Friday, September 2, 2011

its friday.

and i'm here to share some interesting pics i saw while surfing....(and cause i have nothing to update yet) and to wish you a good weekend ahead!:D

this cake looks pretty awesome. i wonder how it will taste.
would love to try it at least once even if all the colouring kills me.
hahaha. its pretty poison.
i really liked this photo i saw.
wonder if you can guess why?

 haha. that's so true.
yea. this happens sometime when you wanna catch that youtube video and they say it's not available in your country! you just go. %^&*(*&^%!#

Saw these re-tweets by a friend and i was thinking yea, that's so true. I'm sure everyone has experienced stuff like this sometime in their lives.
ok. no updates yet, but continue blessing me with your luck.
the more the merrier!:)
two weeks wait is like eternity when your waiting for something you really want.

i hope the results come back positive.
i'll try remain in a 平常心 now.
ooo. who am i kidding.
i'm a nervous wreck.

Wish me luck!
and to all those who need it too, same to you!

Have a great weekend people.
be a nice human and send out the love:)


  1. u like the photo izit cos in a way it shows no racism?

  2. yesh!:D you know me well!:))) isn't it so cute? like a punk guy whom people will stereotype as the bad person reacting in such kindness and affable manner with the kid...very nice:)