Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ring me up soon

balloons, kids and blue sky always bring a smile to me. :)
Ring me up soon with good news please. 
i'm waiting and praying and also trying to kid myself i'm taking all this in with a tinge of normality. 
anyhooo. i'm hungry now. 
it's 1am. jialat. cannot eat anything. 
shall go to bed hungry i guess, maybe reading will keep my mind distracted from food..can't read post about people being hungry, i wasn't hungry until i saw my cousin's msg that he was hungry and then i got hungry..so easily influenced. tsk.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead!
even if it didn't start off well on monday, let it be, it has passed...

Hfwaiting! Jia you! Gambatte!
Wishing all a good week ahead!

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