist. rp sent an email to our school's webmail recently, there have been two men seen loitering around in school suspiciously. They have been suspected of stealing stuff around in campus...they looked prepared with the whole attire, tag and everything. sheesh...scary huh.

*going back to topic.
okok. i shall stop calling it crisis. going through this situation, I have seen some things, met new people, made new friends and gained more warmth and encouragement. :) overall. i am happy!~

you see. for almost two weeks going now, many of the yr3's doing their fyp editing would have not much life. it would be a routine of sch; classroom; then vista room to start work...

when you meet this people almost everyday it seems to be like we're stuck on this island, and in time to come you will get to meet this new nice people, not all are new...but it feels as if you are now sharing the same fate...and the destiny waits upon us. Somehow having this sort of feelings, we cheer each other on.

It is really very heartwarming. well. at least to me. when do you ever get people coming up to your door, to pass you some food, ask you how your going and give each other words of encouragement, hugs and a great big smile. in cold fast paced singapore. rather rare. not to say I have never met great people. in fact almost all people I know are wonderful peeps. I just feel that, its the kinda of support and encouragement which keeps everyone going from time to time....:D me like!

don't worry. our director didn't pengsan. his just tired and taking a lil nap.
erhs? buddy hug?
our pretty girl josie jos with lukeee. :)

On friday night, we edited to about 10.30 plus, by the time we packed it was about 10.45...then we realised, everything was not accessible anymore. Even alvin who had the card which could access stuff in rp couldnt work anymore...cux it was pass the time...o no...what to do..the peeps called the security and asked them for help to help activate the lifts like twice or thrice through the intercomms...ok. so we waited. wait. wait. waiting. and still waiting...after what seemed to be forever. i got fed up. * read. sarah has no patience.

I took out my phone remembering i had randomly saved the security number in my phone before, and made a call to them. this people ah. !!! so irresponsible. apparently, they had not sent anyone to help us even after the intercom. like. wth. @-@ eh. we are humans you know. have welfare at heart lah, even though we're students doesn't mean you should take us lightly. being locked in ain't very fun you know.

So, i blasted. and finally the party on the other line got down to it. kudos to her or was it a him * can't remember. but thank you.* but no thanks to the security who took us lightly and ignore our intercomm conversation or conveniently forgetting about it?

while waiting. luke and nik entertained us with songs and guitar playing. :)
rach poses! looks good in this pic man! X)
another babe who looks good in the pic! XD
another team waiting too. :) ghaz, dyl, jos and dyl's friend. here is alvin waiting with us. Thank you to alvin and joe who had to stay with us till late because of our fyp.
We present our deepest gratitude. :)))
xie xie ni men! haa. XD
*i wanted to put up the don't know, don't care picc of the sta help guys, but scared they shy lah. :P but its a good pic.

Yes. they came in the end. if not you won't see me writing this post....haha...if they ignored us, i might have just call the police? lol. nah. not that serious lah. chey. so rubbish. lets give them the benefit of doubt. its just a slip of standard that day....yeas. :) thats all for my post today. I bet its one of my longest. but. remember peeps. remember to cheer your pals on no matter when and where. there is always someone in need of a good hug, smile and encouragement. it doesn't take alot, but it goes a long way. :)

take care peeps. loves.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cat. Dog. Strength?

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.

You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.

And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

You Are Strength

You represent both fiery energy and steadfast will.

You are innocent and naive - yet unafraid and undaunted.

Perhaps you don't have the most powerful physical strength...

But your mental powers make up for any amount of muscle.

Your fortune:

Lately, you have been a pillar of ethics and moral strength.

And while things may be difficult, your faith in yourself will come through.

You may need to conquer the animalistic nature of yourself or others, with gentle force.

Although this may seem like the darkest hour for you, victory is near.

This are two of the quiz that I have done recently...the second one of the tarot card one is quite true...and i sure hope its last line is true...Victory is near..I wish. I hope. its true....

too much tears. too much frustrations. is a conclusion for today.
Take care my dudes and dudettes. * lala gives u a big hug. with a big sloopy kiss on the cheek.
hoping ur day is a great one! :)


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wong Fu Productions Part 3

Yes. Its them again. Boy, their good. They somehow seem to be able to cheer my day up anyhow...even though not all of it are sleek and pro and what not. They have a sort of essence which makes you want to watch it. Well, at least I do. haha...
Let me show you much they have improved...

Wong Fu Productions - Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 Music Video

This was one of their much earlier productions in school I think....
Looks kinda cheesy at some point of time..but it lights up ur morning...haha..yea. And, I really think they have very game and cool friends. They were willing to help dance and act for Wong Fu productions....*two thumbs up. Of course to the Wong fu cast also *two thumbs up. haha

Wong Fu/Sketchbook Media - Magnetic North - Drift Away MV

And theres this production...I tell you...I like it! like woah. it was good. ok. maybe it did have a little slow start...but don't close finish it. to date i think this is one of the best videos they have done in terms of story concept....the whole treatment and feel of the MV was also very nice...I like. :)) This video deserves a big round of applause!

I guess I can identify with this people cause i'm also like them studying the same stuff. But. definitely not as good as them but able to identify, thus maybe that's why I'm liking their stuff so much?

Yes. I guess I'm a WongFu's production fan...haha..thus you might see more of their videos here if i like them..? To intro to you guys....maybe you'll like it too...! who knows? :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

day of editing

Went to school today for editing...everything went quite ok for the major fact I think did a good amount for the day and we're happy! :) hee...

But after editing maybe like 3 scenes which took us quite a few hours, choosing angles and doing up the sounds to make sure it flows and sound rather natural with no jumps we got restless.....*sound effect. jeng jeng jeng*

And thus....... we rach and I took alot of pics on her mac...o boy. its fun to have a mac...Xp we did alot of stupid unglam shots...but o well...for the good fun of it! haa.

our editing vista room macs for the day. :)
they are like totally cool. aswesome.

Rock on man.


no words. a very ugly alien? monster?erms. booo?

rach say I looked like her while sitting in this position....?
Thats rach. shes wearing black so the photo seemed like a silhouette of her.

thats what you get when you put two restless girls after a few hours of editing... was fun! hahaha...anyway. yes. we did get back to work....haha..

Till next time...take care peeps. Loves. :)

its all about teddy?

Went to visit on Orange on friday...yeah! she looked so much better....she didn't look so red as if she just came from sun tanning..make me *fang xin duo le* :) good good...i touch her forehead...the fever wasn't there anymore...the first time i went...was like woah. scary. but im glad the fever has gone down now...the battle of the viruses in her body should be that the viruses are losing and going to be defeated soon! haa! beat that you nasty viruses!

Yeaps...and Sandy, SJ, Pei Chieh and Izzat went too....of course apart from the usual me, jy and huling naturally! ;)

So when theres me with my hp...I am more likely then not to take a few piccys...with orange all better now...we can take photos to show u...just in case any of you reading this knows her and is worried...she is much better u will see from the photos...lets hope she get better and out of hosp. asap! =D

See...her name is so long*and thats not even the full name yet, hee. *...all the nurses who come in will should we call you?
This is the bed. and her flowers given by her Mr. D. Smells rather nice...=)
Teddy is sick too?
Or is he just trying to steal the bed and hog the limelight.
*note. he hogs the limelight in almost all the photos to come...
JY, Huiling, Orangey. and me. the bunch who visits orange the most. lol. camp out man. XP
I think they looked cute here. teddy is acting cute there again.
I love teddy!
teddy again?
even while watching tv teddy is in frame...
teddy overload. @-@
JY, SJ,CPC,Sandy,Izzat n orange!
I have no idea what they were up to?

After a long day at sch then going down to sgh....

we are sooo tired. we want our beds too!....haha...:)

Yeapx. Orange hope our presence there make ur stay in that place a little more fun? and happier...=) get well soon!! :) *hug hughugs!

Take good care of urself everyone! loves.

Friday, July 20, 2007

blog rating..:P

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Interesting eh? Rate ur blog here! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

7-eleven transforms to kwik e mart.

The Simpson's would be so proud of this. If i'm not wrong in accordance with the launch of Simpsons the movie, 7 eleven and the publicity of the movie made a publicity campaign together to promot the movie i guess. And tadaa. Here we are not 7 eleven but kwik e mart, straight out from The Simpsons!

Two videos of the shop for your viewing pleasure...but if your not the video sort i will post the piccys up too...:) or u can go to this site to see them too, their from there. :)

Simpsons Shop "Kwik E Mart" Pictures. - Free videos are just a click away

Here are the piccys! Enjoy dudes and dudettes! Sorry if your not a big fan of the simpsons..the amount of piccys here will probably annoy you terribly. haa. since u can't beat it why not join it. love the simpsons. :P

Yeapx. thats all folks! let the simpsons fever run wild! :D If you haven't had enough of the piccys...visit this site...they have a whole load cool collection on this campaign. anyone's going to this places anytime soon...? I wan the Simpsons collectablessss....XD

till next time..tata... take care peeps...loves.

and hope no one falls ill...and hope rach u get well soon ya?
and also our dearest orangey who is still in hosp. hope u get well real soon too!! :D
Jia you jia you!
in the meantime. stupid viruses and bugs and sickness. GET AWAY from my friends and family.
i mean it.