Saturday, April 30, 2011

a little gesture goes a long way.

i've recieved it already, thanks ling:)
sometimes it doesn't take alot to make a depressed *ok, a little too harsh* person happy, it just takes a little sincerity. :)
haven't done blog posts like this in ages because i grew to not like what i see in the mirror, or just maybe cause i'm shy. *shy* LOLs

in my defense i was also trying out my webcam in the comp which i totally forget about. :P

and so that you all can see me.

Turn around and you might see something different.

I saw this on Ling's blog and remembered reading or hearing about it some time back and thinking what a meaningful quote...but as you know, my memory sometimes get the better of me and i don't actually get to remember stuff like this to write and share with you all. So because Ling heard her papa saying it and quoted it down...i am re-quoting and sharing this meaningful line with all:)


In my rather literal translation, i shall attempt to make it understandable in English.

The Mountain doesn't bend, the road does
The Road won't turn, humans can
The Human can't change, mindsets can

Hope it is as close to what i think it means:)
to me it means flexiblity and readiness to adapt in mindset and action, there is no dead road just how we move on upon it. yesh, i will keep that in mind.
if anyone is any good in translation just drop me a comment and i'll get it fixed yea;)


dear trees, i'm so sorry.
i don't mean to kill you and waste as much of you then i normally do
my nose is leaking.
please pardon the leaky one until i get it fixed.

thank you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Have a Happily Ever After Marriage William & Catherine!:)

today's the big day for the celebrity status Prince and Princess of the Wales...they are getting married!:) The live telecast is going on right now...I really like Princess Diana as a young kid so i'm really happy that now her kid gets a happy moment of his own after the devastating tragedy the family suffered when he was just a boy. Lets hope this fairytale wedding will carry on with a happily ever after...Though i know their just human and they *as twinnie said* burp, crap and all..(very true) its still takes me into a fairytale world. Really really beautiful:)

Here's one of the screenshot of the lovely couple coming out of the church.

Catherine holds an air of sophistication around her.

Everyone around is getting on the buzz of the Royal Wedding, even youtube! I actually unintentionally found a Royal Page set up just for the wedding! Wow! Check it out here:
The Royal Channel
you can send well wishes to the couple and also see the live broadcast of the wedding which is according to the site happening in 52mins from the time i am writing this post now.

Watching the television's live coverage I see all the honoured guest arriving in their best dresses and suits and most of the ladies wearing big hats. They look pretty interesting, some very elegant, but i bet i would never be able to pull any of those hats off. They would just look awful on me...or maybe it's just not a culture here, if i were to choose i would go for the small cutesy ones...heh:D The place they are holding the wedding, the church is just so gorgeous:)

Closer to the time the Royal Couple is going to appear!
You don't get to see the Royal Wedding much, its pretty much a very big event one of those "one in your lifetime" things you get to see....

May you two Have a blissful long lasting wedding ,
and as the chinese puts it,

And according to the papers Catherine is pregnant already so double the joy double the happiness!:))

Happy Marriage to the Newly Wedded Couple

Here are some of the screen shots I took of the wedding through the youtube Royal Channel I placed above with the link..
as he leads the leading lady of the day out of the church.
Such a loving moment:)
the royal wave...she looks just so so gorgeous.
Prince William and Princess Catherine

If you can't get enough of this wedding of the year do check out the Eentertainment site Here. It has a whole load of stuff on the wedding! Talk about good coverage!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

tell me everythings gonna be just fine when i wake up.

pretty cute eh?
random picture day from tumblr.
doughnut and milk.

you do not need to read this.

i feel like a god damn bloody loser. capital L.
i hate it.
i hope something good would come soon.
o god.
i'm trying to make it happen because you can only count on yourself right.
but still.
i'm in a L for loser mood at the moment.
its hard to keep keeping your mood up when things aren't exactly flowing as you want them to.

plan. bahh. see. how they turned up.

k thanks for not listening.
bye. go read the happier post.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the people who want to stay in your life will always find a way

i couldn't agree more.

being busy is just an excuse i realise.
yesh, i sometimes partake in this folly too.

at other times you are afraid of awark silences. "I haven't seen this person or talked to this person in so long....i think we might have no common topic to hold a conversation.."
guilty as charged.

but the very least is to just send a message, sms, fb, twitter or even by snail mail let the other party know that hey! i'm still alive! I know you are too! and i'm still pretty much here for you so that you know. :) just that we haven't been able to chat much.

and if you get a reply then things can only get better from there. of course if you haven't been contacting that friend for the last ten years or haven't had a heart to heart chat in a long time, then of course things will have to start out slowly right?

any kind of relationship doesn't happen over night.

so let the people whom you care about know. even if its a very simple gesture, even if your too busy. a simple Hi! can make someone's day because they feel loved that their remember.
Its just a little effort.
They'll probably know your very busy and all the more appreciate the quality time you took just to send the message.

Its not the amount of times its the amount of sincerity, it can be felt. Even though you think unless i call, all other form of communication are cold and hard cause well, they are solid after sincerity is a little magic, it can be seen if its there even though our naked eye tells us it doesn't exist but our other body organ knows its just there and theres that warm feeling creeping up in you. yesh. that's the kind of deep down happiness.

thats why to say the people who want to stay in your life will always find means and ways to.
Its just making effort, not excuses.

if your not one to extend your hand out first fret not, i'm sure in life there are bound to be people who would extend their arms out to us to shake. in this case, these would be the people who are trying to stay in your life *rejoice!they like you very much indeed to make little effort*

in these kind of instances always remember the chinese proverb (or is it learning. well either or)

i was originally looking for the english version of this words but unfortunately today #english fail and couldn't find the word in the dictionary despite multiple attempts. I later realised i spelt the word wrongly. #fail max. hahaa...nvm. i learn something new today.
I finally found the correct spelling to the english translation of 礼尚往来 its reciprocation ( i couldn't find it because i thought it was reprocication. -_-)

礼尚往来 or Reprociation is pretty much an Asian thing ( or so that i know of, i'm sure it happens in Western countries too of course) *ps. i left the links on if your interested for the translation/meanings
It just pretty much means to give and take; the motion of it. As in when we recieve we must always remember to give back in return.

It's not so much of give back in monetary form but in a form of gratitude or of same gesture. It makes the other party feel good and you will feel good too. And it will carry on, just like a telephone it rings both way when you talk the other listens and talks back, it works both ways in a give and exchange.
i'm sure you'll be pretty bored just doing either side of the job, you'll probably even feel retarded if no one bothers to answer or talk.

its the same in every situation.

so rmb.
make effort, not excuses and the word reciprocation.

treasure those that want to stay in your life and make meaningful gestures to and you yourself have to put in effort to maintain that certain relationship.

that's all from me today.
a long two cents worth.
be a nice human!

Ouran High Cosplayers.

i was browsing through the web for a photo of something and i chance upon a cosplay group doing a cosplay collection of one of my all time favourite animation Ouran High! I thought i just had to share with you guys what i found and caught my eye. I usually see some good renditions of individual or small group Ouran High Cosplayers but this is one of the best groups for the entire cast taken together ( in my opinion of course) so let me show you all! O wait, but before that in case you are not familiar with OH let me show you a picture of the original anime.

You can read up more on this anime through the wiki site i left on the jap name.
If you have the time do are a fan of animes catch this anime! You definitely won't be dissapointed. Its not only funny but the character buildup for each main character is pretty good.
I initially thought it was going to be some shallow anime, but nope, i enjoyed it to the last bit and couldn't get enough of it so much so i went hunting for the vcd.
So do catch it if you can and need a laugh!;)

As promised here is one of the better cosplay crew which features the whole gang from Ouran high
Western Cosplayers doing Ouran High!
this was the picture which initially caught my eye
i was thinking from the small thumbnail on the google image page, this is going to be good!
and indeed, its a well done cosplay staging.
(not to say i'm an expert, but i do see alot of cosplay photos)
They're on deviantart if interested, i've linked the photos to their page so yea check them out.

Another awesome page i found while i was looking for full crew of Ouran high cosplayers just to make sure i was right there aren't many doing the full set i came across this cosplay site which i thought was so awesome too. They did Ouran high's Sou and Tamaki wonderfully! I shall leave their link HERE* if anyone is interested in checking them out. The site is really pretty good. Good cosplayers and good photography skills!
I like!

Yeaps. Little entertainment introduction for you guys.
and no. i'm not doing this for any fee to introduce this people and sites, i just blog with full concience things i like and want to share ;)


and watch ouran high!!

honey senpai in usa-chan outfit.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Tiger Scoop Shoes (Blue/Lime)

tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Tiger Scoop Shoes (Blue/Lime)

i want these shoes!
Onitsuka Tiger X tokidoki collaboration.
ahhh. droolll.

big brands especially streetwear brands often do collaborations between their new upcoming lines and designers, this way they will not only attract more people (good marketing stratery) but also get a different kind of design and are assured of the quality in design because these people after all are already designers in their own right.
Collaboration between StayReal X Snoopy for Snoopy's anniversary

no. this is not a collaboration between Sponge Bob and Stay Real, its an inter designer collaboration between WrongWroks and StayReal. :D niceee:)
Anybody ever wanted to be Doreamon for a Day?;)
yesh. i'm just using these chance to squeeze in another pic of Ashin.
StayRealXHello Kitty Collaborations
(in fact unknowingly Hello Kitty has done many collborations with various street brands, do take a notice next time your shopping for street wear;))

just like ashin's often does many collaborations if you have noticed. With Hello Kitty, Snoopy, name a few big brands. Woohoo! Ashin:D

Apart from those. Tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger collaborations are definitely one of my fave collaborations, i often go to check out the new shows they have just to drool.
*o wait, let me wipe up the pool on the table first*

check out the base of the shoe yo.

hahaa...would love to own one...only problem i can only find them online...and as you are pretty hard for me to buy because of my feet funny sizing and all...
so i don'tdare buy it online for fear that after all the excitment and price, it wont fit..
*cheng cheng chenggggg* sound effects. sorry. had to do that. :P

if anyone see this in local shops let me know yea?:)

in the mean time...i'll continue drooling.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Masa Happy Birthday!:D

Happpy Birthday Masa!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Finally manage to catch one of the animations that i have been wanting to one has been all too free to catch it with me...Ling had to get her shoes fixed at the cobbler so yay! winwin situation....we fixed it, had dinner and caught a movieeee!:D I wanted to watch Hop, but cwp was all out of it! Dang!!!

So we caught Rio instead, she was really nice to watch it again with me..*beams* hahaahaa...cause, she had already watched it once and because i said i wanted to watch it and she say it was nice so second round for her, first round for me!:D *so nice of her!xiexies.* but, she missed the opening the last time she watched yes! another winwin situation!

I'm getting good at this WIN - WIN situation aren't i? lol:p
double win-win : its from one my all time favourite show creators- do you need to ask?
ICE AGE!:D i've watched that show countless amount of times!;P

i was wondering if Rio was going to be another one of those overrated kind of animation...*and not to mention i'mnot a big fan of birds being enertainment, i don't even fancy going to the jurong bird park! i'd rather go to the zoo!* but i was so wrong, i enjoyed it! Totally love all the Samba Rhythms and moovess:) i've seen some not too awesome reviews, but heck. I love it. It's the kind of show which you would seriously contemplate going for the soundtrack, well at least in my case.

I really like the first segment that i went to youtube it and YEAH! i found it, so of course i'll be sharing it with all you good people lest anyone hasn't watched and still need something to decide...Here! Watch the opening segment...i've played it countless times already, its pretty infectious...i hummed it a few hours after listening to it;)

Were you shaking to the beats? :)
If you need a light family movie to share a laugh with, this is the go to show. The old and little ones will can all sit down together and enjoy;)

if your not convinced yet, heres another one of the trailers that i like, i'm not too sure if its cut into the official trailers but it sold me.

yeahyeah! awoo!
i'm not juding it on cinematography, yada yada all. and some criticise its too common/simple a storyline, i beg to differ, there are the action pack wam bam alakazam kinda flicks, theres the think so much you can't sleep kinda film and theres this kind of family film, you can't just lump everything and judge them all together...
As usual my favourite characters weren't exactly the lead chaeacters but the supporting sides, Pedro and Nicco!
This two add flavour to the movie man...! Its like a bowl of soup, its nice but somehow you feel its missing something, adding a little pepper and voila! Its does the trip, mmm mm mmm! That's the kind of 画龙点睛 feel it exudes.;)
If you've watched the show, whos your favourite?:)

Go to the official site HERE to check them out, i went to get real sunny cheerful chirpy wallpaper!
Check out whose on my desktop wall?;D
You can go search for them on the site under characters:)
go brighten up your day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

曾经. once upon a time.

I was watching the forensic heroes show on tv the other day and felt that this statement made by one of the leads rather meaningful...usually they do say other meaningful stuff in some programs too, just that my memory gets the better of me....i managed to remember this saying...The supporting lead yisheng told madam ma the police woman in the show (i roughly remember it to be like this):

“。。。听你说曾经 (céngjīng)。 你说曾经好象是对自己 的一种诅咒; 曾经快乐过。曾经拥有过都好象以后不会再有了, 不会在快乐了。 。。
so loosely translating it means something like this: you often speak of once being happy, one having happiness entitled to you. Upon listening it seems more like a curse, once, being you are not going to have it again, it all ends with a past tense.

And so Yisheng tells Mdm Ma that she should not speak with such woeful words and choose the brighter ones instead....i never really thought that it was a words which carried a negative feel to it...of course, when theres yin theres yang, turn it around it can be something good also...for ex-convicts its a positive thing I was once an alcoholic, ahh. see, now thats a positive light.

Nothing really much about this post, but i liked that sentence which made me stop to think a little. Did it make you pause to think for a moment too? ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a good motto to follow

you'll never be wrong it you follow this.

Friday, April 15, 2011

bad mood = impulses = learning new gadgets = shopping

yea. this was one of the stuff i tried online...

bad mood = impulses = all out = learning new gadgets = shopping

look at my funny equation..:P they say retail theraphy is good for your health. I totally believe that, only its pretty bad for your wallet. Owell. a little money but if your going to use it, it won't be wasteful. *what i always believe in. haa.

Thanks to JY who taught me how to use Gmarket. Been wanting to try online shopping for dogone ages...but never knew how to do it...*yesh. noooob*

Finally got done to it with the help of JY!:D Just trying first so didn't dare go all out. *good thing.* Ling and JY have been trying to teach me since some time back, its just me, some time i think too much, consider too much, or just get too confused. :P

Bad thing is that when i'm angry or in a bad mood (not that i really am now, just in general) i have more of a heck care attitude, which i think in my case comes in pretty good at times. Apart from using Gmarket today, I purchased books from the other day when i was feeling pretty rough. I actually didn't really know what i was doing, but i just went, click click click. Ok. done. Done. Pretty reckless, but the fact that i've been thinking and considering whether to get those books for a long isn't a bad decision.

I got these comics, one of my fave comics of alll time Zits. And its a present too.Mom loves Zits too, so i think she'll be pleasantly surprised:) I bought 3 couldn't find the pic of the third one. I got them for the price of 3books : 1 book or at most 1 1/3 book sold here. The price i it made sense to get it online....Looking forward to get the things i bought. :)

Learnt new stuff. Have becomes 0.001% more IT savvy. Heh. *throws confetti! rejoice!* lol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what is it weather right now back in OKC?

its showers everyday in Sing and sunny everyday in OKC and the day we finally have some sun its cloudy in OKC...What an opposite view of weather.

i miss okc.

o. in case your wondering what this page is with all the gadgets, its igoogle.
i totally love it, because of the many gadgets you can put and customise and it looks pretty too!

No. we don't want you.

something came in through the mail today. I thought it was something.
but actually.
it turned out to be nothing.

o wells.
Keep your chin up.
it'll come.
just gotta keep trying.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Chronicals of the States Journey : Oklahoma City - First 2 days.

Hola :) I was looking through my photos and realised i havent done any post on the stuff from the states because there are just so many photos to filter through...o my. so lazy. hahaa...i finally decided to sit down and filter a few for this post...:D

Enjoy...for much of it, i'll try to let my photos do the talking, and less of me, lest i bore you people out. Photos tell a thousand words, so actually, i'm saying much more! You'll be wondering why there are very little pictures of me....well, very simply because i'm the one shooting them. I have a love hate relationship with being in photos, i like to be in them cause its memories captured in time...but then when i look at how bad sometimes i turn out in contrast to everyone else, i just give up on wanting to be in the photo altogether. like i'm thinking darn, whose that girl who ruin the otherwise nice photo, o gawd, that would be me. hahaa...

Ok, so enjoy the pics i have:)
ANA , All Nippon Airways.
We took this for the international flights to and fro.
ANA has good service. :) pretty stewardess too.
This was somewhere around 6 hours into the flight after 2and a half movie and countless snacks and drinks, i was becoming restless.
i never get tired of such shots.
they're pretty!
We were flying over the states at the point of this photo...
we couldn't figure out too...
we were wondering if we would see the grand canyon *excited kids*
then my sitting buddy for the trip Cat and i were having a geography lesson...
those are meanders....those are ....
this was after dunno how many thousand hours...and we finally reached the states!
We had lunch at the LA airport and that was where we transited too..
we were dead tired.
this was in the place waiting to board, our plane was delay...apparently it was a very common thing for flights between states...
i have my trusty mp3.
no iphone, but does the job of keeping me entertained with songs non the less.
cute kid waiting for the plane too...
*i love to take random pics of strangers, esp kids in interesting situations or places, you'll realise. of my first favourite profile shot.
she looks so cool.
why do i never get candid unposed for and still good looking photos?!
my favourite trusty bottle i bought from LA airport. It has a sucking tip..i liked it so much i got another bottle to rotate when i found the school cafeteria selling it..
So I was a happy schoolkid bringing her own fave waterbottle to class.
i wanted to show you all the pretty wiew during takeoff...but. erm. as you didn't turn out quite as much as i would like it to be.
here is my sitting buddy all the way from Sing to OKC...
i have one photo of me and i use a cut off face picture?! what am i thinking?!
in the clear picture too many blemishes...its better left this way.
mystical yo.
and we finally settled in close to 9plus 10 at the Marriot Inn Residence in OKC.
We washed up a lil and went to Denny's a local 24hr restraunt for our first proper meal since arriving.
One thing about American eating places, they have refillable drinks!!
but but. we were kiasu Singaporeans ok. *not singaporean btw.:P
We each ordered a cup and were pleasantly surprised that it was refillable for countless amount of time!
we walked in the cold just to get to the diner. it was about 10 minutes walk, but when your jetlagged and cold. boy, it sure is a long 10 minutes.

After dinner braved the cold cold winds......back home to sleepp!! much needed...

Woke up bright and early...i didn't really sleep much, i slept on the couch...but it seemed like i only slept for half an hour before it was time to get up....
look at us all dressed up to face the cold... wasn't as cold as we thought it would be.
We took a Taxi down to bricktown as we didn't have classes for the day yet,classes would only start the following day...We didn't know what it would have...and really didn't have much. its a place more happening at night, known for nightlife, whoops! came at the wrong time. but always make the best of what you have right...
*on tourist mode*
off we go to sightsee!
Look at the pretty sight....:)I really love it when trees and the leaves are in this shade.
you'll see more of them around because i can't resist snapping photos of them as hard i might have tried...but i didn't...their so of course, shoot more!the ducks were so cute. :D
we were so captivated we spent around a good 15mins looking admiring the ducks and trying ways to get them to come closer to us....
not to mention snapping 1001 photos of them...
nice rightttt!see. this was what imeant...:p (refer to me taking random kids photo explanation above)
this is the Oklahoma City Sports Centre for Baseball and other sports...
it was near xmas season...thus you can see the reoccuring theme of Xmas trees around. I'm now an official OKC Thunder Fan!
OKC Thunder is our city state's basketball team.
For the record when i was there WE WON the Houston Rockets! (yea, Yao Ming's team. )
ok, to be fair, yao ming was suffering from injury and wasn't playing..(to my little dissapointment, i was hoping to see him.)But, hey, alls fair right, your team is only as strong as your weakest player, soooo
Let's Go Thunder Let's Go!big stadium view.
OKC is big on their sports esp football or our rugby.
OSU and OU were having a big football tournament match when we were there.
my school?
we're known for the arts so, competing in the football brawl.
we're the arty farty people in town.
lolsthis is the baseball team, didn't manage to catch any baseball matches though....
all wrapped up and ready to give gift.this is mosiac made up of many little tiles. very nicely done
i wonder what history happened here to give it its name....Hell Angels...they looked intimidating and flaunting at the same time...
i wanted to snap a photo and was worried at the same i was like snap..ok run! hahaha...I like the shadow of the flag on the wall.
Bricktown is called bricktown becase as the name has it, many buildings back in those days (and those preserved) were all made out of bricks...

i wanted to snap a photo of the sign Oklahoma Ave and the fire engine went empty!
i like this photo...we were walking past a tunnel.
this was outside a sweet shop...
turkish sweets i think...
not really the kind i fancy...but i liked the layout of the shop....:)
on the way back....
this was the start of a series of photos like this and the start of the Gila Girls and the Manager. o, thats me. haha

We walked close to an hour to a Walmart (something like Giant here) which we thought was just nearby....!! The cold mad the journey worse....and there unlike here, there are no proper walkways you walk on grass and gravel...but it was pretty interesting...but the cold and darkening skies made it a little depressing...but i was determined to let non of those affect me.
One hour walk and when we finally found Walmart...Happiness!!:DDD
We bought all our groceries for the week or at least the essentials...It was so biggggggg!
And me being a happy kid in supermarkets was one extra happy kid!:DD
We took the taxi back....
no more one hour journey back...
Subsequently the residence inn van was fixed and we just had to book appointments for them to bring us there for a tip or get a more crazy unknown walking...hahhaa...

Stay tune to catch the rest of the Chronicals.
they'll not be that soon though...too many photos to look through resize and upload:P