Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello there:)

Hellos! Are you missing me? (so bhb i know. lols:PP) Haven't blogged in a few days...I guess things will be like this from now on, because if you've been with me, reading...(yay! thank you. haha) you would know, i've made a transition in life now and would be pretty pretty busy already. (boo to being busy, but yay to taking the next big step in life. Everyone has to grow up.) But growing up doesn't mean growing old ok?!

I will still always keep my youthful heart and what i call my inner kid alive! (aliveee! Aliveee!!! muahahaah.) Which means, i would still love Mayday (nothing to do with my inner kid, that's probably the fan girl in me) I would still love my DISNEYLAND!:D No such things as 'those childish cartoons' for keeps your mind alive and active, what childish?! :P And being with WongFu, watching their stuff, because like me, they keep their inner kid alive and well too....! Me likes that.

Ok, so today's post isn't exactly a real post, but really to just let anyone who is reading there know or understand whats going on so they (you) won't stop reading because you think i'm not writing anymore...*gasp. the horrors!* yea, it'll be less frequent but i'll keep writing!:)

and when i can get a iphone (dreamdream first) i can more easily post entries like Jy!:)))

Ok, it's dinner time...time to go makan! Hope your dinner is pretty awesome too! You haven't had it yet? GOgo! Go find some yummy fooood!:) Before i case you miss me (i'm getting abit too bhb aka ahead of myself aren't i? hehe:p) here are some pics of me to share! (well,its only because i downloaded some old pics from my hp, so i have these pics..i didn't specially get them because i was feeling narcissistic...or was i? *deng deng deenng...*:P

Tadaa! I was trying to take a good picture of my new smurf blouse! 

lalalalalalah~ Sing a Happy Song!
Have you watched the movie yet?
Watched it with the girls and found it pretty funny!:)
i realise the belt looks like its in a awkward position here, making the blouse float up in an awkward position too...haha

This blouse is actually pretty comfy thats why i like it...and because its blue and also if you know me...because its in checks! hahahahahaha...darn, why do i also like checked clothes?
O! I just bought a chibi maruko aka xiao wan zi kids tee from giodarno yesterday!:D
it only came in kids size, but i really love xiao wan zi so i made the nice sales person help me dig for the biggest kid size. Yesh, i can fit in!:))) heh. If i do remember, i'll take a picture to show you guys next time!

 I miss meeting my buggers, flautist gals, OCU pals...busy busy to meet them, and their busysbuy to meet me. O god, lets hope our schedules sync into together smoothly soon...i have so many things to tell them in out chats....

Till then, enjoy the week peeps!:))

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