Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayday 3DNA Premier Party

The movie has 3 segment of stories which are interlinked with the whole theme of the story (Mayday concert) and it will also show pieces of Mayday's DNA world tour....:)) Its not just throwing a concert at you, that would be very nice, but Mayday being our beloved everspecial band put in more sincerity and added in storylines to the movie.诚意 足!So fans and non fans fans to be alike can enjoy altogether. In the list of 3D concert movies recently coming out, Mayday 3DNA movie obtained a 4 Star rating, higher than all the other asian concert 3D movies. Woohooos! to that. ;))

I was so glad we managed to get tickets to the premier party after i missed the first one at 7pm, luckily they opened a 2nd sellout opening at a 9pm slot. Went with Jy and Orange to catch it. Yesh, finally managed to get jy to go too!:) and She's loving it, how can you not, i mean Mayday is like magic.
Anyone who goes to their live concert becomes an immediate fan, and this was just the movie and shes touched. oyeaa. :) they're good, no denying, my beloved mayday.

ok, before that....Dinnnerrrr! was so hungry!
All photo credit are from Jy!:D xiexies!
i didn't eat this though...jy did while waiting for me. i want one nao, with green tea icecream.

Jy's noodles! Which i thought looked good, but when she had it she had her mind on the one her cousin how to taste good like that?! haha...

curry rice!i had it the day before too...and shishamo!!me likey!

Jy and I had dinner and arrived early to collect the tickets. We were so early that we had enough time to go and play bishi bashi at the arcade! i love that game!:D we spent $4 and finished the whole game, damn we're good! muahaha. Orange was in a wedding dinner which she forgot about and had to sneak out to come meet us. hehehe.
and the meantime..
we take more photos of ourself!
3 tickets!:)
why the tick on each ticket?
because it was the premier party we could collect lightsticks and posters along for the movie!
and we got to watch it one week ahead of time. SHIOKNESS:D
o. the only thing was that we thought we could keep the 3D glasses, kana cheated, they had to keep it back....
haha..but good also lah, bring home to collect dust anyway...recycle also good:)

there was this promotion going on whereby you get the Mayday 3DNA combo and you get an 'exclusive' move poster. :D i wanted to queue for that so we just joined in the queue. 
Only to realise one minute into the queue that, that was the queue to go into the cinema instead..*facepalm* hahaha...So jy went over to help buy the popcorn set and drinks...and i could have my folder...Yay!:DD
kiasu. must try both side mah. later not balanced how?

let me try this zap machine. see if its good.
Orange wasn't here yet what. Had nothing better to take photo with our blue lightstick and popcorn set! muahahaha:D
The lightstick is pretty cool, it has 3 modes!Reusable, very eco friendly, i like. 
Just one more before Orange comes!
Because it was the premier party there was the 100.3 DJ 江坚文 to come and host the event and take photos and stuff. Sorry i am a 933 fan so i'm not too familiar with this station hosts...but they are the official promoters/partner to promote Mayday 3DNA movie in Singapore so must support them abit too lah:)) I left his fb link on his name, check him and their station out!;)
this was the photo taking session where fans posed with their posters and all...they wanted to send the photo back to the Taiwan side organisers presume-ingly so Mayday will know how loved they are by fans. <3
hee:) mayday do you see meee? lols.
 before the movie started we had a few seconds to snap this before the lights went off...
i smiled so happily that you can't see my eyes, lucky for me i'm wearing the 3D glasses. heh!
a sea of blue...well not yet, this was taken before the show began so some lightsticks were not up yet, but its enough to show the Mayday concert feel~ 
Mayday's Message to Fan's watching the premier:))
yesh, specially addressed to us only. heh. 

and then the show ended. 
sorry lah, encore here doesn't work. 
We tried though, o well. :p
i look like one crazy siao cha bor. thank you very much. 
why can't i look more decent?#fail *facepalm*
on our way home catching the last train back...
orange was saying, if this was a real live mayday concert we would never be able to catch the mrt home...
but even if its till the wee hours of the morning, every fan and person there to catch Mayday would agree with two thumbs up it's well worth it!!
the poster. the ticket & the lightstick. 

(i have no idea why it sounded like a narnia title to me, the witch. the lion and the wardrobe. was that it?)
Mayday 3DNA poster. 

you've seen the original photo above right?
now see this one....

in case you are not very familiar with them (you aren't a mayday fan, i can tell. hahaah..kidding)
they are 龍之家族, Mayday's technical crew. :)
the one in the middle is actually pretty famous one of the more famous funny guys in the tech crew, and its also very easy to spot him doing backup on stage.:)
the left first and second have their own band now too, Champion:)
oo. and a little juicy bit, the second guy from the left Huang Niu and Middle dude Shi Jie are Monster's cousin's too!;D
3 blue lightsticks. :)
if only ling could have joined us that day..
nvm, shall go with ling for another one:)
Ling if you are reading this pls don't ffk (it's not bad work ah, its short for fang fei ji. LOLs)me again. hahaha:P 

PS: Ting if your reading this and feel like going to catch the movie you can call me along...!! :DD i don't mind going again!:)) hehe.

Yesh. Its in a cinema near you!
What are you waiting for?
Grab a friend and get ready to be entertained and touched
Mayday 3DNA, miss it and you'll regret not catching the 3D version in your cinemas!

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