Monday, August 1, 2011

somewhere over an overhead bridge.

lilaLienations: because my posts today is about being on a bridge i decided to put up a story about a homeless guy who stopped at nothing to save his pet rabbit. though this guy is homeless he is still full of love of his pets, that is human. not the riches and power. it is how human a person is. the people who threw his pet rabbit into the river, damn you. read the short touching story *here*.

I totally forgotten i had taken this set of pictures till i had to attend a photo event the next day and was clearing my camera to make sure i had ample space....they actually look quite decent, in the sense it looks as if we are somewhere (by somewhere i mean, somewhere else apart from being in our home country). But in actual fact we were just somewhere in Toa Payoh after a k session walking back on an overhead bridge when i whipped out my sony for a few pics:) The backdrop was sunset so it was pretty beautiful!:))fishy and cuttlefish.
Pardon us, the next few photos are all just vain pics like this....heh.
i realise this photo looks exactly like the one above only in portrait format, how did we manage to keep the same pose?!

this was the first testing shot. note the underexposure and jy's glasses, they disappear in the later photos.
it's been a long time since i get to take photos of this fishy doing funny poses like that.
because sometimes when shes tired its a photo nono, so yay for me she was in a photo mood that day (after some persuasion)
i especially like this two!
there were not many people when we started taking suddenly as were taking all these people started walking past us....i think they were probably thinking:
"where are these girls/weirdos from? Tourist maybe?"
Ok, now I shall blog proper after this vain pics...lols.
What were we doing in Toa Payoh across a long overhead bridge?
We were there to celebrate fishy's birthday!:)
July is one of my considerably poorest months on the calender because i happen to by sheer coincidence make friends good friends with a whole bunch of people who are born in the month of July. I hear the same complain from them towards march babies, hey, that's me!
credits to jy for the pics!:) we were at the $10 k in Toa Payoh, strictly speaking it isn't exactly considered toa payoh....?

It's pre written in the stars i tell you....
so many events and birthdays this july...i'll put them out if i'm hardworking enough, or you can check out my fb pics to see my though jobless and in the search life still can be very fulfilling.
Here were the cakes we bought to surprise the fishy.
she came in half way through the preparation of surprise....
and she went.
hey cakes~!
so hmms. semi-surprised?

Before her surprise another good july baby friend of ours also had a birthday surprise which was very successful indeed!:D
taddaa! Orange's birthday.
we poped by her house just before she flew off to africa.
She was so surprised!!
ok, so in this picture i was trying to hide away and not be in the shot, and i thought i had hid in a good hiding place. fail max.-_- hahaha...
The suprisers and the surprisee.
those are not proper English words i realised.
We gave ourselves a surprise too when we nearly couldn't find the unit even though we were on the correct floor...after much peeping and re-checking we found the place and gave orange, her mom and grandma a surprise!
haha usual this girl doesn't go early for her flight so thank god for that too....we were so worried we would miss her by abit....
we had lotsa time for cake and helped her pack and nagged her about safety and all...*extra mummies* LOLs
South African Money!
First time seeing it in my life!
I wanna go there someday too!
bring home the african elephant....
plush toy. wild animals should be left in their natural habitat. burn you damn poaches! stop making the animals we know become extinct...

and yesh. that was the two surprise birthday jy and me did last month!


  1. we can go open surprise shop!
    Go planning surprise for pple :D

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