Tuesday, September 6, 2011

granted chores

when you get everything done around the house nicely, everyone takes it for granted no one gives a hoot.
once you get something wrong they start making remarks. o and its as if i won't feel bad for making the mistake, stop repeating it as if i were the idiot.
when they are the one  who make the silly stuff, you just quietly cover it up and redo it. no worries, when your the one at fault they make sure its known to you.
and then i'm suppose to look like a angelic person with all smiles? i doubt you would be so if someone picked on your tail. so don't get angry with me because i'm having a poker face.
thank you very much man.
on some days like this you can't help but think fml. 
and o yea i very stupidly divulged the surprised birthday celebration secret out without even knowing it. *digs a hole and puts my head in*

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