Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoo Zoo Trip to Batam:)

 This is a pretty backdated post. I wanted to do a post about this some time back but i was quite lazy to because it'll be a photo intensive post and blogger could only upload like 5 photos at a time it would mean i would have to go back and forth 10,15 times...not that i haven't done it before, but since blogger has just launched its new interface i thought i should try it out with this post! Wow wee! Easy uploads of photos...all at one shot...:D

So here are the pics for my weekend trip to Batam, I think its a good place if your just seeking a weekend retreat with a good massage:)) Here we gooo!:)

ohai! i ish on the way to batam by cruise!

this was the first photo we took before leaving to get onto the ferry. 
it was truly a morning of madness. 
jojo our pretty babe here woke up late and nearly missed the ferry. 
i woke up very early because i kinda thought i lived the furthest, so i didn't want to morning call everyone to wake up at the same time as i did. ( i was afraid they might bite off my head if they didn't need to leave the house so early. haha) so instead i msged everyone and hope they would reply soon. 

I was pretty surprised the mrt was quite packed on a 6am for a saturday. wow. 
so only meimei replied me....i thought maybe they didn't need to set off so early therefore they weren't awake yet or they hadn't seen the msg.
monsters anyone?
so i went to meet meimei @ macs first for brekky!:) she told me ching was on her way reaching. and the brenda and joanne were the two which hadn't replied any of our msges or call. When ching arrived she told was brenda was on her way out when she last called her so no problem there. 

so where was joanne?!!
after much calling and as we were about to finish our breakfast she called me saying she had just gotten up not too long ago....

and sooo. after all the hoo haa and rushing to get tickets and she rushing down in a cab and running to the terminal and our frantic calls and giving of directions...
we finally met up with each other....
heng ah. :)
after a frantic morning we finally made it onto the ferry and were on our way!:D
when the all girls team are on a one hour plus journey what do we do?
whip out your cameras and snapsnapsnap that is! hehe.
this was dada's spider to hold her camera we got for her birthday...
we used it more for posing purpose than for its original purposes of being a tripod...lols:P

when everyone is posing prettily i pose like this. hahaha
ahh...this is the star:)
this are the girls i share this trip with:D
cousin It. is that you?
finally! we have arrived!:)
we initially thought we were supposed to have a free and easy trip...and after much confusion, discussion and checking with the guide we never knew we were supposed to have a were part of a half day tour. 
first stop!
to visit guan yin niang niang. 
then we were sent off to some factory outlet before walking opposite the road for a massage. 
mine, mei's and ching's were good. they had enough and dada said theirs were far from satisfactory. 

not to sound pervert-ic or anything, the silhouette of a girls back is really very beautiful... (because we all shared the same room.)  
 say hello to my sitting partner dada:)
we discussed all the drama we had recently much fun!:D

after massage. lunch!:)
no we didn't eat bird's nest, just stood and pose next to #fail
we were going to have seafood lunch. 
the girls were really excited except for me and dada because we were not seafood
so we were the only two goondos eating the
but i did enjoy the fish and prawn...lucky the prawn was deep fried, no need to deshell can eat. they were all amazed by my 'power' to eat shell, meat and all down. lols.
there's the guide behind me. 
you know how alot of people wouldn't be caught dead or at least not in photo without makeup...?
there. i'm almost always these bare looking. 
maybe 20 years from now i'll laugh at myself.hahaha...:p 
natural is good?:Ppp
after lunch we went to watch some mini performance just outside. 
there was the fire and glass eating man and he could tear coconuts with his bare hands. impressive, but i don't know, i didn't really like it....
after lunch we went to visit another temple. 
Kong Zi Miao where they prayed for good results in school. 
Over at the side there were a few food stores we went over for a eat and drink.
yah! more food! hehe.:P
if it looks as if we were very happy eating and drinking the coconut, its a LIE. 
the coconut was not sweet.:((((
can employ me as ambassador already. 
not nice also can look as if it taste out of this world. lols
and then and then!!!
 i found my beloved green kueh!
omg. i really love to eat this but that was the first time i've seen it outside kuching. 
i always must have these kueh along with the other must have food when i'm in kuching. 
sometimes some people who don't know how to make it, it taste just mehh. 
this one tasted omgggg so freaking awesomee!!
if you ever go, MUST BUY and TRY!!!
highly recommended by me:))))
then off we went to some keropok shop...i bought some back home...i bought some to give away too...
but by the time i brought them back, they were in no shape to be given to friends...all crushed by bad handling...:(:S sorry guys and gals no keropok to give you all. 

and so we had ice cream at this shop...yesh, eat again i know right! ahahah....double choc ice cream.
after that we had to sent some of the group people off to the terminal and so stopped off at a shopping mall...with actually nothing. its a empty shopping mall...ok lah, there are stores, but not the kind where you really shop at i guess...
we saw this...quite funny!:p
the rest of the trip was just bus journey around....i got excited when i saw sunset from the we were all busy trying to capture the was funny how the whole bus shifted from side to side on my cue to where the sunset was...:P
by the time we reached the restaurant it was already dinner time...
yes. eat 
despite what you see, we did do abit of walking so it wasn't that bad.
jojo had this and we had nasi was SO SALTY. 
it was complimentary though.

when everyone's trying to look pretty...i am not even trying. 

we chit chatted till the wee hours of the morning.
we actually had two rooms to stay in but we squeezed into one...more fun and cosy:)
this was the engagement present we surprised jojo with after she came out from the shower...
without glasses shes almost as blind as a a few times when she stood closer to us we just stayed calm because i knew she couldn't see what we were doing..:P
she loved the engagement/proposal present. 
the rest of the photos are for her to fill up.....:)

we had Heineken while dada and meimei KO-ed. Mei drank a few sips before she was too sleepy...we talked even more and shot a few snaps...the rest had me looking too i'm not showing! muahaha. i was NOT drunk, i was just looking unglam as usual. fat face shots. haha.
woked up early next morning. 
such unbecoming if this were shown to prospective mother in laws. 
do not know how to make bed.
eh. hotel mah. at homes our beds are all made nicely. :DD
view of sky. nice! the rest of the view was just meh.
more eating. at breakfast.
o  i forgot!
doraemon was on while i was waiting for the gals:D
After breakfast out for a walk and more photo opps!
the sun was wayyy too glaring.
this hammock is harmless looking but its evil i tell youuu!
i injured my leg a little trying to get up on it...before you say i'm always wasn't just me!
see? poor dada got a bad bruise from the hammock.
pretty cool eh?!
its made from tires. 
good form of recycling. 

haha. look at this two. 
always this cute:)
in the lift...what? we're girls what. 
and its a reflective mirror.:p
time to go back and pack to go back home!
before that...some fun pics around!
the two girls took the extra time to paint their nails...
and finally before we went to the terminal we went to have lunch at A&W, it was jojo's first time!
so cute. 

then off to the terminal and back home. 
it was actually much more dramatic than i say it here, we nearly $%^&^%$!@&*! miss the ferry because of a very ngiao officer. Don't wanna dwell too much on the drama and bad memories of that part, the good thing was we managed to catch our ferry on time because of some very kind souls. thank you nice people:))

my advice to people who are going is that, 
remember to go earlier..really, don't wait till the last least maybe an hour in advance. 
i think we went about 35 minutes in advance and because of a far flowing system we nearly had a heart attack. and all the vulgar words were flying in the air as we were frantically being 'pushed' from here to there being aimless ducks finding our way around. 

but because of kind souls everything went well and we had a nice full stop to our trip.

a lil weekend get away does wonders to your moods and spirit. if you can't go far. go places like this with your buddies, it as the buggers always say, its not really the place but who you are with that matters most. 


I can't agree more. 
that's why i love going to places abroad with people i like. 
if i've gone with you abroad, yesh, i love you people very much and am so comfortable with you. 

can't wait to go a trip soon....
so many friends are going with boyfriends here and there. 

#foreveralone i don't have. 
nvm. i have friends. haha...

jy!bkk next yr? maybe?:)
buggers..somewhere anywhere?
and maybe to visit jojo's hometown next time too...


  1. OMG! i went to the same hotel as u did in batam! and my cousin loveeeeee the hammock! =D YESH! BKK!

  2. o! really? qiao:) did you visited the same places as we did too...? the hammock was evil, it gave me a bruise...hahaha...