Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kimuchi Chahan

 Also known as Kimchi Fried Rice!:))) (that's the japanese version of it) I'm not a big fan of kimchi unless it's cooked, in soups or fried rice...because I think i don't really like the fermented smell of garlic if they do have it in the kimchi. (Do you know? different families each have their own version of Kimchi making recipes. No two recipes are the same, so even though its just kimchi, they can taste very different. And Kimchi we eat locally are usually the one made with the chinese cabbage, but actually kimchi have SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS. why the caps? because its really alot but i have no idea how many actually too, i know it is enough to fill my whole dining table. I haven't tried many types of kimchi before, but my favourite up till now, has to be the cucumber kimchiii!:D yumms! but too bad, it is pretty rarely found here....

And soo, let me get back to my fried rice.

Not bad right?
Looks can be deceiving, but hey! mine definitely looks the look and taste the taste. 
muahahah. :P
i secretly believe that it tasted better than the fried rice i bought the next day from the coffee shop down stairs. *smug* haha.
ok lah, i admit, its pretty easy. I'm no top chef, i can only cook food edible to me, maybe if someone else ate it they would think otherwise. 
and i have a weird habit, i only know how to cook in kitchens i'm familiar with, put me in someone else's kitchen, disaster will happen. haha.

 to be vaguely authentic i used korean spoon and chopsticks given by mom's friends as a souvenir and specially drank korean tea instead of the usual japanese green tea i drink. 
Haha. the things i do when no one's around. haha...all in the name of 有
ok. I'm not trying to bore you out with my multiple pics of my kimuchi chahan. lols
just in case you might be interested in how to cook this very simple dish when your home alone like me....Here are the super simple steps!

Ingredients needed:
(well the amount depends on yourself, i just do it by 'agaration')
Cooked rice (left overnight, if not just cook some rice in the pot)
Mince meat
Cooking oil
Garlic (2 cloves)
Kimchi (well of course right?;))
Dark Soy Sauce
Chicken Essence Powder (this is my secret ingredient to make sure my food taste good. lols)
 if you want a little something more. Add an egg!:)

Step 0.1 (i forgot, so it became this number. lol)
Take the kimchi out of the package and cut it to smaller bite size bits

Step 1.
Heat the oil and fry the garlic, make sure the garlic turns golden brown (not black! control your fire, not too high!)

Step 2.
Throw in the mince meat to fry with the garlic

Step 3. 
Throw in the rice, fry together. 

Step 4. 
Throw in the kimchi you have cut up nicely, take some of the kimchi sauce and add in too, to get the flavour and colour.

Step 5.
Add some dark soy sauce (just so that the coulour of the fried rice looks nicer)
Step 6. 
Add in the chicken essence powder, usually i just give the bottle two shakes. Stir. 

Step 7. 
Add salt as to liking. 

Step 8.
If you want to add an egg. You can just push the rice to the side and fry the egg in the same wok, i'm lazy i don't wanna wash so many things. Or you can fry the egg into the rice or you can fry it in a seperate wok, all to your liking. 
Step 9.
Put on plate

Step 10. 

hahaha...:p and that is how i cook my kimuchi chahan. Simple right?!:D
anything too difficult also i can't lah this is good enough if your hungry and alone for the night. 
the best thing is you can keep the unused kimchi for some time and cook this dish again when you feel like it!:))

so apart from pasta (the only other decent dish i can cook. lols) this is a good alternative!
Give it a try!;DD
ehehe...hope you'll like it!

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