Thursday, February 18, 2010


Great quote. :)

I came across this on this website that i have really really come to love. The pursuit of happyness. Do check it out. really. ;)
I'm gonna post up things, pics, stories, quotes that i like more often. :)
usually i would leave the original link on it, if you guys are interested just click to see more of it, or you can see the tag and check if its any site from my links. :)

Happy 22nd ah Bie!

Presenting Ms Abigail Lee.
Bestestest (strikeout becux of bad english:p, but she sure is!;)) and most beloved Welfare Master,Officer Mistress! (because guys were master, girls were mistress in ranks. eg. quater master, wardrobe mistress. get it? :))

Happy Happy 22nd Birthday to

I didn't intend on making many cards this year, but because last year i missed giving her something hand made so i decided, die die also must make one. heh.
I wanted to do a card using paper but realised i didn't have enough time and inspiration. So i sat down and think hard of another idea. what was her current fave.....
ahaa! twillight.
i went through the whole net looking at twillight photos and looking at edward cullen aka robert pattinson...and i wonder. why him? -__- o well, as long as she like...hahaha...

i wanted to superimpose her with the vampire into the twillight poster, but they cheat one, all use so high lighting on the actor/actresses face from certain angle, very hard for me to get a similar feel. Nevertheless, went to face book to look for her pretty pretty face. :)

alamak. not many. no. not not many of her pretty face, but usually its with a big group or she is doing a funny face or unable to put ps pic...(ok, i partly blame it on my skills) haha. gosh. ok! i found 2 that i really really liked! pretty! heng got those pics. :)
You should have more 'zi lian' pics bie!! so pretty need more!;))

download download the pics. Open my photoshop, took awhile...cux old lappy mah. but still loyal. :D
then after awhile another inspiration hit me when i was looking through the two photos i choosen of her, and it meant i didn't need to sit through 4 hours on two consequtive nights looking at the very white face with ruffled hair. (no offence to the his vampire lover. just not the kind of image i would like to stare at while ps-ing through the night. hhahaa...:p)

The photos she had gave me a very kawaii feel! so i thought why not do a glamour mag cover -card?
oo. happy! excited. :) But for a while, panic. I didn't have a loong time to slowly find mags to scan or source through the whole net for versions i like, they might have, but i was in panic state. lol.

eureka! i remembered cheeserland's cheesie had once done a ps cheatone post and taught us how to do a jap mag cover page complete with template. ahh. joy, went to source for the page. thanks to cheesie sama. ahhaaa.


this were the two originals i was choosing between.
both very nice right?

So after much dilemma i chose the first pic, because i liked the smile and hand pose and head tilt, you get what i mean. ;)

I only did tweaking and adjusting to the photo, lighting, colours to make the look more photoshoot and create the illusion of sharper features a little cloning here and there, but otherwise all remained the same. I never edited to make the eyes bigger or anything to make her un-abbyfied. haa. new word. because well, my ps-ing skill suck arent too great for those kind of things ,2. I like how people look naturally, edit so much, dunno whos in the pic already...;)

I changed some stuff from the template, add in some stuff, edits here and there so it fitted the theme and also put in little birthday words here and there.:)
Tadaa! again one last time lah. :P
Really like cover model.
So prettty!
Hope you liked it!

I will upload the photos soon i hope my bugs. :))
Had an awesome time yesterday seeing them.

take care peeps.
be a nice human.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong xi Gong xi!:)

lilalienations: my first cny after 21 years spent at home...hmmx. its real nice for a change, but feels different?
o yesh. Happy Valentine's day to all those who are celebrating it too!

Haven't been updating in quite some time...feeling guilty to my readers..well if anyone ever reads at all haha....

So just before Chinese New Year arrives tomorrow here i am to wish all a very
***Happy Chinese New Year to you you and You!!:D ***
******Gong xi gong xi! Gong Xi Fa Caiii!:) ******

Wan Shi Ru yi!

新年快樂!♥ 恭喜发财! :))


o! o! before that....let me share with you all my o-so-very-velly-happy surprise from my favourite cuzzzzz!:)))))
@cwp arcade!we always go there when she comes.heh.
we scored about 4 or 5 strikes? ;)

Foong came down from KL!:))
even though it was just one short day, it was such an awesome surprises!
i was soo happy i was like a little kid...:)
see. i told you i love surprises.

initially i was suppose to go shopping with jy shopping, but due to the surprise and the short time foong was going to be here, i had to go home earlier...luckily jy was so understanding. :) xie xies.

we didn't manage to catch any doll this time.ok, not we..cux usually i never catch anything. haha:P it's the machine play cheat! the stitch was up already! *wails*
We scored 88 tickets! wah. lucky sehh.:)
so we exchanged for kitkat, pen and sotong eraser!
the one above is mine hers is yellow..not in pic though...
and we went to the pasar malam and made matching key chains! i forgot to take a pic of hers...opps.
cute yea? ;)

just an awesome awesome pre cny surprise.

Look what came through the mail box?!! :))
i'm always very appreciative of those who specially take some time just to write a personal message and mail it over.
it makes me feel special and loved.
thank yous.

this was from joyce!
whos flying off during the new year..
aww. will miss you much.
the very fierce looking tiger.
from mei mei and ching:)
*opps. sorry. dunno why it became upside down*
I'm sure you were trying to test my eyesight when you wrote red on red.
thank you for your oranges mr chen.
haha. :D

A tiger ang pao!
so cute!
from my lovely daughter ah bie!:)))
xiexies. what a surprise.:)

and the best surprise because i really would never have expected...
i saw the return address and was running through my head who it might have been that i have accidentally miss out sending a cny card..*panic a lil* lols
came from diyana!
Thank you!:)))) it really made my day:)))
really awesomely sweet of ya!

May all of you, chinese non chinese have a great great blessed Tiger year ahead!
Let the tiger roar upon us good luck!
rawrrrrrrrrrrs raahhhhhs!