Monday, August 29, 2011

My Sis has magic powers

Remember this post i wrote sometime back but not too long ago with the photo of Spencer and awkward turtle? You don't?! O it's ok, come, here's the link. Yea, that's the post...:) So, i was talking about Spencer which lead to Wongfu Production and to their shop and then to the awkward turtle which I have been wanting to get for the longest time but haven't been able to because it was sold out when I went to the store:( was sold out:( and i was hoping it would be replenished soon...
and so i wrote on that last post if someone anyone who would be so kind to buy one and surprise me when its up i would be one happy kid.

and boy! was i one HAPPY LUCKY kid last night!:))) the joy!
because one i've been wanting it for some time, i'm a sucker for it.
two its from wongfu productions! like hell yeah!:)
three because it was a surprise a great one truly!:D
and lastly because its a gift from my beloved sis!
Ting! omg. THANK YOU <3
say hi to awkward turtle!:D aka lil lucky!

ok. for all you people reading out there you must be going, like...What? huh.

So it goes like this...(if i were doing a video i would love to say this in ryan higa's youtube speed.say fast. lols)
Sis popped by all the way to my house (how sweet can anyone get already?!:))) to pass me my 'thumb drive' Why the inverted commas?
It's because there was much more to come with it...
She left me a message asking me if i was home a day earlier which i missed (watching tv, only saw e msg at 2? when i was going to bed), the next day she gave me a call and said she wanted to pass me my thumbdrive...i was stunned for a moment because i totally forgotten i had passed her photos through my elmo took me about 10secs to recall with her prompting....

so when she was down stairs she gave me a call, i mean i was already very happy i got to see her on a random night, but she brought more surprise!
tadaaa! this was what she brought with her...(of course she put it very nicely in a beautiful bag and all with my thumb drive, but in my excitement i left them out of the pic, just realised...)

When she passed me the plastic bag with the contents i was shock and surprised! blissfully!
because you see...(if you open big its the words in red) the awkward turtle key chain is still currently out of stock! there was no way she could have gotten it...she said she just clicked into the site and it was in stock! omg! maybe people up there are playing a joke on me so its always out of stock when i see...hahaa...or...My sis has magic powers!! oo! i got it...shes really lucky and because shes so nice she use some for me...the gods must be smiling at her, so indirectly i'm getting good luck too! wow wee! thanks sis! again!:DDD

now awkward turtle can be named Lucky!
yahooo! hehe:p
"Each Awkward Turtle Keychain is handmade, each will have their own personality. Some more stupidly awkward than others."

You can check out the Wong Fu store selling it *HERE*
but be warned, if your wanting to buy awkward turtle keychain, unless your a kind person like my sis who had the nice people above smiling down on her or like me have a good sis like her you might be dissapointed, but check back often, they would probably stock back soon!;)

Now i have a part of wongfu pro with me:)
not only that, she wrote me a card.
I love handwritten cards!!
Excited lil kid!!:DDD
Here's the inside of the card and Lucky turtle!:D
i've blurred the contents (for me to see only!:P) so i can put up this beautifully written and designed card.

and and and! my first Polaroid! XD
excited max can.
one night want to be excited by how many things?! haha...:)) *grins from one end to another*
its the one we took at her graduation..:) so nice of her. really.
aiyo. really so sweet.
it really made my day.
Thanks Ting, really.
thank youu! big hugs!

and ok. you can stop reading now, the rest is just 自恋 photos i took with lucky turtle! heh.:P
say hi!:D
turtle squeeeze!i thought this was supposed to be good, but didn't notice the keychain was on turtle's face. fail. hahaha
heh. that's all folks!
Have a great great day ahead!:)


The Awkward Turtle Keychains have just been stocked up an hour ago (31st aug) according to Wongfu's store twit update:)
so, quick quick! go grab yours now!;)