Monday, September 12, 2011

SHE is Ten!:D

Congratulations to SHE on their 10th Anniversary!:)) And wishing them many many more to come! Just like my precious Mayday, I would like to see them around for a long long time:)
So glad to see Selina back and getting better. 
Jia you Selina!:)) Seeing all three of them together, happy!:) 
love the way they share the love.

Everytime we K (the girls and I) we would never miss having a SHE song included in the list. I remember liking them just like Mayday in secondary school. Wow, time sure did fly past, its been 10 years already. I really like to see the real side of artistes. Too many artist nowadays just wanna be flat, pretty and superficial. Sorry, can't take that, I love to see a real dimensional person, they can laugh, can cry, and get get angry. That is what makes me love the stars I love. Away with all the pretense of the new generation of 'idols' who can just look pretty. 

Long live 亚洲bestest and most awesomest 男子天团 & 子天团- Mayday & SHE

To many more of their 10 years. 
就是要和你们唱到老。 :)

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