Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 22nd ah Bie!

Presenting Ms Abigail Lee.
Bestestest (strikeout becux of bad english:p, but she sure is!;)) and most beloved Welfare Master,Officer Mistress! (because guys were master, girls were mistress in ranks. eg. quater master, wardrobe mistress. get it? :))

Happy Happy 22nd Birthday to

I didn't intend on making many cards this year, but because last year i missed giving her something hand made so i decided, die die also must make one. heh.
I wanted to do a card using paper but realised i didn't have enough time and inspiration. So i sat down and think hard of another idea. what was her current fave.....
ahaa! twillight.
i went through the whole net looking at twillight photos and looking at edward cullen aka robert pattinson...and i wonder. why him? -__- o well, as long as she like...hahaha...

i wanted to superimpose her with the vampire into the twillight poster, but they cheat one, all use so high lighting on the actor/actresses face from certain angle, very hard for me to get a similar feel. Nevertheless, went to face book to look for her pretty pretty face. :)

alamak. not many. no. not not many of her pretty face, but usually its with a big group or she is doing a funny face or unable to put ps pic...(ok, i partly blame it on my skills) haha. gosh. ok! i found 2 that i really really liked! pretty! heng got those pics. :)
You should have more 'zi lian' pics bie!! so pretty need more!;))

download download the pics. Open my photoshop, took awhile...cux old lappy mah. but still loyal. :D
then after awhile another inspiration hit me when i was looking through the two photos i choosen of her, and it meant i didn't need to sit through 4 hours on two consequtive nights looking at the very white face with ruffled hair. (no offence to the his vampire lover. just not the kind of image i would like to stare at while ps-ing through the night. hhahaa...:p)

The photos she had gave me a very kawaii feel! so i thought why not do a glamour mag cover -card?
oo. happy! excited. :) But for a while, panic. I didn't have a loong time to slowly find mags to scan or source through the whole net for versions i like, they might have, but i was in panic state. lol.

eureka! i remembered cheeserland's cheesie had once done a ps cheatone post and taught us how to do a jap mag cover page complete with template. ahh. joy, went to source for the page. thanks to cheesie sama. ahhaaa.


this were the two originals i was choosing between.
both very nice right?

So after much dilemma i chose the first pic, because i liked the smile and hand pose and head tilt, you get what i mean. ;)

I only did tweaking and adjusting to the photo, lighting, colours to make the look more photoshoot and create the illusion of sharper features a little cloning here and there, but otherwise all remained the same. I never edited to make the eyes bigger or anything to make her un-abbyfied. haa. new word. because well, my ps-ing skill suck arent too great for those kind of things ,2. I like how people look naturally, edit so much, dunno whos in the pic already...;)

I changed some stuff from the template, add in some stuff, edits here and there so it fitted the theme and also put in little birthday words here and there.:)
Tadaa! again one last time lah. :P
Really like cover model.
So prettty!
Hope you liked it!

I will upload the photos soon i hope my bugs. :))
Had an awesome time yesterday seeing them.

take care peeps.
be a nice human.

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