Sunday, September 21, 2008

alienating away for awhile...

lilalienations: yours truly will be alienating away till the 30th. in the meantime take good care of yourselves. loves. :)

I was looking through old photos today to put inside my mp3...yay..:) and as i was looking through all those fond memories, i saw how through the old photos the buggers have 'evolved'.haha..not mutating..nothing bad though.

I saw the photos from way back those when we were in sec 2? just is a few years back, but feels lightyears ago....maybe because we looked different. Younger? We are not older not ok Still young! ^-^v hhaha...:P

I wanted to do a post on it...but maybe my buggers have objections about me putting up some of the old photos...don't think so...but must ask first mah....:p any violent objections guys? tag me if you do....if not...i'll be quite happy to relook our sec sch looks....heh...=)

Wow...everyone has changed, more and more preeety and handsomeeeee....not to say they weren't las time...its just that...they just became more beautiful. :))

Then i realised, how come i haven't really change much. -_-''' why like that. whats wrong with me.....not keeping up with times. i pretty much still hold the same kinda look, o...uglier? :( hair became shorter! change? hahaa...if thats considered...:p

I so love to look at old photos and reminiece the great memories. :) *o yes, pls send me photos for our recent outing pls...hee*

jojo. is missing frm this photo. :(
yay. =) i stole gotten this photo from bie and edited a lil...thankyou=D hee..
now everyone is represented in either of the photos...haha..:P
o. aren't they just cute?

I bet you. 20 years later i'll look back at all my different photos of pals and think the exact same thing as i am now....haha...:P

yesh . i love all you guys. :))
take care!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

o yes. im still pretty much a kid who loves doing this stuff.

lilalienations: haven't have time to blog proper yet...but thought this was way too cute to not here you go...=)) saw it on ah sia's blog.

You are Green Raccoon, who is affectionate, and have womanly attraction wafting around.
You give an impression of a dreaming little girl, but unlike your outside impression, you are very cautious and do not easily let other people in your heart.
Characteristics of this type of people tend to be rather weak and simple.
You want to depend on others heavily.
Therefore, you are good at reading people's character, and have clear preferences of people.
Although you tend to be a quiet person, you have intelligence, and once you are in action, you become very practical.
Your dreams are big, and you try to make it come true through your experiences.
Your dream will be decided according to the circumstances you are born.
Raccoon people have kind hearts and are full of volunteer spirits.
You take extreme good care of those people below your rank or those who are weak.
You are always enduring and show perseverance.
You are especially not afraid to face men.
You don't like to be alone, and therefore feel safe where there are lots of people.
By working and living in a group will improve you, and makes it possible to understanding yourself further, and be able to build up a better life.
Once married, you will do anything to help your husband, and can become a good housewife.
But you may become little too demanding, so be careful.


be careful...*cheng cheng cheng* sound effects -_-''.
sorry. i just had to do that. :p
hmmx. a good analysis. what a wonder.

if you wanna have a lil daily fun just like me you can try out your own **here***
Have fun!:)
and no matter how real it sounds, take it with a pinch of salt. ;)

caught a cold...:(
going to bed now.
night nights~=)
take good care of yourself from this erratic weather....

Monday, September 15, 2008

army days are here.

so many things to blog lazy so little time.

hmmx. i do not have any photos to do a full post yet...but first thing first...

to all my guy pals, buddies who are enlisting or enlisted in or enlisting in army soon.

Take good care of yourself!:)))
pls be safe.
miss ya all.
see you all soon.

yesh. i will blog a proper post soon with photos...:p
till then. love all you people.
and me buggers. had a great dinner with them tonight. :)
take care!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tv night!

I wonder if it is just me or does everyone think alike? I do not own cable tv so i'm quite about as stuck with what local channel decides to buy (apart from online streaming :P ) hee. But still, ever so often there would be some good shows to catch.

And particularly on thurdays night. I can't help but surfing and switching in between the channels. 5 & 8 or was is it 5 & U...hmmx...anyway, i think there are just too many good shows crammed onto thursdays! hahaa...the only day where i'll will obidiently sit the whole night glued to the screen. :P and its not just me, kinda dragged my mum to catch project runway too. She likes it, just that its airing way too late for her...:p

So whats on Thursdays night after 8pm?

Channel 5 : Don't forget the lyrics.
zOMg~ i fell in love with this show when i first watched it in australia last year. it was like so good. :) funny. great atmosphere. lighthearted.promts you to sing along. awesome funny host. tell me which part of this show doesn't write, watch me sarah watchhhh me! :P

the quirky contestants very often make the show more splendid. but its always the host which makes or breaks the show.
in this case, i think this guy host Wayne Brady (from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY) is a perfect choice for the show. he adds punch to the show. :)
awesome show. catch it if you haven't already. :)
local tv i think would most probably be airing like the first season? they might have quite a few already.....:p

channel U (or is it 8?) at 8pm: The King of Adventure 冒險王

Has anyone caught this show yet? If you realised, i like to catch travel shows, docu etc. I didn't really catch the first two seasons of this show, was it even really aired here? hmmx...?

But, i fell in love with this show for two reasons ok, maybe three. Personal bias, its a travel show, and i like to catch it, but to make me stay with it week after week. It must have its charm...:p

Reason 1: Good host!:) good host are very important in any show, any host which is a total bore or no charmer for any reason will just put people off or to sleep....ZzzZzZZ...
(which losely translates to:who won best variety host or something like that.)
haha..pardon me...:p but totally deserving. I like his hosting. makes the show great to watch. the whole group doesn't just go to the famous destination which every other travel show goes to. They travel the less taken path which makes it all the more interesting to see.

I think i'll miss this wacky host when they change to a new host for a new season... awww~
anyway, do check out the show!;) you can still catch this crazy host and his wacky antics!Xp

Heres the blog and sites for your interest. :) check it out **here** and **here**

Interesting comperes and host are so important!
they make the programme, show come to life. :)

Fast forward to 10pm.

Channel 5: Ugly Betty.
If you haven't heard of Ugly Betty...where were you?! haha...kidding...:p I just really love this english drama and its the only one which has been able to kept me wanting more...i can't wait for season 3! yay!:)

The whole cast is great. Every individual does their role well and it gels together in the show.
I love all the antics the typicality, the un-typicality, suspense, jokes. I just totally enjoy the show.
I root for the underdogs. can't blame me...haha...:p

Catch Ugly Betty!

Last great programme on a thursday night.

channel 5 11pm: Project Runway! Season...?

They design clothes, they catfight, they create awesome stuff, not so awesome stuff. Its all so interesting to see what they come out at the end of the day!

Season ? contestants.
The one which is showing now. :)

I always love to hear how heidi klum says goodbye in German? (pardon me! :X i dunno. correct me if im wrong) How she says goodbye, just through listening its pronounced as afee dazen~
Sounds nice, even though when the contestants hear this means their time is up on the show, so that would be the last thing they wanna hear...haha..:P

Yeapyeaps, so thats whats with all the great shows on thursday night...spread it out mannn...:P haha...were any of these your favourites? Do catch them, they're good. :) enjoy!

take care peeps.
be a nice human.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

amazing photomoziacs.

I caught this on some site which i thought was quite an awesome work. Here are some which i liked...=)
Marilyn Monroe
photomosiac made of Vanity fair magazine

Amy Winehouse
photomoziac made out of letters.

Barack Obama
photomoziac made out of flags

Micheal Phelps
photomoziac made out of himself(photos).

Charlie Chaplin
photomosiac made out of chaplin(pictures).

Audrey Hepburn
in a sixties two-tone.

Yep yup! wasn't that all so cool?! :D theres quite a few more on the site. You can go **here** to check it out if you wanna read more on it and see the other photomosiacs which i didn't post up...because i just picked those i like...haha...:P 3 pages worth of writeup and cool moziacs...these people are gooood. :)

Lastly to end off with something i saw which i thought was quite funny..:P

Hope you enjoyed~
take care peeps.

Friday, September 5, 2008

take care take care! :)

opps! sorry for the lack of updates....on the verge of falling sick....:S will be back soon with more updates...=))

do take care of yourself peeps!