Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ok. and there goes my long hair. snippity snip snip. its not that short actually, but its just running fingers through your hair and it stops short and then you stop to think, what the hell was i thinking?! when i asked for shorter hair cut which is not short enough to make a statement because i can't due to my curly hair making it terrible for any shorter hair length.

anyhoo, i like it straight now, at least the unruly curves in the hair doesn't get me now.

and because i'm not the glam blogger i can't get any decent looking photos of me now, so i shall just share my crazy moments instead...:P
rock on yo.
check out my mustache.

o boy. why can't i have pretty demure pics with doe eyes looking upwards like all the pretty girls my age.
haha. there must be something wrong with me.
the hair looks natural eh.
good and bad in both sense, but i like it this way, i hate the stiff looking-ness.
*if you can't look cute, always find an aide, that teddy has been with me since i was a kid, best way to act cute with:P

i tried to just look in and smile very earnestly at the camera so i won't scare you guys with pictures like these, but i scared myself more with those photos, so i'm doing it more 'naturally' i look better in a weird way in crazy poses. o well, maybe it was predestine i wasn't the cookie cutter kinda princess to be with the looks,pose and all;P

i finally cleaned up my cupboard today, at least now it looks more decent.

good night everybuddy.
be a nice human when you wakey!