Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thiong Bahru Bakery

*this is an outdated post, I'm not sure why I didn't post it. Was probably trying to find time to edit it proper but never got down to it.....oops.*

Ting and I are avid bread fans. Ok, I'm a little more picky I love my breads fresh from bakeries. I have come to dislike those white gardenia bread unless they are toasted or made into French toast.

Why? Not int because of the taste, but also because of the texture. I am a big fan of good texture. But this doesn't mean I must have expensive breads, quite the opposite!

One of my favourite breads are the cheap kinds freshly baked in the Coffeeshop without preservatives the home loaf our parents used to get as kids.

And of course I enjoy all those other yummy treats from the good expensive bakeries too. If only they weren't so pricey...but if so maybe my weight would just balloon....! Haha...

And so ting and I have been wanting to try this "Tiong Bahru Bakery" for some time after hearing raving reviews about their croissants.

After a few attempts we finally met to go there. Well, me being me I thought we would be going to the one in tiong bahru cause it is called that right? And my googling skills were not working on that day.

I didn't know they had a second branch in Raffles City now. So yay for for all of us because it is more convenient now!:))

I wasn't thinking of writing a post for these so pardon my lack of photos.

After much getting lost and guidance from ting we finally reached! From the line in the display me being me i wanted to order EVERYTHING! haha...

But we collected ourselves and order 4 things.
The much acclaimed about must order plain croissant, the chocolate croissant , a cheese and ham something and a pandan fleur ( that's how I rmb it is spelt) haha...

And a mocha and lemonade. If you ask me about the house drinks I will tell you straight, DON'T even bother.My mocha was horrible. :(

Ok so yea now that's done let me continue...the service was good they were all very smiley and attentive even towards a blur customer like me who needs to huh a few times to understand them. Love places with good nice service people! :))

They offered warming of food services too...when we went there were not so many people so we picked a nice couch seat. (Which happen to be just outside the kitchen)

I always wanted to work in a bakery...just so I can bring home bread lols..greedy!

When they sent our warmed up cheese an ham pastry it seemed a little blacker than usual but to us, it was alright I guess. We are not so picky..lols..

So a round of Instagram photos we go! Just as we were about to tuck in a lady came out of the kitchen and walked pass our table and walked back.

She requested to take away the little burnt cheese and ham pastry cause she told us it was over burnt. As there was none left in the counter she told us they would make a fresh one for us immediately in 20mins. We were not in a hurry so we were alright.

But we were quite sad to think the burnt one might have been thrown away...nooo! Give us! But that is their respect towards quality.

Later learnt the lady was the chef inside! Respect their love towards giving customers good quality! And as a form of apology for the bad quality presented to us they gave us a free brownie!

Talk about good service!! This place is awesome:))

And this was what made me want to write this post. A bakery whose baker does not compromise on quality just because of pricing is a one worth my. Recommendation. I believe with a place like this, it can only get better!

My recommendation based on what I've try is still the plain croissant. It stands strong! Must eat if you go there.

Didi told me their burgers are really good too! I haven't tried them yet..but might the next time...they have too many new things to keep me going to try all of them!

Go try them out today! One in Raffle city (I personally feel this is very accessible And the other in Tiong Bahru, but a little out of the way. But for good bread, worth it). :D

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Denim. i know denim. I have been wearing it half my live pls!

Almost everyone who knows me knows that I am the poster child for being the Tees & jeans kinda person. or Shirt/blouse and jeans kinda gal.

Ok. Saying poster child is putting too much of myself in the beautiful ray of light because who am i kidding, when was I ever poster child material? ahh. in my dreams. not too bad there!

because my thighs are not in proportion to my hips and yada yada...i only learnt how to wear jeans and only that in my years of growing up from primary to you can't exactly blame my fashion sense. I couldn't fit into other stuff well. lols...

Usually people find jeans suffocating....but for me the jeans I chose to wear are almost like second nature...of course i do have to admit there are those few which i would love to rip apart once i put them on.

But....denims have really been part of my's been there for every other occasion...I would have inserted more example pics...but facebook only go that far and i have to sieve through waay too many! So let me show how i rock the fashionistic denim my way & how it blends right into my daily life and important points thereafter...
from when i go to USS to meet my favourite Kung Fu panda Po. 
i usually don't go so far back when looking at photos but since i was on this topic i found this pic very apt...
(an almost graduation day photo with my buddies then whom i've not met in a loong time)
doesn't it remind you of FRIENDS sitcom?
to visiting Ming's very important family day visit at his OCS

to celebrating a friend's birthday
and just trying to look cool. 
and feeling like a total rockstar. in tees. shades and denim looking o-so-cool. 
*ling is so going to kill me with this pic. but i think quite cute mah! :P
it makes picture perfect memories. 
well faded. *pun unintended.lols
you can see how important my denims are to me because i wore it on my first date. 
a girl can fantasize can't she?
In fact we all are rocking it out in denim! ( i think. wes are you?)

 all the way to meeting Mr President Obama. 

see my denims are awesome. 

they follow me throughout my lifetime. 
when it's cold it's probably the most practical wear pls. 
someone said something about being inflexible in it..?

See what i just did there? 
I made all your you go through my pictures of meee!
vicious. bhb. 

i feel the best denim style to suit the denim wearing me would be 
 it was down to this two...

*drum rolls*
after much thinking i believe starlet straight would be my choice. 
Because I like clean cut cuts. 
Nothing too fancy, very to the point,  like me.
hahaha. :p

With clean cuts I feel it can transcend time, denim is something which has already transcend time and all fashion to let people know it is here to stay. I would like to be known as someone like that, not always chasing newest trends and fashion because it is changing. I know i wouldn't be able to keep up, i want to keep something timeless.Something i can effortlessly throw on a plain top and still bring me places, make me feel comfortable. 


Visit any GUESS Store from 29th Oct – 18 Nov to find your perfect fit and enjoy $20 off when you try–on and purchase a pair of GUESS Jeans (limited to one redemption per customer)!
 i was looking through my pics and thought this would totally sell for a denim pic. 

if you would like us to be denim models, yes, we are more than willing. 
so hesitate no more cause we are rocking it out. 


i have no idea where my confidence comes from. 

from wearing a everlasting comfy pair of that denim.;P

see! we looked so good in our denim that when we asked momo opapa to help us take pic of us with the background he got tempted to shoot our denims instead. 

i rest my case. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

because that's the power of friendship.

i wrote this post on instagram a few days back but i though since it was such a long thought I would like to share it here too...
(it was meant to go out as a tweet. but 140 characters ain't enough for me to say it. bah. so it went onto instagram and now reproduced here...:))

Reading another article on this kid getting bullied so bad till she decided the world was not worth living for...:( 
And thinking...boy. I must really have been lucky all my life...:) I have heard of friends or friends of who have been bullied/teased/ostracised some part of their school lives especially sec and pri... From where I came from in my two schs either way everyone (popular.not) would have at least a friend to standup for them and just be..a friend...? 

Ppl laugh at ulu north but I guess we must be awesome cause I don't see it happening while studying here... What branded schools? Mine was just as awesome too!

And I must be really lucky or did something awesome in my pass live to have a bunch of buds I found frm pri, sec, poly & uni school to stick tgt with me till today. 

Xiexie I realised that it takes me quite awhile to be close to people...I'm shy like that. But if I'm close enough to irritate you (well in a friendly manner. Haa) then we must be quite close huh! Heh
*and i forgotten to add, if i ask you for things for help or anything, means we are close like that too, cause to learn how to ask for something is a big step for me. I hate why i am so shy like that. tsk.

I hope bullying-stops. Everyone find that friend of theirs:)


That was my thought of the day then.

Family and friendship. 
this are the only two important things in my life currently. 

I can't even begin to imagine what i would do without them...

Coming home to an empty house without warmth, then i would rather stay out. 

going into a world without friendship feeling all alone, then i'd rather drift away. (speaking of which i love magnetic north's drift away song!the mv is quite apt for this topic!)
here you go! thought the mv was quite nicely done. by wfp of course!. :)
so thankfully, this two fit very nicely in my life. 

i lack maybe that one thing to make life complete but at least till date the other two have been fulfilling, and your friendships mean the world to me, my inner circle. 

not very big because i don't dream of being a social butterfly. 
 those who know will know cause i know. :)
(act yi ge poetic. lols)

and between the two, i treasure your friendship more i believe. (?)

there are so many things i dare to be rash about. (usually my practical self will speak first. oh but anyway...)
but with our friendship...

i hold it like a precious china ware.

so thankful for all the friendships i've made through the years...even the ones where now it seems that we have drifted apart. 

i really thank and appreciated you being part of my life then. :)

you were  (and still are) awesome guys. 

if you are reading this. go be someone's friend...especially that tortured soul you see....

you may just be the last glimmer of warmth...

we all hate to be judged. so if you can. don't. 
be a friend. 

you never know whose life you are bringing joy and new meaning into.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

StayReal when are you coming to SG?

Stayreal when are you coming to SG so I can buy your o-so-cute bags? Especially love the checkered series and blue bagpacks! Haha...cause sometimes I carry my laptop home and still using the old one (which is my trusty bag) but I want a cutesy one too! Act cute. I know lah. Haha

Like a candle fizzling out.

Been working late daily for months end and recently to add on to the burden some idiot had to sabotage the work server causing me to lose 3months plus worth of sweat and tears.

Imagine the distraught one faces in this cases. Knowing the amount of stuff I had to face just when I finally took leave did no help.

Imagine finally taking a break to chill off but you get the news such bad news, damn. It's nothing to look forward to coming back to and the stress combined with it. Dude who did the sabotage, if I had a stick I would probably really beat you into a pulp. I won't kill you but I would definitely want to beat you up. *yes. I am no angel as I often say. *

The stress has been wearing thin on both me and my partner working out the same crisis.

People say girls are really hard to understand...but I think in this the end of the day we would really want some support and recognition. My two other ops are trying in their own ways to chip in and help out which makes me grateful and thankful:)

But really...still at the end of the day it would be heartwarming to know someone knows that it's just two of us..and we are trying our best and appreciate us for that.

We are threading on thin ice with tendencies of feeling overwhelm time to time.....

as how a candle would fizzle out if burnt from both ends we are feeling the heat...
Give us some moral support.
You do realise words sometimes can make or break a person's day...?

Why choose the latter when it doesn't cost to do the former.

but I believe we can tide through this. Yesh we can:)

There's nothing which can't be solved with a bucket of tears, a good hot long shower and a good sleep. And maybe throw in some mayday songs;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Eleven pls bring me to Taiwan!

Helloooo!:) I'm back faster than my usual posting ever since I started working because...I wanna join the 7eleven blogger's contest, so they can bring me to Taiwan! Hahaha...

So shamelessly I'm going to say...Pls let me win!!:D
Before I carry on with my entry don't say I don't share the good stuff...if you own a blog like me (not popular also neh mind Xp *i hope?* it's the heart that counts right) hehe.. You can join the 7 Eleven blogger's contest. Here! Contest ENDING SOON HOR! on 9th Oct. JOIN NOW! :P

All you have to do is go to 7-Eleven and spend $3, snap a pic and tell them where you would like to go to if you win.

*ahem* the 'you' in this case would be ME!! Because I have bought my $3 worth from 7-eleven!
 Actually I must say i have this love hate relationship with 7 Eleven because it's so awesome it always makes me spend more than i even need. 

I want to go in to buy some last minute snacks for my cousies (to bribe them when i go to Kuching. i think it did work! hehe) I came out with Tao Kae Noi and Kit Kat peanut butter the latter for myself!! -___-''

See?! Always got something to buy one! haha...

But one thing i realised that of this two items i took i think they are only sold in 7-Eleven because I do not see them anywhere else! Yesh ah! Limited edition stuff...lols..
I love peanut butter and chocolate combi...haven't tried them yet but i'm sure it's gonna be mmmmmm! :D

 This few months I have always been busy...:((
so much so that by the time i get more shops are open to get dinner...*imagine the horror!!*

so i'm pretty much grateful there's a 7-Eleven on the way home for me to grab cup noodles! i'm pretty scared of cup noodles if i keep having it...Xp
so albeit it being small in cwp...i'm still grateful it's 24/7-11 :)

But still!
Ps! I hope you all can bring in cutesy stuff collectables like the ones taiwan does...
that would be awesome upon awesome! hehe.

So that is why...if i do win this competition, i would like to go to Taiwan! :))
 As they say..
Welcome 2 Taiwan!

I love that country, and also there's many familiar 7-Elevens there too! hehe...
Always round the corner :)


So one more time again..

PICK ME Pick me to win the 7-Eleven Blogger's Contest!

Ding - Dong!
Always open!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little encouragement keeps me going:)

For some reasons people close to me always think I'm the little bubbly one who jumps around happily...

I don't mind's good to be the crazy bouncy one..lols.

As much as i am crazy and happy most of the time, I am also pretty much a big 大哭包 was so as a kid but got better when I was bigger...I still cry a lot but just not in front of anybody now if I can help's a good form of release actually. Rekkha used to say the one good thing about me is my fast ability for positivity. I do admit, it's not always there..but 70% of the time it is! :)

I need courage too, and I find it by releasing all the unhappiness and them coming back alive again. I fall and cry easily, but after that I jump back up alive again! Like a 不倒翁!

During periods like these I love to eaee encouraging stuff or funny pics...these were the stuff shared with me...

(Ok I'm using my iPhone to blog. I have no idea if my photos will turn up where I want them to be)-_-;;

Let me share them with you..hope your days brightens up a lil!:D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On those days...

In times when you feel unloved and unappreciated...

Pat yourself on the back, have a good shower and sleep. There's nothing you can do about what other people think but you can always make sure you don't end up doing things which might be a moment of glory but disgust yourself at the end.

It's ok if no one sees me. If I keep trying I will get there. Its a hard notion to keep up, but it makes sense on days.


I have a sharp 6 sense, sometimes I feel vibes even before they become words.

And o. Don't bother deciphering, I'm just having one of those lacklustre days where I won't smile and tell you everything's fine because it is and always will be ultimately.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all of my Muslim friends!

So cute right!!
Credits to blogger
You can find the cutest reads there...go check Miao & WafuPafu out! :D

When Hari Raya comes it only means two things...(ok among the many other things which come with Hari Raya)

Good Food , Kueh Kueh & the Raya songs...

"Selamat Hari Raya~" & my favourite " balik Kampung...o.o.o Balik Kampung~"

i don't know what comes after that because that is really pretty much all i know of the song...heh.


I have so much to say....but when i turned on my lappy and gotten comfortable to start writing...i lost all my inspiration!

it's as if someone were watching and decided to play a cruel joke and take away my inspiration to write..

return me my inspiration you thief! 
just kidding. 

i hope.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's August already?!

Where did the rest of the year zoomed by to?

They always say day to day passes by slowly...but the months just zoom past!

Have a Happy August Everyone! 

smell the roses. 
enjoy colourful lights :)

 and if you are in SG. Happy Birthday Singapore!

Make your August the best to be! 
be a nice human!


Sent Mr Chai to the airport yesterday.....he is going to Europe for 5 months...5 months worth of fun!! Can you imagine?!

I also want! :( Castles.....yada yada amazing places in between which i don't potter...Switzerland! and more amazing places....* jealous already!* haha....
this was the polariod which only the birthday boy going away boy got to take away...
the rest of us just used our phones to instagram it...

take care dude! don't need to tell you to have fun. it's a natural thing. safe. :)

We met on two consecutive days!
 the lemon tart thingy was omg so yummmmyyyyy!

On Sunday to celebrate Ming's birthday and on Monday to send Jh away. 

I usually am rather reluctant to go out and return home late on monday to thursday (weekdays) cause i'm so busy plus after being so busy all you want to do is just relax your mind for the next day...

but for people i'm close to...definitely. 

realised everytime a bugger goes overseas for sometime there would be at least a few representatives to send them off...
people who i less than 3  :))

I was most lucky to have a big group of buggers to send me off when i went to the states...hehe...
(though i rmbed i look lika cui max on that day -_-)

they say friends are like family you choose for yourself. 


i think friends are akeen to the second family that by fate i met and by love and determination keep with me. 
(hey. i mean you need to work hard to upkeep every kind of relationship right? even friend ship. :))
we met by fate but choosed to keep by each other's side. 

yesh. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

I have a habit which is to be very protective over anything which i consider as 'mine' even friends and family. 
i must always have the security of knowing they are safe and well to function properly...

i get really annoyed or worried in any case when i feel that people close to me are in danger and i can't reach them or can't help them....

yesterday i realised that my reaction is blatantly clear to everyone. hahaha!
and i don't bother to attempt to hide it. 

People always say i'm a nice person. 
nahhh...deh deh. wrong!

I'm a reflection of who i am facing...if you're nice to me. i'll be really nice back. 
but if you're going the other way, don't blame me for not being the poster child for politeness. 

bie's guy friend whom i didn't like for very good reasons (which i shall not even try to mention) suddenly decide to turn up (or so i presume)

whoops! the two daughters were trying to keep it a secret! haha...
if i had known more i and if it wasn't so late already i  would probably gone ahead and have a good chat.

because i know that my family deserves only the best. 
nothing less than that. 

scums are not allowed into the family. 

there's this very minor detail that usually nobody notices but i kinda practise...
i'm all into social media and all (duh. look at where i work)
but i won't add fb friends of just any new boyfriends/girlfriends of friends...unless i'm certain they are really going steady and most probably walking down the red carpet together....

it's a weird habit i guess...?
i'm weird like that. 
i put alot of effort when i make friends you see *defensive*

i know that by being this protective over my close friends it might make them uncomfortable or feel very loved ( i hope most of the time its the latter, not everyone has special treatment from me one hor. only if i treat you like family. hehe) for my family, i guess they take it for granted i'm like tt. haa!

but as my tweet puts it...
i'd rather i say something because i wanna be a real friend and say it for your good...rather than be all nice and smiley and regret one day i was nice but not nice enough....

sometimes i worry that it backfires and all...but then again...
i'd rather my buddy gets angry with me now then look back 10 years down and say why didn't you tell  me earlier?

but i'm glad...
we understand each other well enough...

<3 p="p">


but for that guy. 

i'm watching you. 

*stern hand signals my eye watching you hand signals*


hahahaa....i bet i sound like the scary mom that all boyfriends wouldn't dare to meet. 

generally the rule applies, if you're a nice person i'll like you and treat you nicely too. 

*big grinny smile*

now i sound like a psychopath. 

lol lols. 

i should stop.
i'll end off with a nice photo of gong cha from the celebration.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

there is something good in everyday

this is really true. 
as simple as it is in a phrase but yea!

sometimes we get so tired of seeing the big picture as a whole we forgot to see the little finer things in life...

so sometimes when you get so stressed out in life stop and realise, 

that maybe you had an awesome lunch! or hey maybe the lady at the 5th floor gave you a great big smile today!

All the little things make us a little happier. 

be appreciative of them!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Away We happend by Wong Fu Productions!

Been really really busy with work lately so I haven't been able to catch many dramas that i used to love to catch...but! catching Wongfu youtube videos is a must! One thing it's short enough for me to load with the youtube app on my iphone so i can catch it on the MRT on the way to work another is's really addictive...:D *ok. i'm bias cause it's wong fu*

Today I'm gonna share one of their new mini series! :) Look out for episode 4! It's one of my fave! It was a shoot as you go video...they did a week by week shoot after every episode they took in comments into consideration to make the next episode...i feel it might have been a little stiff but to think they did it with so little time on the go and needing to take into consideration all the comments and all...i'm loving it!

Here you go!

It was done for AT&T a American phone line. 
I rmb using this line when we were there! 

Catch it!

and i also fell in love with David Choi's Song while watching this series!

now i'm on repeat for his whole song list. 
i've always loved his voice, but this song nailed it!
now officially he is in my list of favorite singers. 

Woohoo David! :)

the questions we dread...

At every stage and point in my life there would be a few questions that I would dread....of course every other day people would have questions they dislike or feel peeved about...I have those too...and also i have questions i dread and would like to just take my chance to skip it and run away if i have the chance to.

It's very easy to see when I feel uneasy with a face would give everything away. I would like to act all normal, but i bet my face, tone and actions would chance spontaneously...

Just a few years back I remember dreading people asking me about getting a job..though I knew very well, i was getting there or would definitely get there if i tried hard enough it just feels like a blow everytime someone asked you was fine at first and slowly you just want to say stop man. i'll let you know when i'm there....
but luckily i have a job i'm happy with at the moment...and if people knew me they would know that it was something i have been aimng to get in since poly lucky me! yes, i think i kinda pestered my way in too...but...yea..its a mixture of both...hehe..

I remember another embarrassing everyday question that i almost really hated and really dread when i was much younger....
guess what...
I couldn't tell you what the 12 months was... i would miss a month or two..I could recite all the way till somewhere around july or august correctly...and end with november and december correctly and in was mostly a hit and miss....

I only managed to confidently got it right when I was in Sec 4 i think?Wow. that bad huh! haha...but i can get it right now!!! :D hahahaha...nothing to be exactly proud about, but hey. At least i got it now! :P

And on friday i was asked a very awkward question by my manager...
She asked, "hey why doesn't have Sarah have any boyfriends ah?"
(there were 3 of us it was kinda asking all 3 of us at the same time i guess,but more directed to me?)
and then it continued.
"Do boys hate you? or Do you hate boys?"
O boy. here we go again. I mildly suspect that she suspects that I'm not straight? well actually, it's not the first time, and I don't really blame them actually. A gang of my poly mates met me beginning of the year and in a beat around the bush manner asked me if i had a girl friend....only because my fb dp was with my favourite coussie Foong who has really short hair....T-T

There. this was the picture. 

To avoid getting more speculations from god knows who i changed the dp to a new one....
even my bro at one period of time asked me if i had a boyfriend and I said no and then he asked if i have a girlfriend. wtf?(this was quite a few years back) i think now he just thinks i'm a loser which no one wants and will get left behind on the shelve. 

i don't really mind or care really. 

but nowadays it gets harder to ignore because everyone just keeps reminding you! 
I actually like my life and i'm really not the kind of person who will just do what everyone does just because everyone is doing it. 
Everyone says go look for a boyfriend. 
erm. excuse me?
Do i just go "look" for one in a shopping centre or approach one on the road and say hey you there! let's just date and be my boyfriend ya?

You can say i'm stubborn, but if I don't feel comfortable or can't feel or see or if my irrational point of view doesn't just tell me to go with it..I really do not want to waste anybody's time

On it's own i don't feel i have enough time for everybody and myself, I wouldn't want to make trouble out of nothing just because....
that being said...i love making friends and of course I'm not going to be a nun...

if someone comes along the way i'll definitely go yay:)

who know's maybe i'll be like Cheesie? haha...

and yesh. i do not hate boys. 
i have alot of gay and lesbian friends and am totally fine with that culture, but i'm quite sure I would like my date with my kind of Wes , Nicky or  Ashin one day..



I'm really bad with making decisions so if i can i try to avoid it...
and one thing about me, if i decide to take in anything, people or things I treat it as my baby and am very protective of it's hard for me to decide which is "better?"

yesh. that's why i don't settle down easily i guess too?
because if i decide on something, i am determined to make it work so i really take some time and effort to let myself discover....i'm not looking for the 'best' because i have no idea what is the best...but the best kind of person to click with me, i think that would be awesome. 

you know how everyone likes to say, if you got a problem, i'll be there for you?
how many people actually really mean it and after that how many can actually really do it...
sometimes we know people mean it..but they can't execute it...not on purpose of course..
(i bet some of you are saying, a boyfriend would solve that problem!zzz. thanks ah. till i get one..)

I wanted to talk to someone about it (the decision making, not the boy problem. lols) this weekend...but i couldn't find anyone. 

wah piang. sound like yi ge sad. 

when people need me I try to be i'm not saying i'm nice..just i would like to feel likewise too..of course i fallback for some too...
but when I stretch out my hand which is not very often and to not many people i realise no one was there to take it. 

but then again. it's no one fault. 

i wrote this in mind that it was supposed to be funny, 
but i have no idea..whey it became all sappy in the end...

i shall end it with a happier picture. 
yesh. see. this is my dream double date happening. 

hi Wes! :)) hi Phil! hi Ann nee! :D

Have a good week ahead!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Congrats to Mayday for Sweeping 6 out of 7 awards from their nominations at GMA this yr! :D

 Mayday won 6 out of 7 awards at this Saturdays 23rd Golden Melody Awards 2012 this year! WOOHOO!
  1. 《 最佳國語專輯獎 》 第二人生
  2. 《 最佳樂團獎 》五月天/第二人生
  3. 《 最佳作曲人獎 》五月天瑪莎/諾亞方舟   
  4. 《 演唱類 - 最佳編曲人獎 》五月天、陳建騏/諾亞方舟   
  5. 《 最佳專輯製作人獎 》 五月天/第二人生   
  6. 《 最佳年度歌曲獎 》諾亞方舟《第二人生》

a lil sad ashin didn't manage to clinch the nomination which would give them full victory of the 7 song writer award...but it's ok. We really know how good he is. and not in any of my biasness but it's really true, he is really one of the best lengendary song writers.

To me what makes a song writer good is the comprehension of the listener...and true enough, mayday's lyrics are also so close to heart and easily comprehend-able..Ashin to me, 你也得奖了!:D

 this was the banana eating moment. 

'you qing jiao'


though there was shocking news that they might be finishing up in 3 albums - 6 years time which totally spoilt the mood for the night....(you can follow the link to read about it)

i'll still say they well deserved every award and i'll bask in glory for them.:)

i would love to sing till im 60 with you all...
but i guess everyone's got their plans...

we will cherish every mayday moment we have...

and for as long as we live, we can proudly say 

Thank you for being part of our life...

6 years or 60 years to come...
we will sing your songs till we grow old together!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful papas around the world.

 this photo was from my bday 2 years ago! i was looking through the pics and just saw it:))

mucho gracias. :) somehow i feel it's much harder to tell (for me somehow, even if i do feel it) your papa i love you every now and then. I think its a men thing and asian thing not to tell guys especially your dad right upfront I love you Paps!

 But, i still always make the effort when I can to write it down on card to let me paps know that i am always proud of him no matter how sometimes I can get so downright frustrated and angry with him...but deep down he is my beloved paps that I am so proud of...:))

sure sometimes i feel he has his weird ways and all but hey. don't you don't i? We all do, maybe even something i feel perfectly normal can be weird to someone else.. so i guess...if we face the world with our utmost sincerity and not harm anyone else to benefit ourselves i think we are alright. :)


So this was how we celebrated father's day last week for my beloved papa!
hehe <3
wine. card. mille crepe cake self collected 
very yummy!!:)

 mumsie and i brought him to sembawang to have dinner..
this wasnt the original restaurant we chose...
but it was cool too:)
 according to this beer totally solves everything!
 this was what i wore for the evening!
my new dress and necklace from bkk..
Love it!

 instagram can honestly make everything look nice..
but really...this place is quite cosy on its own:)
 ending off with this favourite pic of mum and dad of the night! 


afterwhich i have been sick for a whole week now since that Sunday. 

Poor me. :(

if you are reading this...pls think of my sickness away!
let it begoneeee!!!!

if only i wasn't working had lotsa free time to rest, then sure i can be sick, i have always been a sickly child no biggie. lols.

but now i have mountain's load to clear everyday even when i'm on pls don't do this to me!
i need a able body and clear mind.

maybe even with a lil bit of luck more smartness come my way. 

my bro used to say i'm not so smart so i work hard....

well, that's quite alright with me i guess. 
i admit it. i'm not that smart, so whatever i ever lack i make up for it in sheer hardwork. 

gambatte masu!!
dear body! you too! get well sooonnnn!!

and to you reading. 

take good care!
Drink lotsa water!
be a nice human:)

pardon my sloppiness in blogging!
been really busy and err sick too!!