Monday, September 12, 2011


usually i always try to keep myself in the most optimistic manner to see things in the better light despite sometimes being called more naive or nicely innocent. 

but sometimes when you meet blow after blow some written some unwritten, some said some not said, its hard to be that way, and your mind starts playing tricks on you. 
You know and your repeating to yourself to hang in there, smile a lil and stay bright, and even if you might not think its going to go off to well a good optimistic attitude is going to make everything better. You know, you understand the logic, but somehow you miss it. 

sometimes it just takes a lil someone to tell it to you. 
while chatting with the girls over swenson's (or after) it just took one word in the conversation from Ling to jolt me back in thoughts to life. 

I was looking at the bleak tunnel with not much sunshine waiting for me inside and she just said be positive!(ok, i think there wasn't the exclamation mark:P)

but suddenly it seems like, yea. Its not as if i haven't seen more shit before, work till 1am no ot bad company, rejections.........yadayada. i haven't died. 
Why in the world am i sighing over what i haven't even seen?
Face it positively, that's what i am going to do. 
Come what may, if hey, you don't like me or i don't like you we can call the deal off then. 
But till what may come, i'll do what i always do best, give it my best with positivity:)
well, that is if we do get any deal settled. so i'm not saying anything, who knows, shit happens everyday right? ( i guess a lil of me still holds on to caution very tightly, caution of putting too much hope in anything.)

thanks jy and ling for watching smurfs with me yesterday and also having all the food despite only wanting ice cream, and a chit chat, though we didn't dwell much into it, but thanks you girls:)) for being there unknowingly. heh:)
and of course thanks to all which send love my way.

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