Monday, August 29, 2011

My Sis has magic powers

Remember this post i wrote sometime back but not too long ago with the photo of Spencer and awkward turtle? You don't?! O it's ok, come, here's the link. Yea, that's the post...:) So, i was talking about Spencer which lead to Wongfu Production and to their shop and then to the awkward turtle which I have been wanting to get for the longest time but haven't been able to because it was sold out when I went to the store:( was sold out:( and i was hoping it would be replenished soon...
and so i wrote on that last post if someone anyone who would be so kind to buy one and surprise me when its up i would be one happy kid.

and boy! was i one HAPPY LUCKY kid last night!:))) the joy!
because one i've been wanting it for some time, i'm a sucker for it.
two its from wongfu productions! like hell yeah!:)
three because it was a surprise a great one truly!:D
and lastly because its a gift from my beloved sis!
Ting! omg. THANK YOU <3
say hi to awkward turtle!:D aka lil lucky!

ok. for all you people reading out there you must be going, like...What? huh.

So it goes like this...(if i were doing a video i would love to say this in ryan higa's youtube speed.say fast. lols)
Sis popped by all the way to my house (how sweet can anyone get already?!:))) to pass me my 'thumb drive' Why the inverted commas?
It's because there was much more to come with it...
She left me a message asking me if i was home a day earlier which i missed (watching tv, only saw e msg at 2? when i was going to bed), the next day she gave me a call and said she wanted to pass me my thumbdrive...i was stunned for a moment because i totally forgotten i had passed her photos through my elmo took me about 10secs to recall with her prompting....

so when she was down stairs she gave me a call, i mean i was already very happy i got to see her on a random night, but she brought more surprise!
tadaaa! this was what she brought with her...(of course she put it very nicely in a beautiful bag and all with my thumb drive, but in my excitement i left them out of the pic, just realised...)

When she passed me the plastic bag with the contents i was shock and surprised! blissfully!
because you see...(if you open big its the words in red) the awkward turtle key chain is still currently out of stock! there was no way she could have gotten it...she said she just clicked into the site and it was in stock! omg! maybe people up there are playing a joke on me so its always out of stock when i see...hahaa...or...My sis has magic powers!! oo! i got it...shes really lucky and because shes so nice she use some for me...the gods must be smiling at her, so indirectly i'm getting good luck too! wow wee! thanks sis! again!:DDD

now awkward turtle can be named Lucky!
yahooo! hehe:p
"Each Awkward Turtle Keychain is handmade, each will have their own personality. Some more stupidly awkward than others."

You can check out the Wong Fu store selling it *HERE*
but be warned, if your wanting to buy awkward turtle keychain, unless your a kind person like my sis who had the nice people above smiling down on her or like me have a good sis like her you might be dissapointed, but check back often, they would probably stock back soon!;)

Now i have a part of wongfu pro with me:)
not only that, she wrote me a card.
I love handwritten cards!!
Excited lil kid!!:DDD
Here's the inside of the card and Lucky turtle!:D
i've blurred the contents (for me to see only!:P) so i can put up this beautifully written and designed card.

and and and! my first Polaroid! XD
excited max can.
one night want to be excited by how many things?! haha...:)) *grins from one end to another*
its the one we took at her graduation..:) so nice of her. really.
aiyo. really so sweet.
it really made my day.
Thanks Ting, really.
thank youu! big hugs!

and ok. you can stop reading now, the rest is just 自恋 photos i took with lucky turtle! heh.:P
say hi!:D
turtle squeeeze!i thought this was supposed to be good, but didn't notice the keychain was on turtle's face. fail. hahaha
heh. that's all folks!
Have a great great day ahead!:)


The Awkward Turtle Keychains have just been stocked up an hour ago (31st aug) according to Wongfu's store twit update:)
so, quick quick! go grab yours now!;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

send more luck my way again 2 pls!:D

I am going for my second interview tmr, for those who have been following my blog would know where.

Super excited? and nervous. Its like going for exams! omg. haha...Pls wish me whole loads, bucketful of luck pls! thank you!:D

I really want this job, pls give it to me, i'll work very hard i promise.

i'll bring lucky with me for a extra boost of luck!:D
awkward Lucky turtle!

Kit Kats!

lilaLienations: mr kfc won. but i don't like KFC man and Kfc as much. in my home country we know why the people we don't like win, its openly know, they use underhand methods. over here? people complain all day about them, but when they vote it reflects otherwise. so why are you all complaining people?

Just a short post today...
Sakura Green Tea flavour!
From Narita Aiport, consolation prize, because in all ironies i was so near yet so far from Japan my most beloved country on list of must vists in lifetime...

i finished the last one some time was really nice!:DD i liked it. now no more le...:( boo.
actually I'm a sucker for anything sakura, for that was really what caught my eye first, secondly many pals of mine know i like to try the various kitkat flavours there are out there, well except for the overly unique those weird ones...garlic or wasabi or funny stuff like that if you get what i mean...;) the last time they brought sakura kit kat in i also had to try, it was nice too:DD

Hope they will bring in this flavour next time, o and at a more affordable price too! haha...
i saw this website on the packaging of the kitkat and out of curiosity went to click click.
everything was in jap, so i was really just poking around.

i had fun doing the kitkat cover sleeve with the photo of the gals..:) i like this photo of us! fang, huan and jin!:)) and added purikura stuff...:))
only thing is that i think you have to purchase it or something then maybe it'll come as an exclusive kitkat wrapper...? ( i have no idea, its all in jap, i'm guessing)

haha...but i had quite a bit of fun!:)
if you understand jap and wanna try i left the website link in the can go *HERE or *HERE to try them out;))

If anyone ever spots this kit kat at not an exorbitant price next time do let me know!
or sakura kitkat, if they intend to bring it back...

for now,
have a break, have a kit kat.

o no, i'm not paid for advertising them, i wish though, then i can haz all the kit kat me wansss.
nomnom nom. greedy.

this is for jy.
haha....have promised to show how i look in this blouse ever since she passed it to me few weeks back but haven't gotten down to doing it...hehe..
it's pretty comfy! Which is always a good thing:)
casual enough and also can be formal enough.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mail Irony

lilaLienations: omg. my legs are sore, did some jogging and running (say until, like i did alot, but actually i just managed to do it for awhile cause i was panting like a dog!) apart from the usual brisk walk today. and did some squats and planking...lousy max. couldn't last over haha...but i don't think i worked out any abdominal muscles...must get tt part right too next time. slowly does it. boy, i'm so unfit! so exercise to health and maintain a cardiovascular pumping!

ahh. this is so true.
I remember being very excited about receiving my first email. I even printed it out, i think i still keep it with me till today!:D

But the only thing was that even when i received snail mail i was also very very happy!
I like mails on the whole, except for the bills, that i wish never came. ahahaa...

But i guess this internet meme reflects most people of our generation and a little earlier....

haha..the irony.

yesh, now i still love snail mails very much:)
not so much emails, unless they bring good news or are from people i like, heh.
i guess everyone else is pretty much like me.

So, pick up a pen, write something nice and send it out to a love one!
Make their day!
Bring a lil sunshine!


lilaLienations: Just because a very kind soul made my day today i decided though i can't do a post for that right now because i don't have a pic of it, (lookout for the pics post) and my eyes are half closed, it must at least be in this column here. A very big shout out to my beloved sis Ting! Thank youuuu!:))) Your so awesome and sweet:)) Coming all the way to my place just to pass me stuff which was really a big surprise! It really really made my day. aww...:')) xiexies. really:)

lilaLienations 2: and also a big thanks to jy for calling me when she couldn't find me online to pass me some advice..:)))

good people make your day right. :D

note there is a difference between the CPRs administered for adults and very little children.

I've been wanting to learn CPR for the longest time but haven't had the opportunity to do so. I finally got a chance for a free lesson last year but it ran in with the time i had to fly off to the states so I didn't manage to attend the course...

I suddenly had the urge to see if there are any courses teaching beginner's CPR ( I only thought there was one kind, but when i went to see there were like a few kinds for different categories of people) After checking out a few rates then did i think to myself, damn. why did i had to miss the free lesson *cheapskate:P* The price ranges I found were from $60-$250 (why the difference in prices?!) I haven't exactly look closely into why the prices vary so much and what each had to offer...i'll think i'll look at it another time because it's 2am now...( and i was thinking of posting a very happy :') moment today because of a kind soul..make that two..aww:) but i'm sleepy, so i'll post it up on the next post!:))

I think CPR is a good skill to have, becuse *choy! touch wood!!* we would never know when it can come in handy. It's a life skill.
pic via Learn CPR
Until i officially get my CPR cert and am assured that i know what to do if the time calls for it, i will at least get myself equipped with knowledge from this kind of mini tutorials for CPR. Do take a look too aite? It won't take more than a minute to remember something this important. But of course it would be best to really learn the skills before you administer it, so i'll update you guys if i find any good and more affordable course if i get any:) or i hope the last course i could attend and learn for free or at a cheaper rate come back again this year!:)

In the meantime, keep yourself healthy.
Have a healthy Heart, do more cardiovascular goodness exercise.

and be nice to people, it helps too!:D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You can count on me like 123

Pic via Eren B's flickr, saw it on happy thing's tumblr and just had to share, its too cute!:) and i love the monsters inc movie!:D and it fits the sharing theme today:)

Love this song:)
the lyrics are awesome.

a pretty cute video:) Thanks to bie for sharing:))

Count on Me - Bruno Mars

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will remind you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends

Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go, never say goodbye

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

You can count on me 'cause I can count on you

and these goes out to all my pals, buddies and family

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ok. and there goes my long hair. snippity snip snip. its not that short actually, but its just running fingers through your hair and it stops short and then you stop to think, what the hell was i thinking?! when i asked for shorter hair cut which is not short enough to make a statement because i can't due to my curly hair making it terrible for any shorter hair length.

anyhoo, i like it straight now, at least the unruly curves in the hair doesn't get me now.

and because i'm not the glam blogger i can't get any decent looking photos of me now, so i shall just share my crazy moments instead...:P
rock on yo.
check out my mustache.

o boy. why can't i have pretty demure pics with doe eyes looking upwards like all the pretty girls my age.
haha. there must be something wrong with me.
the hair looks natural eh.
good and bad in both sense, but i like it this way, i hate the stiff looking-ness.
*if you can't look cute, always find an aide, that teddy has been with me since i was a kid, best way to act cute with:P

i tried to just look in and smile very earnestly at the camera so i won't scare you guys with pictures like these, but i scared myself more with those photos, so i'm doing it more 'naturally' i look better in a weird way in crazy poses. o well, maybe it was predestine i wasn't the cookie cutter kinda princess to be with the looks,pose and all;P

i finally cleaned up my cupboard today, at least now it looks more decent.

good night everybuddy.
be a nice human when you wakey!

i missed comics con:(

i'm quite sad i missed comics con this year....noo:(
i always like going to comics con and bring the quirky geek in me out and go ooos and aahhs:)
o well, next time the comic con is on, i will so be there!!
for nw i'll just look at this cute pic of the vintage mickey a friend posted on fb from the comics con, though he said it wasn't as good as the previous one....

comics con, i'll see you the next round kies!

Hairloom & Caramel eats!

I have been wanting to visit this cafe for the longest time ever since i saw the interior in a magazine i flipped in the salon when i was getting my hair rebonded, yesh, that's where usually i get to read more than 5 magazines at one sitting, because i very kiam (translation:stingy much, but hey! environmentally friendly too k:P), dun wanna buy so many magazines unless there is something i really want to read and keep or if mayday is on the cover. LOLs. They'll hog up too much space and gather dust if i don't life them. So anywayy, i've been wanting to go there since let's see maybe 4 rebonds ago...? Due to my less than impressive memory i forgotten the shop name as soon as i left the salon, then i chanced upon it in a friend's eightdays magazine, i wrote it down in my lesson notes and went home forgetting about it, yet again. Well, at least i remembered to do the assignments, that was probably the reason i forgot to research on the shop.

And randomly one day I suddenly remembered about the place and did a search and found their site or was it i found their site and remembered about them again.
anyway....i found them and so wanted to go! i found their location to be at shaw towers, the only problem was i had no idea where in the world was shaw towers! i knew according to didi it was near bugis but i've never been there at all. And i couldn't find anyone to accompany me there, so slowly i forgotten all about this place, or remembering it once awhile.

and then finally, one day when ting talked about shaw towers did my light bulb flicker on. *ding! I told her about this place i wanted to go then i had totally forgotten about the website and shop name etc...the only way i could describe it was the shop is very unique and quirky, the chairs and table don't quite match but it looks like a very nice cosy place to be at.

And taadaa! with some online searching ting found their blog again and we fixed a date just to go there, this was before she started in her new line so despite the hectic schedule for the week, i thought i must have a last outing session with sis;)
taddaaa! Here we are! I was totally clueless, she brought me all the way!:) thanks sis!
Even though i look chui in this photo, i'll still post it up because we didn't take many two shots, haha.
Check out their interior. All photos are courtesy of ting's iphone!
If you go in from inside the shopping centre you'll enter through a salon first, don't get alarmed because on one end they are a salon on the other they are a cafe. ;)
Despite really being there because of the interior and all the food is pretty decent actually! if not yummy i must say!:) yes i'm a sucker for interesting places comfy places to be at. if bread is your thing, try their sandwiches!It was good:)
Mine was baked ham with honey mustard or something along that line. :)
like it like it.
this was sis:)
scrambled eggs with pesto sauce.
We were contemplating between the pastas and the sandwiches, sandwiches won our votes of course, but the pastas which we saw being served at the other tables looked good too!
shall try that next time!
we initially were thinking of sitting in these seats, but we rationalise it would be harder to eat a proper meal with a low table like this, so we choose a higher one.
almost all the tables and chairs in the cafe are not the same, and i like it that way. the tinge of retro-ness also adds to the flavour of the place.
who wouldn't be attracted by an interior like this right?
quirky meets funky meets cosy meets retro meets individualistic
we had the chocolate caramel and the bread and butter pudding (above). The chocolate pudding was slated on the rack as a must try, so me being anything chocolate goes (but not white chocolate ah. nono.) had to try their 'must try' Honestly, it was good, but not awesome, it would have been better if it was a little more moist:) (and not only i think so, the *review** by the food blogger thinks so too) The bread and butter pudding was sinful but o-so-yummy!:D

Here is their website,
Hairloom & Caramel
no, i'm not paid for this, though i wish they would give me discount when i go back next time! haha

If you have yet to visit this interesting place, do go check them out soon because according to their blog they are selling the cafe....O nooo. but i just found the place, i'll be back before they close for some more yummies!:))) i didn't know of this news till ting told me, and i said we must come back before they close and this time eat the nice ice cream upstairs too! k sis?:D thanks for bringing this mountain tortoise there! heh

Buggies lets go tgt next time!
my flautist gals, lets go there tgt next time too!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Treasured outings

Growing up and maintaining relationships with people are very different things. It doesn't necessarily mean the people you make friends with will stick with you throughout your life. Therefore the older you grow the more friends you know (because I used to assume as a kid, its like maths right? you have 10 friends now in kindergarten, and then you make 10 more in primary school and then 10 more in secondary so by the time you graduate from poly that should leave you around 40 over people, or so in my naive thoughts it should be alot of people) But growing up you learn that there are people who are friends and there are people who are close friends, and sometimes try as you might even close friends can one day turn into just friends whom you are not as willing to share every other secret with, or feel totally awkward just being around with. In life, i have never regretted being friends with anyone, yes, many walked and in and out of my life as i might have walked out of theirs, intentionally or unintentionally.

Friendships as in all other relationships in life need some effort to maintain, I realise life and the relationships we build go in a full circle. O crap i actually wanted to do a simple post of me and ting going out to coffee and post pics and i started to discuss more on it...and now i'm writing a looong story (which seems i'm being emo, when i am Not!! really. :))

So anyway, i'm really grateful so the time i got to sent with sis after her finishing up school during the free days. In quite a number of ways it felt as if we were back to secondary school, i told her when we saw some secondary school kids in the mrt telling each other "see you tmr" that last time that was one thing which we easily took for granted. Nowadays you don't get to see your buddies everyday and be sure when you say see you tmr that when tmr comes, you'll see each other somewhere in school. Orange would say i'm getting old, because i'm being sentimental. -_- haha. but ain't that true? i mean now it would be pretty awesome if you get to meet your budds more than 2-3 times in the same month (because my budds are pretty awesome and busy popular people);P

During this free-r time that ting had i felt we had gotten closer again ( we were always close, shes my sis of course) but how do i put it, close enough to lay out what i thought were my grievances through the past few years. I am the kind of person who would not openly share my thoughts especially if they are intimately negative ones because i fear to be judge or worst face the anger. *horrors* So if i every let you know i am upset with you or the situation we're facing, booyaa! you are so that very important to me. hehe:P

And after the whatsapp session into late night i felt that finally i've gotten the load off my chest, i finally said it out. haha. and we talked about it...i think its good to communicate thoughts! but i say it but i don't do it much, i know right. lol. And after that 'confession' session as i called it, because i think of it as my petty thoughts being laid out...and then talked and shared and laugh..we had a number of coffee sessions...:) we talked and gossiped about lotsa stuff, i love it when you have endless things to share with each other. i admit, i'm a boring person and if i don't gather with a person i can click with, jialat, the conversations going to be boringgg,but i'll always try to be polite, but with sis, it never happens, even when we are both quiet there isn't the tinge of Awkward! kinda feel....:)
Here's a pic stolen from Ting's fb page...hehe...:D Himalayan tea latte from McCafe! mmm mmm!:)) i now like it too!:DD

Now shes back to being a busy busy bee and still a very popular person and i won't be able to see or bug her as often as when she was free but i feel, the bond's strong, as strong as before, the days when we used to always say see you tmr! Sis, jiayou!:DD and as always if i'm ever of any assistance i'm just a ring ring away:) thank you for spending time with me during your free time, it was really awesome:)

ps:This was suppose to be my outing post, i wonder why i had such a long intro that it just took over the whole i guess i'll post my outing pics and the cafe i thought of introducing in the next post!;)

Peace and Love are Eternal - Lenon

love the quote.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i prefer a smooth sailing sea.

a acquaintance i met at a headhunt (for sales people, they wanted me, are very nice and all, but its sales, if you don't sell the package you have to eat yourself. and many i've spoke to warn me against it, so i'm listening. so yea, you get what i mean, but that's another story) said to me in one of those small talks:

" Having rejections is more interesting right...? I mean like who would want a smooth journey all the time, it'll be pretty boring...All the more when people say no, you would be fired up...." This was in response to me asking..."so I think half the time people just ignore you and walk off am I right?" At this point of me asking this, it was a friendly small talk, we kinda gotta know each other and were comfortable speaking..

Hearing his response i just kindly smiled and nodded and continued the conversation...but in my head I was thinking, man, i would really rather a 'boring' road if it meant i would have to face less rejections in my life, or more security in that sense, he probably never really faced with big rejections in his life before, maybe apart from bgr. I live on the tenterhooks of bigger rejections and feelings of dejection, at every damn turning point in life. But hey, i haven't died yet, so i'm facing it with optimism. But honestly, if it meant a lil more boredom, maybe i'll just go for that, I enjoy an interesting bumpy ride too, but if there ain't any, i'll settle for a smooth sailing one and just enjoy the scenery to go with it.

and yet of course, while i'm saying these, mine is pretty much still quite flowly, because when you scream frustration, remember, there'll always be someone out there who needs to scream out louder.

Be Positive!;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

excuses. excuse me!

I wanted to do a post today, but oo. asthma attacked.
haven't had one in quite a while...i mean for no reason, usually when i have one its because of the weather, sickness or i had been greedy eating things i shouldn't have been...*allergy much to food colouring* What might have been the trigger today? I really don't remember....the donut? or bubble tea....lets blame the passion fruit bubble tea...*poor bubble tea* haha:P

so pardon my lack of post. sick. *ahemx. excuses.* (but i really wanted to....really.)

let me go find my sabutamol which i have been denying myself the whole day trying to be in denial i'm having an attack for no reason.

chao. take care!:)
i'm not like all the pretty bloggers who can post pretty photos to bribe you all, so i'm just posting this ridiculous looking one of me for a good chuckle:)
Drink more coconut! To good health!
I can make a good coconut drinking ambassador! though this one i was drinking was totally unsweet!XP i make it look so tasty...coconut looking?
Drink more water in these crazy weather folks:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Continue Sending me Luck pls!

Just sent out my Thank you letter to the lady who did my first interview today (first because if i'm lucky and impressed them, i'll get a second. o god! plss! i really hope i did good this time!) Actually in writing all these covers and thank yous and resume, I don't feel it shows my true writing capabilities (wah. chey, as if i really have:P), no i mean sincerely, because in these letter its not really "me". I would never boast of myself to be of what and what capabilities and blah blah...aka selling myself in those manner, i know it is needed, it is industry practice, but writing my thank you letter earlier i felt that I really wanted to sincerely just say thank you, but as advised it was still best to put in some good words for myself, so yes i did so too, feels weird, its as if its a kind of invisible accepted arrogance (the name for it is call resume writing) but then again, as my friends say, sell yourself, don't shortchange yourself, because you know, you can do the job, just that sometimes we tend to be a little 'asian' and think of ourselves to be less capable than what we can really achieve.

I know if i get it, i can do the job well, though i'm not as bright or what not, i never fail people who put their trust in me. :) that's honesty. :)

Ok. random verbal vomit i was thinking. hahaha....


Today was pretty awesome.
Thank you thank you to the people who saw my blog and sent me their love and luck. Arigatou!! big LOVE!!

Had a spate of lucky today, after a spate of learnings, yesh, if this is the turning of good luck, i'm taking it all in baby!:D heh. Had a good breakfast, managed to swop seats with GV and got 3 seats tgt for me, orange and jy for Mayday's DNA premier! jy and fang sent me luck and encouragement!:) thanks you guys:) and i met ting on the way to my interview. How Lucky!:))) She gave me lotsa pointers and tips and encouragement! thanks sis! And the nuffnang interviewer was really nice:) i really hope i made a good impression and didn't come off as a overactive seller making her uncomfortable, i sure hope not....i don't think i did, but i think i did show i was enthusiastic about joining the company, its a good thing right?:) because i really am:)

after the interview, hitched a ride home with family, lucky again!:D

a spate of luckies! sure hope it rubs on for my interview too and they call me back for a second interview and *with all the luck* employ me! heh:) i'm no genius, but i'm as loyal hardworker as you can get;)


pardon the whole chunk of words. i was tired but i still wanted to share my happy day and feelings.
a sunflower patch to wish me and everyone who needs it
lotsa hope and luck!
Work hard!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

noooooo. i missed it :((((

*updates* Yea!! I got it, GV added a 9.15 premier and i managed to get it after a few calls here and there!:)) wee! I think the atmosphere will be good, maybe not as hot as the 715 one but still going to be awesome!:) if you missed getting the 7.15 one like me, hurry! grab the 915 one soon!:)
nooooooo!:(((( i wanted to get the tickets to mayday's premier party for the 3DNA movie screening organised by GV because they'll give away free posters and blue movie lightsticks....but i was kinda busy for the day so i didn't manage to stock out and get the tickets online for the premier in time...:(((( my lightstick, my poster...:((
o well, nvm, i shall go for it on another day when it opens and bring my own light stick *loser. lols
GV card members have discount for this show, so remember to flash your GV card so you enjoy the special promotion...
Can't wait!

If your interested read up a little more on the movie *HERE*

Wish me bucketful of LUCK!

Nuffnang called me for an interview!!
when she called me earlier i was out on the busy street and couldn't hear who call so i was just happy to get an interview, when i got home i checked out my mailbox to see which company it was exactly because she told me she would give me a mail, i didn't see any mail, so i decided to call back.

and. omg. (though i might have sounded like a total idiot because i kinda called and ask where i was calling to, sorry, lady on the phone, i didn't mean to trouble you like that) when i heard nuffnang, i was literally shaking a little!

okok. so i'm getting happy too soon, i've not landed anything successfully yet, but, hey, if this means the beginning of good luck, i'm taking it!

of course, i wouldn't put sky high hopes, but i'm going to make sure i try my best (i always do) but i'm going to try even bester than best this time. PLEASE EMPLOY ME Nuffnang. :DDD i'll work very hard for you!

*calms down* Wish me luck people, big luck, lotsa luck! but i'll try to keep a 平常心, i don't wanna be crushed. I'm guessing there'll be alot of people going for the same post too, I hope i have an edge over them...Give the best, Hope for the best and expect the worst. Yeaps:)

LUCK! Come MY Way!:D



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

spencer what you doing there?

this totally made me LOL when i saw it....
thanks to @TedFu for sharing!
Spencer's feeling a little heavy headed and he thought of 1001 remedies, he's just trying 159 and going...and introducing...
awkward turtle! from wongfu productions, ok, i think i might have shared this with you guys...have i? anyway...i really really want this. (i know, i'm a sucker for this kinda stuff...i can't help it!)
i was all ready to get it the last time (well some time back, but i forgot.) and it has been out of stock since....damn. :(
anyway, theres a whole line of Awkward animals like this cute turtle here from Wongfu Productions, check them and support my favourite inde film group *HERE*
that's the store link, their site link is hooked up at the side of my page, check it out too;)
when it gets stocked up.
someone anyone surprise me with one.
pretty please?
*puppy eyes*

sounds like a spoilt kid, but o well, not often. :P not as if anyone will see this anyway, so let it seem like i'm talking to air....

i sure it gets stocked up soon!
and when i feel richer then i'll get it straightaway...
there is really a 'someone anyone' out there.
yea, right.
dream on.

on a another note,

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!
Happy 9th August!

***weee! throws confetti!***

Sunday, August 7, 2011

on one of those days.

this post is in response to jy's request to see my wedges. LOLs. Doesn't that sound very youtube like? If you frequent youtube you'll understand what i mean....

And here is a look at my first higher heel shoes....its actually a wedge so that's doesn't count as a heel anymore does it?i'm still not too sure about this heel thing, its quite comfy, but as i have a lousy 'man's cut' foot i still tend to get blisters, but this shoes doesn't give me stuff too bad so i'm alright with it.:)
People have the misconception that i hate heels, ok maybe i don't love them as much as my sneakers, but i don't hate them either. Its just that because my feet is built in a way that it doesn't allow me to have much choices to what i wear, the stuff i want usually is out of size or out of stock or something along that line...didi says i have no shoes luck. ahh. damn. haha
i do know wearing nice heels will make you look more ladylike, but then again, i really prefer comfort over killing my feet to look 'taller'.....
but yes, growing up, you'll have to take in all the rubbish of societal pressures...i'll shop for more heels now....when i have the money....haha.*i'll still be loyal to my sneakers too....*
the only thing with height addition shoes is that you can't walk very fast stably, well, at least i can't for now. i just try taking big strides to seem to go faster, only that i look more like a goon than i originally am walking what i deem 'normally'. mum says i walk like a duck left right left right, ok, the duck part was add in by me, she said i don't walk in a straight line....i kinda know, but i can't help it! as much as i would like to change that habit....
i know what your thinking. chey. not very tall lor.
I knowww.
but its all i can manage for now...any more curved/higher heel, my leg would give way.
i think it has something to do with my extra ordinary high arch on my feet too...*gives self excuses, but i think its true anyway:P*
ok. end of shoes picture, this is something i bought recently.
WHY did i spend money!! and it was not because it was justifiable reason for the month ( presents for loved ones are justifiable to me) spending on self is just tsk. well at least for now, should stop having "bad eyes and itchy hands" if you get dialect, you might be able to get that sentence;P

butbut, its really very cute.
i've been wanting stuff like this forever.
i like stuff with wings...
yea, the cardcaptor sakura fever has yet to die down i see....
but i really like it, hope it won't turn black after awhile or something if not i'll be :((
no one was home, and thus i took out my beloved flute to toot a little tune...:)
i really like to play chanteys....the melody...i like playing tunes with melodies for flute....
and i hate playing running notes...bane of my
but i got through in the past with lotsa practise...i still can memorise out the running notes for upon these wings and love playing it:)
this is another song i will play without fail when i have my flute and scores...:)
i needa get essential elements and the other one we had to play more scales....i don't remember many scales now....all returned back...
there was an infection in my left earring hole and got an antiseptic cream to help treat it.
I thought the cream was going to be expensive but nooo! it was less than 2 bucks, woohoo:)

there has been one thing i have been ignoring or lying to myself about and finally found out what it was today....
because when my infection cleared up on my earring hole i had this lump growing on my ear lobe, i thought darn, pimple again.
all this while when i had it it never occurred to me it could be anything else more than a pimple, or actually maybe sometimes it did, but knowing me, i hate going to the i just waved it off....
today following mum n dad to e docs cause they wanted to see to get their meds i finally found out what it was....
the irritating lump is a
Cyst a sebaceous cyst.
lol. using big words feeling important when it actually ain't so.

so its just like a growth in my ear lobe and its always there but i don't see it, it only gets 'activated' when i have infections or other kinds of aggravations to my ear. sobs that means i don't get to wear earrings on my left ear often now.....
there's nothing i can do about it, there is surgery but doctor advise against it because my ear would look like 'cauliflower' ear, whatever that is, its probably ugly.

i went to read up on it and left the link above, the only interesting fact is that the cyst has a characteristic of a cheesy smell...lols. i'm stuck with it because i was born like that. *cue lady gaga song* :P

and only after reading the article i realised that its not that strange, i mean i saw pictures of someone having the cyst exactly where i'm having it...its pretty common place to have reading up and learning really does help alot....(in terms of scaring yourself because your ignorant, so its better to be well read)

that's all the daily life scraps i have for now...
take care peeps!
hope your always staying healthy!

in a days misery

when i have no experience you all say i'm not qualified
and then today another says i'm overqualified first call in the morning.

o god. i'm beginning to not see any light. i dun wanna be a bum. i'm also trying very hard.

could you spare me some luck?
look my way pls.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Awesome bedroom

i sure would love to have something this cool in my house next time!